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✂ - - B A S I C S
_______Ello, puppet. I favor going by the name Himeka, Hime for abbreviation. I take on the form of a blood sucker. I have been haunting the world for nineteen years since February 22, 1996. Roaming gaia since 2009. My beloved is l The Lost Boy l. Gaia married and faithful to laballerina1. I'll go horror movie on you if you dare upset her. ♥

✂ - - P E R S O N A L I T Y
_______The best way to know how I am is to just talk to me. But in case you'd prefer to keep your distance then you can read this for an idea. I have been called geek, nerd, otaku, innocent pervert, cute, dork, kind, patient, funny, cuddly, spiteful, bitchy, sarcastic, jealous, tsundere. I am sure there are other adjectives, but that's what I hear the most.

✂ - - F A V O R S
_______Anime, Manga, Vanilla Hentai, Games, Writing, Roleplaying, Sweetened Coffee, Music, Scary things, Fantasy things, Kawaii things, Classic pokemon, Marvel, Megalodons, Food, Gaia, Cuddling, Cheesy jokes, Corny pickup lines, & Lots of other stuff.

✂ - - D E S P I S E S
_______Spiders, Lag, Loneliness, Soggy cookies, & Wasting hours on a movie just to decide it was bad . . .

Kawaii DeviI
l The Lost Boy l