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Once upon a time there was a couple who in their first year of dating had an accident. His girlfriend got pregnant and they were both scared but they decided to keep the baby anyway because it would only make their love stronger. Three months passed and his girlfriend started to feel a lot of pains. She went to the hospital while her boyfriend was at home getting ready for a night shift. She cried and cried from all of the pain and as time passed in the hospital she had found out that she had lost the baby. Heart broken she went to her boyfriends mothers house where she found her boyfriend laying on the couch crying. He didnt go to work that day or the few days that followed after. After a few more months passed they decided to try again, and like magic, she was pregnant again! This time instead of the hospital she saw a doctor. He sent her to get an ultra sound so they could see how far along the baby was. The couple was planning a trip to london to see the boyfriends mothers new home and to go shopping. The day before they were supposed to go, the girlfriend received a phone call from the doctor. He said she needed to go to the hospital right away and nothing more. Scared, she went but this time her boyfriend came with her, They waited for hours. They sent the girl into a small cold dark room for an ultrasound. After a few minutes she came out and sat down in a waiting area. A nurse came and brought the couple into an area with lots of beds. She was put in a room in a far corner and then left alone for 2 hours. A nurse came with a cart full of needles. They put a rubber band around her arm and took 6 tubes of blood before they put an IV into her hand and attached a heart rate reader to her pointer finger. She was being sent for surgery because they had lost another child. No oone had bothered to tell her that she could not take her medication, which she could not live without, while carrying a child. So in a years time when she found she was pregnant again. She stopped taking her medication. She ate as healthy as a baby diet would allow, she took vitamins meant to help the baby grow strong...but in two months time she found herself bleeding...it was supposed to be a day of celebration for her friend. So instead of telling everyone the news, she put on a false smile and pretended nothing had happened. Later when all of the guest had gone home, she told her boyfriend and room mate what had happened. Her boyfriend said nothing and her room mate hugged her and told her how sorry he was for their loss a third time. She threw herself onto their bed and cried while her boyfriend hushed her and tried to cover her mouth so she didnt wake the house. He didnt cry. She didnt know why when for the first tow he cried for days. She is still heart broken but she now hides the pains, because it was clear her boyfriend didnt care any more. She still feels sick to this day and hasnt found a way to cope.



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