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Hello folks! I'm Kaitlynn, but everyone calls me Kitty. I like meeting new people so if you wanna make a new friend, send me a message!

Molly is our head admin for Kitty's Auction House, so she has all of our logins. Don't be surprised if she's switching between our accounts.

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Saffrons_Curse Report | 10/24/2014 5:09 am
I have no idea what an auction ring is.
Saffrons_Curse Report | 10/23/2014 2:27 pm
Auction ring?
Little Miss Janie Report | 10/15/2014 7:38 pm
Of course, love. Is it clickable now?
Little Miss Janie Report | 10/15/2014 12:55 pm
ThereAreNoNamesLeftWhat Report | 10/10/2014 7:12 am
heart heart heart
ThereAreNoNamesLeftWhat Report | 10/10/2014 6:59 am
ThereAreNoNamesLeftWhat Report | 10/09/2014 9:02 pm
Your profile is boring.

XxFantome Report | 10/09/2014 3:13 pm

Ahh I'm sorry! I'd love to help out but I have a huge long list of art that I need to get done, a lot by close deadlines. I just don't want to overwhelm myself again.
Hope you can understand and best of luck to find someone though! Sorry again.
SumikoYuina Report | 10/09/2014 1:12 pm
Yay! Thanks!! It probably won't be today. It might be later tonight. I'm gunna see if Adam and Jane will let me do theirs too.
SumikoYuina Report | 10/09/2014 1:04 pm
Little Miss Janie
Clock Senpai

Thanks XxFantome!

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