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Kamiko Hinote


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Name: Kamiko Hinote
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Lhaewon Elf
Height: 5'10 ( 177cm )
Weight: 174lbs ( 78kg )
Birthplace: Wicklow ( Lhaewon Mountains )
Occupation: Valkorian Warrior
Ranking: Warlord
Sexual Orientation: Powerful Lesbian
Family: Kamala Hinote ( Eldest Sister ) and Kamilia Hinote ( Youngest Sister )


Kamiko, is a Dark Elf which makes her fall into the category of a humanoid. Adorn in the hide of the fallen White Liger and its fur. She doesn't wear much clothing for her being a Valkorian Warrior, her leather armor's left arm shoulder has the Luna Tree symbol engraved within it, they wear little clothing and do not fear the blade. Scars of her many battle wounds that healed over time shows on her body, from stab wounds and claw marks from beasts, it was a blessing that Kamiko's face remained without a scratch but one on her lip from a hardy punch by her eldest sister. Kamiko stands tall, messy spikey hair with plenty of split ends and smell of a strong woman's sweat. Her toned, fit, tight, hour glass shaped body would be flawless if weren't for her scars, beautiful yet deadly she was known for. Paint drawn on her stomach symbolizes the Valkorian way and a tattoo on her wrist of the Luna Tree shows that she is a Valkorian Warrior.


Valkorian Sword: Imbued with wind Magick that is able to blast those off their feet and is most effective against fire elements. The sword seems worn out but is made from the great craftsmenship of the Trolls and Orcs. Her sword can withstand more than the average blade and is able to slice through foes without any struggle.

Blade and Shield of Wicklow: Her sword and shield are standard crafted out of wood and steel, nothing special but gives Kamiko an upperhand in combining attack combos with her shield and sword due to its light wooden nature the shield can be used to strike fast and block incoming blows, using it for offensive purposes rather than just defense.

Blade of Dullahan: A sword crafted long ago by ancient faeries found in the mountains of Sléibhte. the sword of Dullahan has legends of a faerie whom took it upon himself to slay humanoids. Imbued with rare runes of the flame elements, the blade is able to slice through any object and cast upon projectiles of flaming pumpkin heads. Reasons for this sword's crafted were said that one faerie was handed this sword by ancient faeries to bring havoc in the lands of Sléibhte during the Faerie Hunt era. A faerie named Dullahan who would behead those who he encountered whom were not faeries.

Fealtoire's Might: Another set of sword and shield crafted by Fealtoirnians, decorated with elegant art within the blade and shield, it is a formidable defensive shield and sword made of pure steel and comfortable for strong strikes even though due to the heaviness of the shield its not as wise as to fight with it, but it can withstand more blows than the Wicklin shields.

Dwarven Beard: A two-handed axe created purely out of Magick Crystals by the Dwarves, holds such immense Magick energy that it could cause powerful bust of energy, bringing great fatal injuries to those who stand against the axe. And is able to cause craters when slammed on the ground. Such power is so dangerous the user has to wear specially crafted garments adorn with Magick Crystals. In order to hold this axe or their bare hands would just melt from sheer power.

The Crimson Dragon: The Crimson Dragon is a katana forged by the Sléibhte Orcs and Trolls in the mountains. A powerful katana able to slice through concrete in a clean cut. With rune imbued into the katana, the fire rune allows the sword to be engulfed with flames able to bring extra burning damage.


With Valkoria being filled with Magick everyone has the ability to tap into their inner Magick and use the Magick in the air, for Magick is the life essence of everything in the world. However it takes lots of training with the mind, studying, reading and controlling Magick to bend to one's will. Something Kamiko doesn't have time for when she's focusing on training her body however, in Valkorian training program which prefers brute force rather than Magick the women still need to learn a few abilities in order to survive in a world that has mages that can cast devastating powers.

Battle Cry: With a loud, long roar, letting a gust of Magick burst out buffing her nearby allies gaining strength twice as their own.

