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OMG! I have stalkers!

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Story of my life ~

:P It is All About ME!!!

yum_pumpkinpie I am 21. Birthday is Nov. 22.
yum_pumpkinpie got two jobs at the moment. One im a associate trainer, the other im a silly shift supervisor and work 80+ hrs a week. im not on often but trying to be on once and awhile to talk to buddies and make new ones.
yum_pumpkinpie i am currently questing to have fun. seriously, thats all. i wanna enjoy myself while i still can. emotion_hug
yum_pumpkinpie I had a lot of fun with many of you at many different times. I couldnt have had more fun in this game.... I barly play because my time isnt my own.
yum_pumpkinpie I dont like drama
yum_pumpkinpie If i call you a dork, dont take it like a bad thing. i only say that to ppl i like getting to know.
yum_pumpkinpie if anything i do bothers you, speak or u deal with it.
yum_pumpkinpie i love anime and manga
yum_pumpkinpie i love food, mostly butternut squash cept papaya....
yum_pumpkinpie Coffee Addict c[__]
yum_pumpkinpie Feel free to pm me

By VSC_Heartz

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lvkewl Report | 08/31/2017 2:03 pm
yeah i can do basic stuff like make ramen ..

lmao try it with bf you never know might be mkays, plus u get change in scenery, think of it like a day out in a b&b.
Did you go to the fair? What was it liek?

Oh get those teeth done, I never know what it is like cos my teeth are weird neway, I hate the dentist, even teh drill sound scares me no for no reason?!

Wouldnt say fun, I spent £14 on junk food for gaming, so I am feelin great today, also I had bad headache two days ago, only had one paracetmol tablet, ran out, and curled up in bed, hoping I would sleep it off, before it got worse.

Come PS it aint fun, but it only takes 5 mins, plus we should screenie for old times sake, to say we met in 2017 XD

lvkewl Report | 08/28/2017 1:04 am
Sorry fo that happening, wow tought break, how df after 5 years did they find you ;o;, I am sorry we men can be a-holes.

Yush the hours you work are way to much, so I would be tired from that, i dont think I have worked more than 50 hours, and that was 12 hour night shifts, doing one thing for 30 mins, every hour, damn it was a breeze. Ere we tend to do 40 hour weeks. Anything more is considered overtime, so more pay. That sucks they got another, are you going to stay or find another. Have you thought about studyin again. Try teaching for a livin, the pay is good, and the only hassle you get is from little kids xD, no more customers, or managers to deal with. Plus you can work where ever you want.

O M G defo go to the fair, you needs da break. Plus it is great fun, bring back memories of the time I was a kid playing Double Dragon, at teh arcade machine, paid about £2.50 to finish the game with a friend. Funny I was pretty good at going on rides, but now meh, I am too afraid to sit on them?

FML you can cook, I wish I could, I just cant cook, I can even burn water ;o; The food sounds and smells delish'
lvkewl Report | 08/25/2017 1:47 am
You do! What happened, omg staph sparing da details biggrin

Well I am not sure what I av planned for life atm, just drifting, I am on gaia right now doing PS with rando ppl, such an amazing wonderful life XDD

lvkewl Report | 08/24/2017 11:49 am
Ahhh alot of ppl are snowflakes, just leave em & watch them melt XD

Everyfinks great my side, I got a place all to myself, freedom finally.
lvkewl Report | 08/03/2017 2:22 pm
mhmm half a hour used up, just to do a background image :/

WTF am I doing with my life XDDDD
lvkewl Report | 08/03/2017 2:21 pm
Still online trying to fix this profile, omg such a mess :/ I dont think I have the images saved here, still stuck on a usb stick sitting on my desk in HK.

8 years is good for plastic and metal. but u still gotta get the best of the best to play some games and it sucks D: I missed this part out, yeah depends on teh game, most online games dont require teh best, otherwise you would only see pro players playing XD I am using a i3 core, with 4GB ram and that is fine so far. Hence why i like LoL, doesnt require a super fast internet, or a good machine. I want to try final fantasy online, but I hate updates, and you need to pay every month, I think a free option is avaiable, grind up to lvl 35.

