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Gender: Female

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Birthday: 03/27/1990


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Personal Info

Name: Sam
Birthday: 27 March 1990
Gender: Female
Interested in: Women
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Blood Type: AB+

Favourite Quotations

"You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a f*ck*n' challenge"

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

Off-Site Contact Info

Skype: karii_jones
Facebook: http://facebook.com/samanthaleigh.sayle
Xbox Live: The Sam Of Doom

Other Info

Personal quote: But i like girls >_<
Music type/genre: bit of everything
Favorite movie: Legend of the guardian the owls of ga'hool, nightmare before Christmas
Favorite game: The elder scrolls games
Favorite game platform: Xbox 360
Favorite artist: You
Favorite animal: Ferret
Favorite website: Furnation, Gaiaonline, Facebook
Favorite food: all food is good smilies/icon_smile.gif

A little more in depth

Ok so yeah, my human name is Samantha, but if your gonna use it pleas call me Sam or Sammy, I hate Samantha. I'm currently 24. I'm a girl, or at least I was last time I checked and yes I try to be funny but it doesn't mean I'm any good at it xD
I'm currently In a Relationship with my beautiful Laxan
I also have a groupe of very close furry friends that I love dearly.

As for my personality, I do try to be a kind and caring person putting others before my self but this had got me used and abused by friends and partners alike leaving me very hurt and upset. I can get very emotional but try to hide it although it doesn't often work smilies/icon_crying.gif

What do I like I hear you ask?....I like girls xD
-coughs- pardon me... so my likes, music wise, a bit of everything. I like metal, rock, pop, pop rock. I can listen do things like death metal and dub step but only for so long, I eventually get a headache. country and classical are some of my favourites, especially when relaxing. show tunes and movie / TV sound tracks are Ok too.
as for books and films I love anything fantasy. yes I do LIKE the twilight saga but I'm not a creepy fan-girl. also some chick flicks and comedy films are acceptable too. most animated/cartoons have got to be a love of mine too.
so I think that's the black and white of it, if there is anything else you want to know (within reason) please feel free to drop me a Note or a Profile comment, I'm always up for a chat


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my random journal of randomness [imgmap]http://i6.tinypic.com/1zgezdj.gif[/imgmap]

My journa will be fulll of randomness ^_^[imgmap]http://i6.tinypic.com/1zgezdj.gif[/imgmap]


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DirtyDishes Report | 02/02/2014 5:54 pm
So i'm trying to get back into rp
if you're interested do you want to do 1x1 yuri with me?
i'm super rusty and i want to get better C:
DirtyDishes Report | 01/31/2014 6:04 am
i'm pretty good
i know! i've been away in a foreign country, got really sick so i've been kinda blah these past couple of months
i remembered how much gaia made me happy,so now i'm back
DirtyDishes Report | 01/30/2014 8:27 pm
hey! hows it going!!
Alpha-IV-Beta Report | 11/21/2013 7:18 pm
Thank you for your purchases biggrin
MonochromeRainbows x x Report | 11/19/2013 7:41 pm
MonochromeRainbows x x
Thanks for purchasing! Enjoy (:
Peach Belle Report | 09/18/2013 3:30 pm
Peach Belle
DO you care if I paint it in SAI PAINT instead of making it Pixel?
Peach Belle Report | 09/09/2013 12:44 pm
Peach Belle
I was wondering: In your bust commission, do you want me to add the animal like features? (LIke the snout of your oc)
Please Ask For Donation Report | 09/06/2013 6:29 am
Please Ask For Donation
ty for the purchase heart
SpikTheDagron Report | 05/02/2012 7:02 am
That Figures.

Welp, feel free to reboot it if you want.
SpikTheDagron Report | 04/24/2012 7:05 am
The Quest for Equestria is gone.

I tried to give you tons of time(around a month or so) to come back and reclaim it.

Good day.


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