I live in a little second story apartment in southern Oregon with my loving husband and two madcap kitties. I’m attending Rogue Community College to get the Electronics Technology Associate of Applied Science degree, and am doing very well. I hope to transfer to Duke University after I graduate from RCC, and plan to double major in Electronic and Mechanical Engineering for my 4+1: BHE + MEng, and PhD.

I have an extremely wide variety of interests, but am focusing on Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Robotics, Clockwork, and Writing.

Here's some other information, on me, for your viewing pleasure ~

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 260 Lbs (and going down!)
Religious Path: Heathen
Favorite Color: Brown, Bronze, White, Green
Favorite Food: Fruit and Meat

Yai The SexPot Wrote:

There was once a Princess who had her own court of her most loved stuffed animals, she would sit them around a large table and serve them magical tea, this tea was invisible and only princess' and teddies could see it, this of course was the fantasy drought out by a very ambitious young girl, this imagination quickly sunk away as she went into reality with high school, but it was always there, people's head would be replaced for jesters heads in her eyes, egotistic girls to frogs and all the cute guys would be in her dreams everynight to save her from the boredom of school.

Her imagination was borderline insanity with how vivid her imagination would take her into the most realistic yet bizarre of daydreams, but she met others like her, who joined her and they formed a witches cult known as 'The Iron Hymen'. This cult were unstoppable in their shared goal to have tea parties with large bears and frog princes and all the like.

Although, one day her imagination got the better of her, she took a tea cup, and sharpened it into a wabbajack of sorts.

And they all died.

The End.



Daily 'Scape

Daily Sketch of a Landscape

I have had much less opportunity to draw landscapes that I'm happy about, so as an attempt to rectify that, I'm using Mapcrunch's View of the Day and doing a daily sketch of the landscape that's shown


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MikeeOfficial M

thank yuu for posting fantastic details on my forum. it would be nice for us too introduce each other

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Thank you for buying from my shop *bows*
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The Faithful Pirate

~Thank you for buying! Please enjoy your purchase!~
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Rat Zilluh

I really like the quote in your sig.
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Kami Kyoshi

Thanks for the purchase ^-^
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Shardful Soul

thank you for purchasing smile

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Hey i have about 35k and i really want thoese slippers but all im asking is that if you could put them on longer please biggrin
Bacon has a Tep

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Bacon has a Tep

Happy Birthday!
O u O
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Endless Excuses

As is yours!

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Thanks for the tip.


Daily \'Scape

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