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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.hi i'm onyx
THIS IS ME 24 7!!!111 n____n
life really is full of surprises and adventures :}
"anything is possible." literally
likes: food, friends, asian dramas, league of legends.
league: princess onyx

i'm kinda an art collector, and retired sign maker on here.

don't comment me if your profile is on private... common sense or i can't reply l0l, i reject all random friend requests.

people think i'm mean and a bitxh, but i'm really not that bad. i just speak my mind, and i don't take anyone's bs, so if you're rude to me, i'm prob not going to be super nice and sweet to u rofl. n_n

i get bored easily, i laugh at everything, i like excitement, i'm simple, i'm complicated, i'm difficult, i'm different, i'm confusing, i'm obnoxious, i'm unreasonable, i'm self aware, i'm rarely serious, but i can get really emotional as well, i joke too much, i'm insensitive, i'm blunt, i can't lie, i'm inconsistent, i can detach easily no matter how attached i am to anything and anyone, i tend to push everyone i get too close to away, i say really mean things out of anger, i'm impulsive, i always think i'm right, i feel guilty a lot, i forgive easily, i wish i can hold grudges, i'm misunderstood a lot but too lazy and prideful to explain, or i don't care enough to, i don't make sense, i'm forgetful but i remember. i get deja vu all the time, i don't know what i want, i don't care, i care, i want to find true and real love one day, i want to fall in love and have a great romance like the ones that only exist in korean dramas, i'm scared of growing up, i'm lazy, i eat everything, i love food, i dislike liars, i'm very interested in people and how they work, i don't understand myself, my mind is crazy. don't get to know me n_n

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