Hi, I'm Katsu Shunu. Also known as Shu/Katsu/Shunu/Shubear/Shuboo. I may be picky about which you use

In real life, I'm named Yael. I also go by "El". Please don't call me either, unless you've been given permission.

I'm 24 and female and very happily dating someone as of Dec 21, 05 (still dating him. we're putting off marriage due to finances & health but it's happening!)

I've got a ton of health problems & physical disabilities. I could bore you with them, but I won't, unless asked. (Unless I'm having a horrible, painful time & b***h to the CB about it...)

The CB honestly is/was host to some of my very best and closest friends. (Some of whom I know IRL, too. Most have left Gaia now, though.)

I try to be friendly & moderately polite to everyone. No one deserves hostility, even on the internet. And it doesn't benefit anyone.

I'm really into SciFi and comics/manga. I also play Magic the Gathering occasionally, and help my BF paint his Warhammer 40k figurines

Feel free to talk to me about anything, though. I love conversation.

I'd love some free avatar art, if you ever like one of my avatars?
maybe? smilies/icon_4laugh.gif


Also, please don't PM me asking for donations. Sending a personal message to a stranger to beg is kinda rude. ;c
And definitely doesn't make me want to donate.


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that would be so fun! I will be responding your pm in a bit! just waking up lol. hope youre well!
Leothalis the Magus

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Leothalis the Magus

Well that only took forever and a day to fiddle with~
Leothalis the Magus

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Leothalis the Magus

No prob. heart
Leothalis the Magus

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Leothalis the Magus

Yeah, I know that feel.
I'm thankful that items I want tend to be very few in number so my WL doesn't hurt my eyes.
Leothalis the Magus

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Leothalis the Magus

It's ok, I'll endure. I give myself more anxiety anyway.

Your wl is a b***h to comb without my eyes crossing. rofl
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Leothalis the Magus


I am supersuperSUPER paranoid about that and have mini freakouts every time the thought crosses my mind.

Which apparently isn;t enough to curb the assholish tendancies.

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Leothalis the Magus

Checkmate Academy.
The chess hoodie is to die for. emotion_drool
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Leothalis the Magus

Since they took Target out of Canada, I can't buy GC. Only place nearby that still sold Gaia cash cards, and my friend doesn't approve of me spending money on this site.
If I could, then yeah I'd drop 15 bucks right now.
Leothalis the Magus

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Leothalis the Magus

You gonna be nabbing anything from this couple day long sale?

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cool avi


My "full-grown baby" Andromeda Zhaan is 1 3/4 years old!!

Always being a good "breed ambassador" for Pit Bulls. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

She's the "inherently vicious" one on her back, being her usual attention-whore self and showing off her belly to her friend. She likes to make sure there are no dominance struggles, just fun & friendship.