Kassio Oliveira

Race: Incubi spirited/Genie/Reptilian

Age: Looks to be 44. But is over 5k in years.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 220lbs

Build: Athletic upper body. Long, lengthy legs, broad shoulders, long arms.

Eye color: Dark swirls of navy blue.

Hair color: Black (dyes it to keep it black)

Wing span: Twenty feet on each side, equaling out to a little more than forty feet. Black, bat-like, thick-leathery feel.

Horns: Spike up from his temples at a nine inch length. Thick at the base and sharpened to a point at the tip.

Personality: Cold, Perfectionist, Intelligent, Feral, Serious, Erotic, Imaginative, Simplistic, Passionate, Brute, Mischeivious, Possessive, Mysterious, Coniving, Professional.

Incubus Traits: Shadowmacing (Can control and harness the power of darkness and shadows.) Also capable of manipulating Illusionary Magic. The ability to roll the minds of those he has intercourse with. (Meaning: When he has sex with another. He releases a toxin within their body that effects the part of their brain that reciprocates the feeling of love). It is induced so much--that section of the brain-- with the powerful toxin that it makes the person in contact become overwhelmed and overly-dependent. If manipulated enough during intercourse, they completely lose their sense of morals and become trapped. Doing anything and everything the incubus would ask of them. There has even been times when Kassio would roll a woman's mind so much, that when he would leave their side. They would commit suicide since they're hypnotized so strongly to believe they cannot live without the incubus. Has the technique of granting any wishes to any living being, for a price.

Occupation: Daytime Bakery owner/Nightlife Human Trafficking Boss(Secret life)

Small Facts: Has a large case of OCD. Where things have to be even, aligned perfectly and nothing can be rushed or it's considered worthless. He has a small scar that reaches from his left eyebrow and stops just right underneath his eye. Normally wears colors of white, grey or black; but, never colorful. Takes his work very seriously and if someone disrupts it, he will reign hell. Has a very large mother-complex. His voice is ragged and raspy, due to an occurance that happened when he was younger. Ruining his vocal cords.