Birth name: Kassio Michel Oliveira

Nickname: Qurin Shaytan Jinn

Height: Six Foot Four

Weight: Two-hundred and twenty pounds

Body Type: Athletic. Toned. Long Legs. Broad Shoulders.

Age: Looks to be forty-four years old.

Hair: Jet Black. With age brought Grey.

Facial Features: Squared-Jaw. High cheekbones. Thin upper-lip with an apparent cupids bow, with a slightly plumper bottom lip. Well-kept goatee sprinkled with grey. Straight-bridged nose. Due to making a physical materialization, Kassio's body will often have carbon-matter composites form on his human-like appearance. (Looks like metal plates under his eyes, nose, eyebrow, arms, legs, etc.)

Eyes: Deep ocean blue, brushed with grey.