Hello everyone! I am Sora, and I have an AviArt business called Sora's Super Summer Sales! I give you your art in normal version, chibi, group art, or any way you ask me to! And the best part is IT'S FREE! Absolutely free--no rip-offs, deceit, or rules! But tips are greatly appreciated!!! Just PM me, comment me, post a reply, or do anything to get my attention and I will draw you for free! But, I only sell during the summer, sorry! School makes me too busy during the year. You might be able to get me to do some art over winter and spring break, though!

I have hopes and dreams! Feel free to help me with them! Look at my WIsh List!!!

These are my totally awesome AviArts:

This one is by Sakamiko-chan!

This one is by iJessi!

This one is FoodArt by Silent Sensation!

This one is by AdrenalineR U S H 8D!

This one is by Tenshi Chimamire!

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This one is by Kimi-ChanXD!

This one is by Lusty Lollipop!

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This one is by Aidiane Valentine!

This one is by DeniableCorpse!

This one is by VenusDrop!

This one is by Amazing Flying Apples!

This one is by Gothic Lolita Neji!

This one is by Friction Fire!!

This one is by me!!!

( )_( )

This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your Profile to help him gain world domination.


I went on a cool website to see what pokemon i was and I got this:

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Ironic, isn't it?

Here are some pics that I think represent the essence of me:

I hope you enjoyed my profile, and please enjoy my music!

Peace out, everyone!
~Sora smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Living The Life Of Sora

Heh. Just the weird and crazy things that happen to me all the time.



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cool avi
Kimiko Inuzuba

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Kimiko Inuzuba

Kimiko Inuzuba

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Kimiko Inuzuba

Belated Happy Birthday!!! biggrin
M is for Mew

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M is for Mew

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King of Syria

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King of Syria

oh your alive i feel so sorry for this world
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black emo rose21


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please please pleaSE be my mommmy it means ur being my fake mommmy on gaIA pwease i need a mother pwease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow yor AWSOME and i luv ur avi!!!
can you [please] be my mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pwease T.T
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ok bye
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