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killafrog Report | 06/09/2017 12:20 am
Playing gta V. Just killing floor 2 looks sweet to play xD I can not wait to try the game out!
killafrog Report | 06/08/2017 8:18 pm
Skyforge not sky forget, but no worries.
killafrog Report | 06/08/2017 8:17 pm
I just picked up killing floor 2 and sky forget cause they were free.
Heard killing floor was a good game, but I have no idea on either if there fun to play.
killafrog Report | 06/06/2017 5:44 pm
Or real copies you can actually resell if you think it sucks.
killafrog Report | 06/06/2017 5:42 pm
Still that's like 300 bucks a yr sweatdrop better to have more games with the money you spent via downloads
killafrog Report | 06/06/2017 5:17 pm
Seems insane to spend more then 100 bucks on a game, unless it's some rare game.
killafrog Report | 06/06/2017 12:43 am
Wait what!! Now?
killafrog Report | 06/05/2017 10:59 am
It's open world, I would not be playing this game if my brothers were not playing it
killafrog Report | 06/04/2017 6:32 pm
Been playing ark evolved where you/dinos are defecating, ride dinosaur and more. You can use the dinosaurs to defend when needed. Tackle t-Rex, event animals possibly, sabertooth, sharks and so much more!
So far kinda fun has not tried to tame dinosaurs yet. Did fall in the water and these hug a** dinosaurs are there to eat you alive and I am like ******** you water creatures ... I need on the boat ahhhh nooooo I am dead sad response back In the game to tackle the evil dinosaurs.
killafrog Report | 06/03/2017 9:11 pm
You are bound to have moments you can't find a friend to play with when online play is done.