Welcome to my store lovely Paw's. heart
I will be selling things I will not need!
Whether they be high or low for a price, just take em, why don't ya?
I need lots of gold.. so my avi doesn't look like a noob lol crying


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The big bad wolf

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Birthday: 07/16

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About the gray wolf

THIS IS A MULE ACCOUNT. My real account is Kawaii Desu Senpaii so either comment or message me there. Or even send a friend request my way on that profile.

Hello all that visits my page.
In case you did not know.. I'm a girl lol in case you couldn't tell with my animal avi. Just call me by Amaya [rp name] or.. my user name. You may also call me by Mandy since that is my rl nickname.
I'm a wolf either way~ rawr betch. smilies/icon_heart.gif
I'm single and straight~. Not gonna tell ya my age ;x and I live on the East Coast.
I do love meeting new people and becoming their friends. So.. send me comments or PM's my way. I accept all random friend requests.

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Pekomi Report | 04/15/2015 1:59 am
Sure thing!
I figure Gaia is better enjoyed with friends ^v^b heart

[saw your recent status ... and was just adding more stuff to my ever-growing wish-list too "OTL
It's cool that there are so many new items released, but not since most are way over-priced! -phew-]
eNicole Report | 04/15/2015 1:06 am
Pikachu and Eevee heart That was my mystery dungeon team a long time ago. cat_crying Anyways, I hope you have a great day/and or night! Feel free to message me anytime! cat_wink
Victor Exslave Report | 04/15/2015 12:34 am
Victor Exslave
Lol i get what you mean. Im just the same as you are, im shy (maybe) xD or maybe im just lazy to even try redface so by the way how old are you?
Victor Exslave Report | 04/14/2015 9:34 pm
Victor Exslave
really? Why not? But i guess we're on the same boat. i got no one to talk to since all of my gaia friends left about two or three years ago sweatdrop .
Yep and i just don't know how to start a conversation so its no wonder i got no one else to chat with. But you can chat with me anytime im on smile
Victor Exslave Report | 04/14/2015 8:46 pm
Victor Exslave
Yeah i hope we can, you have another account right? A human avatar account right? I was confused when both of your avatars were online sweatdrop so yeah i hope we can get along,
and hang out. That would be nice. So anytime im online feel free to leave comments or pm me wink
eNicole Report | 04/14/2015 7:21 pm
Of course, anytime! I see that you like Pokemon, too! Do you have a favorite one? cat_question Mine's Cyndaquil. cat_whee


Rawrr bish!
I'm a scary ol'e wolfeh~.


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