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Name: Kamiko Hinote
Title: Earl of Beanna
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Height: 5'10 ( 177cm )
Weight: 174lbs ( 78kg )
Birthplace: Wicklow ( Talamh Beanna )
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


Kamiko Hinote a Talamh Beanna orc born and raised in Wicklow, for someone of Wicklow origins she was given a foreign name by her parents in respect to her father's Grandmother who was born in Muireann far east from Wicklow. Kamiko is the Earl of Talamh Beanna a large land in Wicklow, she earned the title as Earl at the age twenty when she beheaded the last Earl. Kamiko became a great leader through her persuasive skills, her easy going joking ways with those who follow her which brings morale and she seems to always be one step ahead of everyone, always planning in her mind and seeing the better side to a bad situation. Kamiko is also a perverted woman who enjoys the company of other women and isn't afraid to admit it to her followers, for her hard and stern actions can put them in line, she always has a calm and friendly demeanor but it can change easily once crossed and she could become easily brutal, which is why she has loyal friends and those who wouldn't dare cross her. Kamiko is also a great drinker able to down plenty of mead and enjoys a friendly rivalry, especially when it comes to downing gallons of mead, orcs can take plenty of alcohol in their system which makes a drinking game with her near impossible to win, since orcs, trolls and dwarves are the best at such games.


Kamiko's Journal


Into the Beast

It was a night like no other, I've trained for the day that I would enter my first raid at the age of twenty. A raid that will prove that I am a warrior deserving of the Gods and Goddesses. Rain fall upon my skin, bouncing off, as I and my fellow warriors track through the muddy ground of the forest. Carrying a large heavy shield and my sword, we made our way deeper into the unknown. All I knew was that our Earl, Earl Ingstad was leading us to the nesting grounds of a Giant. Beasts larger than trees and differ in appearances, fearsome creatures they were. But morale was high as men beat on portable drums and sung at the top of their lungs as if they were trying to out sing the rain, it was damp and cold but I ignored it and finally. The Earl raised his hands and there was dead silence but the pouring rain. Men and women standing tall as we all looked down from a cliff, I was not afraid of heights and neither was my comrades.

We all stared at the slumbering beast, armored up with its own rocky exoskeleton, flesh exposed by its joints and cracks throughout its rocky exoskeleton, moss grown all over the beast and it resembled a humanoid, with eyes that glow emerald green. A rocky golem to behold, standing approximately seven meters tall. We were taught not to fear death but I could feel my heart pounding "Fear? Maybe. Its unavoidable no matter how much we were taught not to feat it." I thought to myself as I grip onto the leathery handle of my blade and shield. We begun pounding our weapons on our shields, ready for battle, ready for death if must be, for our homeland. The adrenaline rushed through my whole body as we saw the beast awaken and raise up slowly. Rocks crumbled from it's rocky skin as it got on its feet, the Earl shouted out a battle cry and our voices soon follow as he threw out commands "Cannons!" he shouted, the men who were pushing on the cannons and reloading it, fired, the beast raised its giant slow moving arms as the cannons smash into its rocky skin. As the fire ceased by the gesture of the Earl's hand, he pointed his blade at the beast and shouted out to charge, we all jumped off the cliff, landing on the ground safely with the help of potions from our alchemists of our homeland to enhance our bodies.

Our warriors ran towards the beast and began slicing at it and climbing it, I lunge forward, seeing a big meaty exposed flesh, slashing my sword at its ankle, it barely slice through the beast's thick flesh. The beast began to roar as it swiped some of the men and women crawling on it as if we were ants, luckily some landed with minor injuries, unluckily some landed on sharp rocks, breaking their skulls or spine. But there was no time to dread the loss of a few men I drank with. I tossed my shield aside, for it was just extra weight at this point and I began to quickly dig my blade into the beast's rocky armored skin and began to climb, using my sword as a climbing pick, I got on the beast's forearm and began charging upwards, I shouted at the top of my lungs as I made my way to its face, dodging its attempt to swipe me off when the beast noticed me. My heart racing and my body feeling invincible I quickly swung my blade into its eye, the 'money shot' it was, as the beast roared and stumbled back, from my blade, I pushed all my weight into my handle, to go in as deep as I can to cause as much pain as I can, I shouted alongside with the beast as I pushed my sword deep into its eyes, possibly reaching its retina, black blood gushed out of its eyes covering my whole front side, I even got some of its disgusting irony tasting blood in my mouth, but nothing to it.

I hung in there as the beast was clearly screaming in pain, even with the potions enhancing my abilities, falling from the height of this beast would break something. Earl Ingstad shouted "Rope the beast!" when he saw that I was the one whom took its eyes out, distracting the beast, there I quickly pulled my blade away from the eye and stabbed it on the side of its socket again and again, giving it a few more damage as much as I can whilst the warriors fighting alongside me began to throw the ropes all over the beast's legs and arms "Heave if you want to live!" Ingstad commanded. I quickly held onto the beast's rocky skin as I felt it stumbling backwards from the pulling, of thirty to forty men and women, bringing it down onto the ground without landing on any of us, I manage to stay on for a bit until I had to jump off, seeing a safe distance between me and the ground, I jumped off, rolling onto my feet, if I had stayed I would of been crushed. With the opportunity of the beast on its back, we all let out a battle cry and climbed on the fallen beast and began to slice and cut everywhere. The Earl joined in and I finally delivered the killing blow, stabbing the beast right in the temple.

