Errmk, so before all the holly jolly shenanigans of the "about me" section I would like to say something; Scarlitdancer, or Kitty as I call her, is one of my dearest friends. I adore her and look up to her quite a bit. She's sweet, kind and amazing. I just wanted to let you all know about one of my closest friends. NOW ONWARD TO THE REST OF THIS!

Welcome to my profile.One of the first and foremost things you should know about me : I detest text speak / short hand, for those who don't know what that is [because yes, I have been asked what text speak and short hand is by people who use it.] text speak / short hand is as follows "u, r, ur, cuz, 2, 4, y, iz, dnt, wut, wat, cnt, c, hmu" and so on and so forth. I don't mind telling you what I think or if what you are doing is bothering me. I can be pretty pessimistic so if you're this big "optimist" it's probably not a good idea to talk with me x3.

Karameida ~♥

P.S. I love the Legend of Zelda series, favorite gaming series of all time <3

I do draw but, I haven't drawn in months. I only do pencil art; if you want to see some of my art then go ahead and ask me I'll link you some.

AS A FINAL NOTE! I love to RP, I do not RP here on gaia; If you are curious send a message my way I'll clarify. =3.

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Well my apologies then for classing being young as a mere reason for being able to pull through quicker. It's easy to think something like that because one would often affiliate being young as being more stronger and have a better chance of recovering. I see it in media all the time or when I'm doing research on various illnesses, why do I do that? I'm not entirely sure really, I just look up all kinds of information up on an extreme variety of topics. I'm so used to this being the case because there have even been so many times where my grandparents have said they wish they could be young again specifically for these reasons, especially my grandmother because she didn't have all the health problems she has now at a much younger age. I'm sorry if I came across as being ignorant to the fact that young people can indeed be weak, it was just a first thought response you see. I'm sure you can understand that as well. I guess many people find comfort from feeling young and affiliating it with being energetic. Most of the time it is often regarded as a positive approach.

Anyway I've always said that age is just a number and word, no matter what this expression relates to. I still choose to believe you will manage given the correct support and medication. Having been worrying about my grandmother lately I'd rather just stay positive about everything.

Anyway you take good care of yourself and take it easy alright? I know you're not on much but I'd certainly enjoy doing something for you that makes you happy. As long as you're happy I am also.

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Good luck questing those two items. I'll help you out when I can smile .

Even if everything takes time, you'll feel a lot better on the long run right? Hope you pull through everything and recover soon. It is only expected of you to be energetic since you're only young. The fact that you're young will really aid as well.

I'm actually doing well thanks, last week was pretty bad though but it's fine now. My grandmother has got cancer by the way, the small tumors growing on her liver are cancerous.

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Oh I wasn't feeling down or anything, I just have that phase sometimes where I don't feel motivated to do anything on here. There wasn't any particular reason or anything smile . What items are you questing currently? I might be able to assist you on that.

-hugs back-.

Sorry to hear about that too sad . I really hope you feel better soon and I hope everything goes well with your studies. Take good care now okay? Don't run yourself down whatever you do.

Will talk to you soon dear.


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Hey I hope you're doing well and that you have a great weekend. Sorry for not commenting in so long, you're not the only one I've apologised to about that. I've just not had much motivation and not really done so much here lately.

Please take care and speak to you soon. How did your appointments go?
Angel Shoujo

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Angel Shoujo

Thanks for buying! hope you enjoy the lovely item smile heart

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It has been a rough ride, that's for sure. What have you been up to lately?

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Thanks for the buy!! biggrin <3

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Just kidding, but hey there, pretty lady.

I miss you. heart

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Hey are hope you're doing well, message me soon okay? heart

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oh ok. well i don't talk to him much anymore. just now and then but when we do we talk like we talked a hour ago lol.
And everything is fine just busy and stressing about little s**t that doesn't totally matter at the moment.


"The flames of my wrath burn far and wide scorching those who've earned my ire; but those same flames, burn away, a little more of my humanity day by day."