Hi, I'm Katsu Shunu. Also known as Shu/Katsu/Shunu/Shubear/Shuboo. I may be picky about which you use

In real life, I'm named Yael. I also go by "El". Please don't call me either, unless you've been given permission.

I'm 24 and female and very happily dating someone as of Dec 21, 05 (still dating him. we're putting off marriage due to finances & health but it's happening!)

I've got a ton of health problems & physical disabilities. I could bore you with them, but I won't, unless asked. (Unless I'm having a horrible, painful time & b***h to the CB about it...)

The CB honestly is/was host to some of my very best and closest friends. (Some of whom I know IRL, too. Most have left Gaia now, though.)

I try to be friendly & moderately polite to everyone. No one deserves hostility, even on the internet. And it doesn't benefit anyone.

I'm really into SciFi and comics/manga. I also play Magic the Gathering occasionally, and help my BF paint his Warhammer 40k figurines

Feel free to talk to me about anything, though. I love conversation.

I'd love some free avatar art, if you ever like one of my avatars?
maybe? smilies/icon_4laugh.gif


Also, please don't PM me asking for donations. Sending a personal message to a stranger to beg is kinda rude. ;c
And definitely doesn't make me want to donate.


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          Awww. :3 Sounds like a nice time though. And I'm glad to hear it's been pleasant! :]
          Busy is sometimes a good thing. We don't really do much in terms of busy holidays around here anymore.
          My brothers don't live in state anymore, and they were the reasons we did big stuff.

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          [Ahhhh. uwu Thank you!
          I think I'm working through all of FFVII. cat_lol

          My thanksgiving was pretty good. :3
          Quiet, just me and my dad. But good.
          Yours? :3/color]

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          ; A ; omg Shu thank you so much!

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thank you Shu! its perfect I love it, cant wait to use it!

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there's so much stuff really like i have no idea, there was one item i wanted, that Sailor Moon thingy cause i'm loving the new season and yeah but it's expensive i think. i don't know what's going on with Gaia economy and whatever any more. your avatar is so cute though! i wanted your opinion on vapes and what might be a good one? we want one with a bag but there's sort've limited stuff around me, i had considered ordering online, there's some uh.. Extreme Q i think it's called or Da Buddha but i don't know anything about them except Extreme Q looks like our old one that broke.
/ramble ramble

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i'm selfish, so everything, but don't you worry! you don't have to get me anything! oh! i had some questions regarding vapes, if you don't mind indulging me? i'll be in the market for one with my new apartment!!!

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Thank you, girl 4laugh heart heart

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youre crazy Shu, like wow, you leave me in awe, all the time.

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Wow, you are awesome!


Andromeda, my puppy, just turned 1 on July 7th!
smilies/icon_crying.gif gettin so old