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Report | 09/20/2015 3:11 pm

Nekochi Hina

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Report | 08/27/2015 7:07 pm


Jamessssssss you like Got7?
Betch you don't have to paid off your debt, but talk to meeee. Its okay I don't need that money.
Girls girls girls they love you...
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Report | 08/21/2015 7:01 am


Lmao yuh her like omg xD It was hell! Because that time minis were 250m still and inflation wasn't like what it was now even with flunn e.e Gahh they took their sweet time tbh; got it after 5 months >>;;
Idek 8U I'm like trying to buy back my MAWs I sold for the avi I want to change into 8U Effort
Gl w/ the seller; not all are as kind as they used to be OTL
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Report | 08/20/2015 9:42 am


I was like instead of waiting let me collect gold and get the item myself ==;; Remember that Herrliche girl? She had AB many auctions and mine was one of them 8U

Lmao, i'm not that rich in terms of gold to even be able to cry T^T I'm like //Watches my items inflate daily as my gold count increases by 1m a day 8U
Oh sure! I can even upload/send arts then *^* Don't have to wait much xD

Dw Kara had killed almost all zomgians so the list is long OTL
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Report | 08/20/2015 5:44 am


Lolol is 3mths enough? Mine I remember, when I filed a ticket; took me like 5 months for a reply 8U //STILL HAS THAT PM from that fraud ;-;
Best time to bulk buy and make profit e.e Just when you think you're done vending .-.
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Report | 08/19/2015 3:43 am


LMAO! All that karma coming back to bite you Jkjk!
Eh it's Gaia, will they even reply fast like ever? ==;; Dw too much abt getting a new one fast! Take time and mint lotsa gg, might even get it at a super deflated price!
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Report | 08/18/2015 9:29 am


Lmao wth? They actually still even ban ppl; what for? ==;;
That's sick of them
OH what should I do, cancel the trade or something?
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Report | 08/17/2015 2:41 am


You you you! Ik you added me to kill me KAra
I shall not die emotion_donotwant
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Report | 08/16/2015 9:48 pm

Rain Daze


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Report | 03/03/2015 9:58 pm

Rain Daze

u nvr gave me ur skype
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Report | 11/06/2014 2:19 pm

Deepened Sky

Aw, not good D:
you feel much better?
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Report | 11/06/2014 7:42 am

Deepened Sky

How are you? (;
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Report | 11/04/2014 8:55 am


Thank you! Yours is surely nice as well.
Have a nice day~
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Report | 11/03/2014 4:51 am

erstwhile foe

I love your profile!
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Report | 10/29/2014 12:09 pm

Im Hyung Soo- N Korea

Aiyaa..I saw that and tried but nope 5k down in candies and still nothing but on the semi brighter note I didn't get any pants from that, albeit a lot of daggers and jackets oh and vests of course.
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Report | 10/29/2014 11:34 am

Im Hyung Soo- N Korea

Aiyaa right...albeit I can already just see the amount of pants increasing with that... Gaia's just like I heard you liked pants, here have some more, can never have enough pants obviously.
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Report | 10/29/2014 11:14 am

Im Hyung Soo- N Korea

Aw, always with the pants.. I didn't turn in my candy for some time then when the counter was actually up I used about 2k and got everything but the hat and shoes. Later on I got the shoes but...more and more pants with each try then one that was like here have 3 pants because obviously I didn't have enough already, heh. Ah well maybe that hat will appear whenever I decide to use the rest of my candy.
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Report | 10/29/2014 8:26 am

Deepened Sky

Not really, though I try.
I miss z too
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Report | 10/29/2014 8:21 am

Deepened Sky

Thanks c:
Glad to hear
and i always forget what people change their user to..
i mean yours hasnt changed but i dont always go on Skype xD
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Report | 10/29/2014 8:12 am

Deepened Sky

I passed my test!
How you been?
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