Nicknamed: Shaytan Qurin Jinn
(Due to his abilities)

Age: Looks to be 44, but looks can be deceiving.

Height: Appears 6'4

Weight: Seems to be 220 pounds

Materialization: Often times Kassio will materialize himself so he can exist on the plains of Earth, or yonder. But the process can often disfigure his human form depending on gathering of energy, leaving carbonized matter to accumulate on his body from the malfunction. (Looks very close to an automaton, or machine part.)

Build: Athletic upper body. Long, lengthy legs, broad shoulders, long arms.

Eye color: Dark swirls of navy blue.

Hair color: Stayed the same after death. Black/Gray

Small Facts:

♦ Can alter his physical form at will. Yet his eyes will always stay the same shade of blue.

♥ All but an ethereal form. Until called upon by another.

♣ Coined the term "Bad Luck"

♠ Always seen wearing a black suit, with a red tie.

♦ Cursed with the lack of harnessing human emotion.

♥ Likes to collect all sort of destructive weaponry: guns, swords, miscellaneous medieval assortments, and otherworldly objects.

♣ Does not remember who he was before in his human life.

Combat Info
Story of His Past