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I am an Artiste.

My name is Trang, but friends have also called me Karite, Dollie, or KD. I was born and raised here in California and have been living here ever since. I'm normally a shy person in real life, but I'll open up once you start opening up, too. ^-^

I love to draw and have been drawing probably ever since I was in my mother's womb. I began doing digital art when I first started Gaia back in 2008. Half a year later, I bought myself WACOM's drawing tablet and also discovered Photoshop, which made life much more easier. It was then when I decided I wanted to become a conceptual artist. I still have a long road ahead of me before I can officially call myself a great artist. But even though my families and friends say my work IS great, I still feel like it's not enough. Knowing that there will always be someone better than me, I will keep traveling on this never-ending self-developing journey till the day when my art can be easily seen and be notice among the publicity throughout the world. Okay, I may be dreaming too big, but it is these dreams that keeps me motivated and doing what I am doing now. <3

I'm currently enrolled at a new college, which I've transferred at the beginning of 2012, and am learning how to do 3d modelling. My experience here at this school have taken my skills to a whole new level and opened my eyes to many other things. It made me realize that I can do much more than just concept art. I'm still new to a lot of things, but with the help of my friends' and family's support, I believe I can pull through and someday make it into the game industry, which have been a (secret) life-long dream of mine. c:

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Any more questions about me? Just send me a PM or comment on my profile below! Thanks for reading!


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Zexion The Sage Report | 07/22/2014 7:48 pm
Zexion The Sage
It seems that I will create a steam account! Now all I need is money... sweatdrop lol

I WISH I COULD GO TO E3 It's only exclusive to the people who work in the video game industry, Like you for example you are working for your own video game company so you can get in for free as for me I would either have to create my own gaming company or work at a game store which won't guarantee you 100% access to E3. But their is an upside, people who start their own YouTube channel devoted to playing video games can get into E3. You just gotta have about 50,000 subscribers and be partnered. That's what I was planning on doing eventually but I'm kinda shy and don't think my content or commentary would be any good! sweatdrop But doing this would take forever so I'm not sure if I would be able to get into E3 which is a life goal I really want to accomplish! I also really want to meet you as well! You are a lucky ducky to be able to go to E3 TREASURE THIS GRAND OPPORTUNITY WOMAN! emotion_donotwant

I haven't heard of GDC What is it? SKRILLIX IS AWESOME! I'm a fan of his songs! my favorite song is his remix of this song called Levels. And 6 years later this old fart still doesn't have a Facebook Gomen! emotion_facepalm I just don't really find the appeal in Facebook it seems kinda boring in my opinion.

YAAAAAY!!!! I bet your glad to almost be done with school! I'm rooting for ya Karite! Make sure you get pictures of your Graduation AND SHARE THEM. This isn't just a big moment for you its for all of us as well! biggrin Oh is Tramm also in college like you? Anyway tell her I said Hi and I wish her the best of luck in finding a new job I guess? lol As for me College is soooooooooooo stressful recently I got 2 A's a B and a C. I had unfair teachers and that B could have been an A. buut what can ya do. During my first semester though I've gotten all A's and one B. So I'm hoping the rest of my college years will be like my first semester. emotion_8c
Zexion The Sage Report | 05/13/2014 8:58 pm
Zexion The Sage
I'm sorry Karite I thought I replied to you!! Gomen!

I just checked steam and it is amazing! I think it mostly focuses on indie games. I got a question though do you need a specific type of computer to play computer games on? Because I don't want to download a game from steam just to find out I can't play it because I have the wrong type of computer. sweatdrop I have a Windows 7 premium I finally upgraded from my dusty old Windows XP. I had that XP since the first day I joined Gaia lol.

So Karite How's life treating you? WAIT I just though of something! Have you heard of E3? Electronic Entertainment at the convention center in downtown L.A? Its a place where people who work for a video game company get to go too see upcoming games and to watch conferences from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft! Since You work at a game place now you could go! Its always held in the Summer in June. I am SO jealous right now! fgbdkjjhfbgf I need to get a job at a game store. crying

Sorry I got side tracked there heh. So as I was saying How's college and Tram? I keep forgetting who's the oldest between you too, its you right? xp
Zexion The Sage Report | 04/19/2014 4:23 pm
Zexion The Sage
Yeah this is your final semester huh? this summer your graduating right?

Awesome I'm glad your doing your dream job!

You know I've been hearing alot about steam and i never knew what it was, care to explain it to me? sweatdrop
Zexion The Sage Report | 03/19/2014 2:17 pm
Zexion The Sage
Sorry for the late reply Karite college has been keeping me busy. sweatdrop

So tell me how's you job treating you? and how are you? smile
II_xXx_Foxy_xXx_II Report | 01/14/2014 9:44 am
ah i see sad well that is fine smile if your ever up to it ill pay what ever amount of gold you need. but till then Thank You for replying. and have a wonderous day smile
Zexion The Sage Report | 01/08/2014 12:00 am
Zexion The Sage
I saw the video! Haha you looked so adorable I think that's my first time seeing how you look lol. You have really improved on your digital designs! You know there's a big company in Japan called Monalith software that works for Nintendo their looking for a digital designer and you would be perfect for it! But that's all the way out there in Japan so probably not a good idea sweatdrop lol.

Is it okay if I asks if you get paid doing the digital design for this company? Sorry if this is out of line I'm just curious :p

Also you never told me if you still keep in touch with Linh! I MUST KNOW
Zexion The Sage Report | 01/01/2014 9:45 pm
Zexion The Sage
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! do you have a new year resolution? smile

No I don't think I would want to do culinary anymore. razz Ive kinda lost the spark of cooking lol. I'm still hoping that ill discover what I want to do with my life while going through college. But I don't want to wander aimlessly and take random classes I want to have a clear mind set. Soooo im at a stand still.

Oh wow that's great! At least you have people helping you reach your dream! Also you start working tomorrow are you nervous!? Oh and make sure you tell me how Iocaine Studios works! I've always been curious as to how a gaming company works!

Oh man that sucks are they at least paying Tramm extra for making her work so much? But I do understand her mentality If I was working for a game store and they gave me discounts on all the games I would be in heaven!
DemonThunder Report | 01/01/2014 1:55 am
Happy New Year!
Zexion The Sage Report | 12/29/2013 8:13 pm
Zexion The Sage
OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? Kairte I believe I said this before but I am so happy and proud of you! It always feels great to be close to your dream. Or in your case YOU MADE IT!

Haha make sure you don't forget about us little people when you start creating big games! (Make sure you make an Attack on Titan game)

As for me I'm about to start my second semester for college and I applied to work for my local gamestore nothing to exciting like yours!

Ohh last time I talked to you I heard you had yourself a boyfriendu~ emotion_awesome (I tried combining boyfriend and waifu I was unsuccessful) Anywhozzle hows Tramm and the rest? emotion_c8
Mikey-Chan5 Report | 12/29/2013 2:37 pm
Orly? damn I need to set up my trap to capture her