Defender's Might: Giving a low grunt and a stomp, Kamiko's body lets out a burst of Magick that coats her allies in a small Magick Barrier, allowing them to resist more strikes.

Skin of Steel: A quick loud scream to the sky, Kamiko's body shields herself with a powerful barrier similar to Defender's might but only on her, she can withstand attacks from foes as if she's wearing thick armor herself.

Skin of Regeneration: A passive rune tattooed into their skin a dangerous and near impossible. The Valkorian Council's secrets on imbuing a living skin with runes is still kept to, today. The Earth rune imbued in all Valkorian Warrior's skin allows them to regenerate much faster than a normal humanoid. A week's worth of healing by a normal humanoid is reduced to a day or two by a Valkorian Warrior. This still does not make them immortal.

These Magick skills by Valkorian Warriors is taught to them specifically to survive any mages's magick and any runes that is thrown at them. To fight and withstand blades, magick and climates that the world of Valkoria has to offer them. Valkorian Warriors are known to be the toughest brutes in all of Valkoria and they may have little magick skills but they are the known to be the living tanks of Valkoria.

Kamiko's Journey

Early Life

In her early life she had lived with her two sisters and their father and mother born and raised in Wicklow. At the age of five and her elder sister ten their mother and father Andraste and Gabriel went to assassinate the Bandit King that threatened their small village located somwhere deep in the Lhaewon Mountains. They slayed dozens of Bandits and there they stood before the mighty Bandit King and slain him where he stood. Returning to the village praised as heroes. It was five years later on when Andraste had given birth to a third child, that their small village would find themselves in need of the heroes' aid once more.

A new Bandit King had arrived raiding the village at full force, to avenge his brother. The village's guards were no match, the small village set ablaze burning, screaming and the clanking sound of swords clashing as the villagers used what defense left they had. Andraste knew they were not going to win such a battle and his father and mother hid Kamiko and her sisters in a underground shed covering it with a carpet, Kamala her eldest sister held Kamiko and Kamilia whom was the baby. Not knowing what was going on in the surface but only the footsteps of many men charging into their home and more clashing blades as Andraste and Gabriel let out battle cries fighting endlessly. Kamiko and Kamilia felt their heart racing as they tried to keep Kamilia quiet from crying. Then suddenly it went quiet as the sound of splatter hit the floor, then followed by two thudding sounds as if two bodies dropped onto the ground.

The bandits laughing in victory "Should've had our ways with the woman, too bad we carved her face in. Ain't pretty no more." was the words the sisters heard and then as the footsteps faded away they felt a sudden weight off their shoulders sighing with relief but not knowing what had happened out there, they tried to fool themselves to think their parents were still alive, but it was not true and they knew it was not true. Feeling a heartache from sadness Kamala couldn't handle seeing the images of her parents slain, as they tried to open the shed door they smelt smoke. That was then Kamala instantly knew the Bandits had set their home on fire, quickly pushing all her weight onto the shed doors to burst it open. Kamala was too weak and Kamiko started to panic as she held onto the now crying Kamilia seeing the smoke slither in through the cracks of their wooden floorboards. Kamala smashes her hand onto the shed's door crying out for help and there the shed doors were sprung open, smoke engulfing the whole shed, yet stood a man who pulled them up out of the shed and helped them out of their burning home. "Survivors!" It was a man with a Hunter emblem on his coat, pulling them along to what's left of the surviving villagers.

Kamiko held the hand of her big sister and her little sister, looking back at their burning home. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she saw the two corpse of their parents burning with it. "Where will we go now?'' Kamiko asked her sister. "I don't know.'' Kamala responded shortly, it was obvious Kamala is trying to cope with the lost of their parents. Sitting on the dirt floor away from the village Kamala, Kamiko and Kamilia had no where to stay there the Hunter looked at them "Why don't you ladies join the Hunter's Guild?" and so begun their life of being Hunters.

