Kaoru Heartnet...

Just call me Kaoru.

My life starts in the year 1990.

I'm just a human like you are, trying to survive on this earth. I have feelings, I have thoughts, I have opinions, I have experience, I have knowledge, I have my own perspective, I have my own mentality, I have weakness, I have what people have and what they don't.

So, don't judge me without knowing me.


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Got bugs, inks, tickets and tokens?
But you don't want it?
Then give it to me if you wish. <3

Kaoru Heartnet

This is me with my only blue wig.
It's the day when we went outing with just wearing color wigs.
Well, kinda resembles Kaito. :3

I am surprisingly do miss some of the friends I knew here.

If you do visit this profile and see this message.

Leave me a short notice. ^_^