Meet my weirdo face lol ^^

Name: Kawaii Alice ♥
Nickname: Ring, Ji-Chan, Nym, Sakura, Yuuki, and Jigoku
Age: (19)00 years old
I believe in: God, Love and Destiny
Birthday: Sept 1994
Races: Hispanic
Zodiac animal is a dog
Horoscope is Virgo
Gender: Female
In high school : No graduate in 2013
College:....didn't go
Family: 2 parents a mom and dad and a older brother who is 24
Other media: Instagram, Kik, Email, FB.


☆ Favorites and ♥Likes

☆Favorite Colors: I like a lot of different blues like Azure, turquoise, teal, skyblue and lightblue, silver, some reds, purple, black, Green, and tan

☆Favorite Season: Fall and Winter

☆Favorite Animals : Fox, wolves, Bears, monkeys, pigs, tigers, dogs, and lizards

☆Favorite Youtubers: Smosh, The fine bros, Brittany Louise Taylor, eat your kimichi, Shane Dawson, Sorted Food, Charliesissocoollike, ERB, epic meal time

♥Likes sweets
♥Likes stop motion and animation movies
♥Likes cute, adorable, vintage, colorful, handmade, rustic stuff
♥Likes Talking to people and making new friends
♥Likes To Daydream
♥Likes Boys
♥Likes coloring and painting with spray cans
♥Likes drinking teas and juices then anything else
♥Likes the theater, film and musicals


I'm not a special person, I have not many talents, schools hard for me
I believe in God, Love and Destiny, i want a fairy tale ending, i want a love that loves me for me, that will take me to the park, that will dance silly with me that would be my best friend and make me laugh, you may think it doesn't exist, but if I give up on it I would be missing something amazing, I have forgot about my dreams and my heart I had lost my way but I'm here to say that I'm back to my happy, loving, gentle heart that doesn't want to live in sadness an depression anymore, I don't want to say negative thing about myself or to anyone, I want people i love and care about to be happy and save and I want them to find love for good reasons and not for the bad, don't put yourself down because of your mistakes, just learn to live past them and grow strong as a human being, but remember we all human we are not perfect beings, so we will always make mistakes but remember you are not alone in this world we are all going through problems, we all have issues some worst then others we may not be the same, we might not like each other we may fight, steal, and do other thing that we are not proud off but that's what makes us humans lol.

Someone may not understand what your going through but you can not blame them, some may not understand you at all but again we are not at fault, you have to show us who you are don't hide your true self away become who you want to be... I want to love people not hate or envy them I want to be happy of what I have now and I don't want to have any ..ANY regrets over anything I do or say, I don't want to be judge I don't want to look down on but again we are human, you may not like the idea that you are human and wish that you where different but don't you see everyone of you is DIFFERENT. .., Love is always gonna be a mystery to us, but we can never stop trying to solve it, just take like one step at a time, don't run, don't take short cuts (cause you could get lost) don't do anything to fast just slow down and enjoy the ride that you are on right now. Life is not a game we all should know that once we do something there no restarting, we can only keep going and stay true to your heart don't change for anyone just be You.

{I wrote this because it something I was feeling after listening to a music video and it reopened my heart and eyes to what I have forgotten as a small child, yes it has bad grammar and it lacks whatever, but it was from my heart and I had to write this and I just could stop, if it help some of you then I'm happy, if not then I'm still happy that you at least read it, thank you for that read this ^^ have a lovely day my friends and new future friend i will soon add later on}



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i suggested an idea for your guild

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ah i see im relaxing in the tub

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eh im okay you?

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okay,hey do u want to join a guild im in called the K-Pop Hangout!