Race: Shaytan Qurin Jinn

Age: Looks to be 44, but looks can be deceiving.

Height: Appears 6'4

Weight: Looks to be 220 pounds

Accessories: Wears glasses from time to time (That tint in daylight). Often wears platinum earrings on his left ear. Mainly wears only black attire. Wears a Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie wrist watch on his left. Can be found wearing a necklace. Always carries a Beretta M9 9x19mm Parabellum attached to his hip.

Build: Athletic upper body. Long, lengthy legs, broad shoulders, long arms.

Eye color: Dark swirls of navy blue.

Hair color: Black (dyes it to keep it black)

Small Facts: Can alter his physical form at will. Besides the unique color of his eyes, they appear human; but, when light reflects on his retinas, his pupils constrict into slits like a snake's. Has a large case of OCD. Where things have to be even, clean, aligned perfectly and nothing can be rushed or it's considered worthless. Suffers from Mysophilia, and has to wear gloves at all times, other than towards Demacian. Diagnosed Sociopath, frequents in faking emotions for other people's benefit. He has a small scar that reaches from his left eyebrow and stops just right underneath his eye. Normally wears colors of white, grey or black; but, never colorful. Takes his work very seriously and if someone disrupts it, he will reign hell. Has a very large mother-complex. His voice is ragged and raspy, due to an occurance that happened when he was younger. Ruining his vocal cords.

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