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Who am I?

I guess you'd like to get to know me. So here it goes!

I like:
Korean men
한국어 쓰기
arts and crafts
writing letters
getting things in the mail

I dislike:
fatness (I know, I'm terrible)
excessive 애교 (aegyo, whining like a baby and saying things like 'desu, artsu, cutesu, etcsu')
sexually provocative things
clogged drains
dirty hands
the sound of people breathing
messy eaters

Did you think I would list things like my age, or my favorite things? No can do, those things change! But my likes and dislikes...those stay the same. I might develop new likes/dislikes, but the old ones won't go away.

Tell me something!

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kiki zombie punk Report | 09/15/2014 11:39 pm
Mucho Gracias! thanks for buying! I like Korea and getting things in the mail too!
NightFall19 Report | 09/15/2014 4:39 am
Thanks for buying 3nodding ... I also agree with koreans being hot whee Have a nice day heart
K-poplover44 Report | 08/01/2014 8:10 pm
thxs for buying heart
Josephine Kara Janika Report | 06/25/2014 6:15 pm
Thank you for buying (:
NoodleTown Report | 06/22/2014 3:10 am
Thanks for your purchase. I hope you enjoy the item and have a wonderful day ^w^
cwj_person Report | 06/21/2014 6:31 am
Thank you for purchasing!! biggrin
Yume_Griseus Report | 06/19/2014 8:50 am
~ Thank you for the purchase ~
miss_teeheetummytumms Report | 06/19/2014 8:14 am
Thank you for your purchase. whee
the ecchi otaku Report | 06/17/2014 7:50 pm
thanx kayla for buying from the former gaian user known as fujita makos ^U^
Ringir Report | 06/17/2014 7:18 am
Thank you and good luck to you too. ^.^