You can call me Ely I guess.
Or Kan/Kanxi/Xi haha.

I'm a kinda normal (?) girl who lives in the U.S.A. I speak both English and Chinese fluently. I am also currently learning Latin in school, and Japanese in my free time.

Anime, Manga, Video games, and other random Japanese stuff took control over my life (somehow, haha). Feel free to talk to me about these things.

I draw and write, but mostly read and browse. I can't spell to save my life.
Just PM me if you want some crappy free art. I need practice.

I feel like creativity is my main purpose in life, but i lack motivation, so even if I was to have a genius idea, I'd probably never act on it.

I hate obsessing over things, nonetheless, I do it daily.

I wonder what happens when you die?

Gaia Anniversary: 6/23/12 (June 32)
Actually started to use gaia: Late Summer of 2013
Birthday: 9/15 (September 15)

I'm far from perfect, and i really have no idea what i'm doing with my life.
Even so, thank you for sticking around and putting up with me.

I appreciate it.