St.James Infirmary Blues


Name: Kate
Age: _ _
Sex: (Not with you) Female
Married to a amazing man. In real life.
Occupation: Mechanic and a mom *wink wink*
Soon to be Driving: 2015 2500HD Black and Red Lifted Ram Laramie Longhorn (matches my husbands)

Skype: I have one but are you worthy of having it?

I am a moody girl, I don't like 95% of the people in this world.
Don't come to me with your problems because really, I don't give a ********.
I'm a working college student. Trades student. Working for dodge yet again!! But love my dodge brand. I do have a busy life, and a life from gaia.

I am a hard-head b***h. That doesn't take drama. Anything you do to piss me off I will ignore you.

Warning: Touch him and I will use your skull and spine as a lamp. For he was mine once before and has came back. my true love is back and is staying. need proof ask to see the ring that lays upon my finger!!

My Gaia Character: A bat demon with the power of shape shifting.
Like: both male and female(mainly used for food) She is mated to a Demon. Likes to lurk in the darkness, trees and high up places.
Dislikes: most females (preppy, twits, stupid girls), most new people.

PM me with Questions. Not RP s**t!
Ask me about my project (hint its a truck) get lost


Geograv on 03/28/2015