Kitty's Auction House: Equipable Items

Hey there Cuties!

Welcome to my auction house! All of my items go up for two weeks on the dot. That means that five minutes in, I cannot cancel and send it to a trade! So sorry, friends! I am kind of the ringleader of our little group of auction masters. I auction anything equipable. If your avatar can wear it, it comes to me.

If you want to get yourself a shiny new GoFusion Charm, you gotta go visit my sweetie, Molly. She is over at her own auction, doing the exact same thing I am, but with pretty little Charms instead! She is my little partner (: There is a link to her profile on MY profile, for easy clickability. (I am aware that is not a word, do not touch me.) Her username is SumikoYuina

The Game and House categories will be handled by our douchbaggy friend Adam. He is pretty great. In a really terrible way.

Special and Aquarium items are gunna be taken care of by Jane. Means she is the one who has the sealed monthly letters, so go pay her a visit!

GoFusion: Molly at SumikoYuina
Game and House: Adam at ThereAreNoNamesLeftWhat
Special and Aquarium: Jane at Little Miss Janie

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. All of my auctions start at ZERO GOLD!! That is right. 0. Whoop. Molly has the same deal going, but her auctions tend to shoot up into the millions and beyond based on the apparent desirability of GoFusion Charms. Seriously, check her out. She is the cutest thing. Oh my gosh.

Go ahead and add me if you want, I am totally cool with it. Makes for an easier time to find my auctions again if you are so inclined. Molly and the others do not add people as freely as I do!

I do not know if I forgot anything else, but I probably did. Any questions, comments, or complaints can be directed to my inbox.

Have a loverly day, Darlings!

Kitty cat_whee


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