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16 American Female Curvy Christian and Straight
(I will never push my beliefs on you, or talk to you about them unless you ask.)
• Try talking to me first before befriending me, I'm totally... mostly appropriate! I can be really random, I'm not a creeper. I read comics like it's noting. I like meat, sweets, coffee, and tea. I do not support any type of cruelty. I'm a geek, so if it's geeky I'll probably like it. I've been through my fare share of tough and terrible times so I can relate, I'm not perfect. I don't care much for online dating. I don't judge. Any more questions just ask me.
I love and hate all of you

Gamer Dreamer Artist Runner and Hungry
This is me, deal with it.
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RL sister: Komvod
Big Bro: Sensual Tyrannosaurus
Fun to talk to: iCotton and xAtomic_Devilx
Great guy: OBA Z3R0
RL friends: RainbowHoNk, and x-Cuddlez_with_you-x

Kawaii Sandwich

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If your wondering why I randomly tipped you, you made me laugh.

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I like space.

credit to kawaiipandah from DA

original name

I'm not a feminist, it's just a catchy and well written song.