Then the beast gave its final breath as its skin completely turned into stone and crumbled, revealing the large valuable wagon-sized gemstone within its chest. We cheered and poured each other a mug of mead and drank to our victory. The Ingstad laughed as he looked at the gemstone "This be the biggest one I've seen!" He said, as we all cheered with joy and feasted that night at the camp. It was a victory and I was to go home a true warrior to my father and mother whom passed away.

Home sweet home

It was time for us to head home, we hoist the giant gemstone onto a wagon and carried our injured. Our dead was brought home on another wagon and thus we made our way home. Death is apart of life, we believed in reincarnation and thus it was not too sad, it was more of a celebration for someone completing their life in battle and go on to their new life. There the drums roared as the warriors beside me sung in unity back to our home.

Giant wooden pikes scattered all over our land, cannons strategically to cover ourselves from attacks wither by humanoids such as ourselves or the giants that roam these lands. Our village surrounded by large wooden walls open its doors to us, when a loud horn played to announce our arrival. We walked on the road into our village with many people singing and cheering for our victorious arrivals. Those with who had fallen had their family members sadden but yet happy that they have fought well in battle. We hoist the dead onto planks ready to be cremated to move onto the next life and Earl Ingstad raised his hand, to signal everyone to settle down. "We're victorious!" Ingstad said, there the people cheered "May those whom have fought beside us and fallen move onto the next life and may we drink and feast tonight for the victory we all have achieved!" more cheers as, I along side with the warriors that fought in the raid today, followed the Earl into his hall to collect our share of the gemstone.

As men pick and crushed the gemstone into equal pieces, I excitedly awaited in the group of warriors for my share of the gemstones. After waiting for awhile with the Earl calling out names of those who were next to be paid, it felt like forever, but finally he called my name ''Kamiko Hinote, daughter of Zulrock." I walked up the small steps onto the level of the Earl, where he sat on his wooden throne. "You're the one whom gave us the upper-hand, cutting into that Giant's eye, not to mention its your first raid. Such bravery should not go unrewarded, therefore I shall give you two shards, you've done good." Earl Ingstad said as he gave me a soft smile, rubbing his large beard, he gestured to his right hand to give me my share of the gemstones, the man dropped it in my palm and I was free to go, back to my home.

I began to walk down the cobblestone steps out of the hall, holding a shard up to the sky as the sun's light made it beautifully glow. "Two shards, could give me at least two gold coins and a few silvers. That'll last me at least three weeks and finally pay off the debt, I've been working so hard to pay off." I thought to myself happily making my way into my home where my father was. I opened the wooden door and walked into our home. It was small but not too small, the candles around my home gave the area a soft orange hue glow, the floors were of cobblestone and our furniture of wood. I looked at my father's old battle axe, he and mother was once great warriors, until mother died being crushed by a giant and father losing his legs from the giant crushing it. It was sad and has been hard trying pay for myself, him and taxes for this land. I accumulated debt on a human alchemist whom created herbs for the sick and weary, now he been harassing me to pay him back. I was desperate and foolish to accept the potions he made, but when mother died two years ago and father was to die from too much blood loss, he was the one who came to me, kept him alive, but bedridden.

Speaking of the alchemist, he stood there, when did he come? I did not know but with that smug look of his "Oh well if it isn't Kamiko, welcome home. How was the raid? One would assume you'd make plenty of money now. Maybe enough to pay us back." he said with that annoying voice of his, I felt such despise for him, yet powerless. I cannot commit murder against my own people or the Earl would have my head. So I tossed him the second gemstone, reluctantly. He catches it and looks at it "Oh my, what a fine large gemstone, I'd have to say." he spoke as he looked at it. "Get lost, I have paid you in labor and now this gemstone should have covered everything. Never walk your shoes on my land again." I warned, he simply laughed and nodded "Oh yes, you have paid off your debt, but not the interest. I heard you were paid double than the others by the Earl. That gem should be enough for us to finally call it even." he said. I looked back at him with fury slowly building up "How dare you, I've paid what I owe, begone or I'll be more than happy to kill you here Alchemist." I warned ''How dare he think he can squeeze more money out of me, without this gemstone I and father would starve for weeks before we could pay for food and our land" I thought to myself, he chuckled and walked away "Scary girl, don't blame me if something unfortunate might happen." he hinted as he walked away. I simply ignored him and held my father's hand "Do not worry about my dear daughter of mine, you should be the one whom eat, you fight after all. Have fun at the feast." father said softly, he could not attend the feast due to his bed ridden ways. So I guess I'd have to bring food in for him to eat tonight. "Do not worry father, I will go to the feast and bring back as much food as I can hold, so we can both enjoy the free food!" I said optimistically as he simply smiled and patted my head ''I'm looking forward to it." father said as I got up and went to clean the clothes. "Good!" I said and with that I eagerly awaited for the night to arrive so I could stuff my face along side with my father.


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