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My name is Mariah, but I prefer Princess!
Race = Hylian
Game Start: February 22, 1996. Lvl. 19.
XxDarkHeartxX1 is my player2!
I'm a Limited Edition, package contains: Geek. Nerd. Innocent pervert. Adorkable. Kind. Protective. Humorous. Cuddly.
Caution! May also hold: Gamer's rage. Potentail bitchness. Sarcasm. Depression. Jealousy. Tsundere. Demanding. Fake confidence. Possessive.


Anime, Manga, Hentai, Videogames, Writing, Roleplaying (Online&Off), Coffee drinks, Music, Scary movies, Fantasy stuff, MY B❤❤!, Classic pokemon, Marvel, Megalodons, Cooking, Chocolate covered bananas, Gaia, Interwebs, Peeps on my profile, Cuddling, Kawaii stuff, Cheesy jokes, Cheesy pickup lines, & Lots more
Anime & Manga: I like all kinds of anime, but I don't spend hours and hours and hours on it. I haven't seen every single anime out there. There are tons. I have a list of animes I wish to watch or read. But just because I haven't seen or read or heards of tons of them, even main stream ones, doesn't mean I like it any less than someone who's seen them all. I don't have a favorite anime. Scratch that. I wrote that before I saw the anime Another. Another is my all time FAVORITE anime. I like a lot of them. Toradora, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Naruto, FMA, Wolfs Rain, etc. (Tsundere characters are my favorite type of character. Ittoki from Uta No Prince Sama is my favorite character. Again. Another is my favorite anime.)

Hentai: Yes, I like hentai. But! Only vanilla types. I'm not into the tentical stuff. I'm also not fond of how unproportioned some of the boobs are. (Sorry boys, but unless the girl has had bad plastic surgery or she's overweight she will not be having G cup boobs.) The hentai can also only be two people. If the girl or guy is sleeping with more than one person nope. Done. I like reading about love. Not sex.

Videogames: Just like anime, I haven't played all the videogames there are. Though this one isn't because I lack the time. It's because its an expensive hobby. Like Assassins Creed. I would LOVE to own and play, but I don't own a system for it. I like games like Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and .Hack// the most. I'm currenly in love with the game Odin's Sphere. I own a Nintendo DSi (will be trading it in for a 3Ds soon), a Wii, a PS2, and an old Gameboy. I also play a few computer games like La Tale and Onigiri.

Writing: I like to write when I have an idea and/or the time. I write all sorts of things. Fan fiction, made up love stories, hentai, a bunch of stuff. I'm actually planning on writing a book soon. However, I'm not sure if my skills are even qualified for publication, but that's not going to stop me from writing anyways.

Roleplaying: I RP everything except military.

Scary Movies: I actually like all movies, but the genre of horror/thriller is my favorite. Although, my favorite movie is not horror. It's fantasy. The Hobbit & Lord of The Rings. (I also love Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.) My favorite scary movies are Final Destination series, Scream series, and Insidious.

Classic Pokemon: My favorite pokemon, always has, always will be, is Vulpix. Closely followed by (not classics, just fricken adorable) Plusle and Minun. Haunter, Togepi, Pikachu (and Pichu), Piplump (mainly cause it's a penguin), Chikorita, and Eevee (and most of it's evolutions) are probably the rest of my favorites (not including my favorite legendaries). But Vulpix is my ultimate favorite. My top three favorite pokemon movies are (not in order): Pokemon The First Movie (with Mew and Mew Two), Pokemon The Movie 2000 (with Lugia), Pokemon The Movie 3 (with Entay and the Unknown), Pokemon Heroes The Movie (with Latios and Latias), Pokemon Jirachi, Pokemon 4ever, Pokemon Destiny Deoxys.

Marvel: My favorite Marvel characters are Deadpool, Spiderman, Ironman, and Thor.

Megalodons: ...Don't ask why.. I just find these giant sharks to be very amusing.

Cooking: I don't do tons of cooking, but I do still enjoy it. I mostly make sweets.

Cheesy Jokes: My top two favorite cheesy jokes. "I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now." and "What did the green grape say to the purple grape? BREATHE YOU IDIOT!"

Cheesy Pickup Lines: My favorite pickup line "If I bit my lip would you kiss it better?"


Spiders, My depression, Lag, Loneliness, Hurting others, Soggy cookies, & Wasting hours on a movie just to decide it was bad . . .

รђยt ยt!
Little bird, little bird! Crow Prince. We both have a love for cats. If we're not talking about RP plots together then we are most likely talking about our cats. Not gonna lie, when I met this girl I thought she was a boy until I read the tiny print on her profile that says "Female"... I think she did it on purpose though. She's a trap! Her and Kazu talk about it all the time!... Oh well even if she did trick me I still love her. I will forever be in love with her character Touma. Crow is incredibly easy to talk to, least to me at least. She's so fricken nice too which is a rare quality on this site. Like sure you can be nice. But this girl gives it a new definition. I can't even explain it. You'd just have to talk to her yourself to see what I mean.

Kazu! I find him to be a bit dramatic sometimes, but it's entertaining. ♥ Besides, everyone can get a bit dramatic, even I have my moments. I couldn't imagine anyone ever being bored around him. There's just always something to talk about with him. Whether it's real life or RP shtuff~. He tells me about people talking behind his back some times... If you're one of those people. I'mma say it to your face right now. I don't like you. Kay? Now gtfo my profile. I ain't got time for fakes and neither does he so don't waste our time. 凸(¬‿¬)凸 Kazu is also awesome because he agrees I'm a princess and treats me as such. Oh and omfg he's a man that can cook... Mostly sweets... His food is gonna make the world fat because it's just gonna be so fricken delicious you won't wanna stop eating it. I adore ya Kazu~

Rina is...*Runs to urban dictionary to look it up* a trap queen! If I have this correct it means she's a bad a** b***h who you no wanna ******** with and I admire her for it. We've had spats before, but most friends do~. She is my go-to-girl when I need to vent. Anything this girl would do for me I'd do for her. Also, most people bore me with their lives.. Hers is always amusing to me. I literally look forward to hearing about her day. We've known each other for about a year now and I seriously can't remember what it was like when she wasn't around because we talk almost every day. If you cause any s**t for her I will rip you a new one. Oh and she's gorgeous. She's basically a short barbie without needing to be plastic. I envy her eye makeup skills. I hope one day she thinks of herself as pretty as I do... Then again she don't need that big a head. Jk~ Love you Rina!

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