Any hoooos I be off now, bye -waves-
lvkewl Report | 08/03/2017 1:53 pm
oh if green is hard to read, let me know, I can just list it normally. not sure if you using lappy or mobile?
lvkewl Report | 08/03/2017 1:52 pm
Whooo you jumping back and forth. Go for which ever pays the bestXD. That sucks no need to message me if your tired, or just keep it short and sweet (like yaself razz ). I have done cashiers job too, I hated it, I dont mind starngers, and was very good at sale, but I only liked half the managers at time. SO left asap for HK. They said same thing to me, 2 years to get managers, but damn they more interesting in amount of money earned. I turned down overtime just once, and one other special promotional thingy, and manager got grumpy with me. As soon as I handed in notice, he was like oh stay and I will give you a pay rise. I still left. As if money means much to me :p dumb fawks, I really hate money. Stupid system :/

Most jobs if not all, you end up doing the same thing every day. Even my dream job was the same, and least i could tolerate it longer, and had decent manager.
60 plus hours is way too much, not even doctors can do that much forever. Slow it down if you can, 40 hours averge, per week is more than enough, you dont want to work yourself to death :O. Then again you may as well earn as much as possible while you can still work, always every 10 years a slump in economy. Remeber your work from ages 20-65. You want a small part of life in between too. The fact you not got energy fo bf, shows that. Take care on that, but dont listen to me, just listen to own heart! Btw what does ya bf do job wise?

I dont remember beta LoL, I was online in first year though. I just hate the latest client, alot of ppl do, yet they wont listen to the community, so I took break from it. Yes if your not a fan then best not play, it is bad enough with the trolls. But that has gone down so much. To the point where no one talks in game. I would say gaia has the most social factor, but even aOmg isnt lasting on that alone.

Badge hunting done, only takes one or two moths to get badge. I just came back for second giftbox badge, would do a third, but I am missing so many rings on my mule acc. And picking them off one by one is boring. Once I get more rings/take a break. I will do my third GBox account XDDD. Only thing worth doing, I not smeb/smob/ps in ages, not worth the time, or teh energy atm.

Should I add you to my second, but I dont use her much at all now :/ Guess I can keep talking to you via gaia, for time being, I hardly used skpe or discord, since I am not looking for a crew.
We should try get online for 10 mins to take screenies one day when your not working, for memories sake <3

Rest well my Kaos, we talk again <3 (sorry for my ranting)

lvkewl Report | 07/19/2017 12:09 am
What was teh new job? Oh mai details plox, gimme more about why? It lets meh know u better :p

Yeah I am for sum reason, I think it is bc I want this PC to last me. 8 years just doesnt seem like a good return, I am not teh type to buy one every year, dayum I dunno how ppl spend teh money on a piece of plastic and metal?

Have you tried League of Legends yet? I think your in teh states, so you can try the NA server. Smite is another game, and Heros of the Storm. Overwatch seems to be the ingame right noe, if you like FPS style games. I have not tried it, those games make my eyes go funny, and last fps I played was Call of Duty (the first one xD)
Try console games like PS4 or XBox if you just want something to play with bf.

Yeah u can do dress up, but for the lyf of meh, I just canoot do eet. Lazy or lack of ideas, i dunno. What keeps me here? Well league changed the HUD, and I just dont like it, I think they aiming at the nwer players now. SO I am stuck on what to do atm. Got too much time to burn. Oh badges, working on giftbox number 3
lvkewl Report | 07/18/2017 2:25 am
Yush I av an Acer too, its pretty old but fine for todays games. I flush out the dust once a week, literally wash the fan, & graphics card under the tap water, bc I am a**l about my PC. I have an old lappy, but its an Atom processor, and I am too lazy to fix it. It would be too laggy for gaia, sealab used to load in two minutes for me. My lead Satyr, at the time used to laugh at how slow I was over vivox. Still faster than lexi doe xD
Do you play LK? Most play that for gold now. I find it boring, but its good if you dont have alot of time.

Did you find a new job in the end? I have worked in the food & beverages before too, I dont really like the hours, not sure how you manage it for so long. Yeah not the best way to find something out via a rumour, that really sucks, and shows who you can trust & who not to trust. That is good the closer to work, the less you travel.
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