Kassio Oliveira

Race: Incubi spirited/Genie/Reptilian

Age: Looks to be 44. But is over 5k in years.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 220lbs

Build: Athletic upper body. Long, lengthy legs, broad shoulders, long arms.

Eye color: Dark swirls of navy blue.

Hair color: Black (dyes it to keep it black)

Wing span: Twenty feet on each side, equaling out to a little more than forty feet. Black, bat-like, thick-leathery feel.

Horns: Spike up from his temples at a nine inch length. Thick at the base and sharpened to a point at the tip.

Personality: Cold, Perfectionist, Intelligent, Feral, Serious, Erotic, Imaginative, Simplistic, Passionate, Brute, Mischievous, Possessive, Mysterious, Conniving, Professional.

Occupation: Daytime Bakery owner/Nightlife Human Trafficking Boss(Secret life)

Small Facts: Has a large case of OCD. Where things have to be even, aligned perfectly and nothing can be rushed or it's considered worthless. He has a small scar that reaches from his left eyebrow and stops just right underneath his eye. Normally wears colors of white, grey or black; but, never colorful. Takes his work very seriously and if someone disrupts it, he will reign hell. Has a very large mother-complex. His voice is ragged and raspy, due to an occurance that happened when he was younger. Ruining his vocal cords.