Teenage Life

It had been another five years with Kamiko a fifteen year old and Kamala a twenty year old, their young sister five. Training constantly everyday and taking life risking quests, they had work their way up from being simply tavern girls in the Hunter's Lodges to great Hunters, living in the Tavern rooms working hard for living expenses, their Tavern was located in one of the Hunter's main fortresses located in Wicklow. One night Kamiko sat there looking out at the stars with her sister sleeping on the other bed with Kamilia. "Tomorrow will be the day I'll become a full-fledged Hunter. This was the day I trained for." Kamiko said proudly to herself.

The sun finally had risen and Kamala knocked Kamiko over the head to wake up "You're going to be late, if you don't wake up. Today's your graduation from being a Trainee to a Hunter and finally be able to do some missions with me." Kamala said in a stern yet happy voice. Feeling the thud on the back of Kamiko's head made her irritated as it disturbed her dream of eating a big feast, Kamiko sat up rubbing her eyes "You know I hate it when you do that big sis." Kamiko huffed, with a chuckle Kamala tossed Kamiko her graduation Hunter coat, holding it and rubbing her cheeks with it "Ohhh its beautiful." Kamiko said ever so gleeful. There she pulled it on and quickly left for the training grounds. "Hold on, don't forget breakfast!" Kamala said, as Kamiko ran down the stairs and grabbed a piece of mutton, stuffing it in her mouth "Hey that's coming out of your first bounty-check!" one of their tavern friends said. "Latersh!" Kamiko said with a mutton leg still in her mouth, there she lined up with the other graduating trainees standing there where the Guildmaster stood in front of them. "Congratulations my young trainees." The Guildmaster proudly said. Kamala putting on her gear and standing standing with all the Elite Hunters for she had became an Elite Hunter among the Guild. "It is a honor that you have all dedicated yourself in this guild, to be apart of this guild and to live and breath this guild. The people may sing songs about Heroes who save the world once in a big bang, creatures who lurk the night or Valkorian Warriors who protect the people, but we are the true heroes. Doing the jobs of protecting people everyday, saving people from beasts and Bandits everyday and helping towns, cities and villages when in need of a hard task that Valkorian Warriors would not pay attention to. We are the true heroes and it is an honor that I welcome you officially to the Hunter's Guild." and there people clapped for the trainees.

Kamiko feeling great praise, seeing confetti tossed into the air just for them, Kamiko wore the coat proudly. It was a few weeks after Kamiko's graduation and Kamala pulled up a fairly easy job for Kamiko's first real task. Holding up the paper ''Look, its a wanted paper for a couple of scoundrels and I want you to come tag along." Kamala said, with pure excitement Kamiko nodded ever so readily to go out there on a quest. There they left Kamilia in the care of the Tavern girls and set off on a journey to a small Bandit camp. "Here they are." Kamala whispered keeping Kamiko's head down in the bushes only to peek at the Bandits, it was there they saw Bandits killing their prisoners one by one. "Scum." one of the Bandits shouted out at their prisoners. "Sick bastards... we've got to save them.'' Kamala whispered, "I'll distract them and you go free the prisoners okay? If any Bandits come in your way, remember your training." Kamala warned as she headed off to get closer. Nervous and feeling like she has to pee due to such a butterfly feeling in her stomach of some sort, Kamiko crawled into position a nice spot where she can easily run to the prisoners, kill the guarding bandits while they are distracted by Kamala.

With the shout of Kamala's battlecry, it alerted all the Bandits in the camp chasing after the direction where Kamala was she quickly bolted down Bandits left to right with her Dwarven-made unique Crossbow and sliced any close Bandits down by the sharp edges of her Crossbow. With that Kamiko quickly jumped out of the bushes slicing the throat of the guarding Bandits, with a rush of adrenaline Kamiko charged into the second and last guard stabbing them repeatedly while screaming. "Argh! ******** bitches!" Bandits shouted as they continued to rush into Kamala, there were more bandits rushing towards Kamiko, quickly turning around to the last prisoner and cut loose her ropes. "Thank you." the woman said as she got up with a smug look, holding out her hands as the dead bandits raise up, eyes glowing and covered in their own fresh blood. Everyone stopped in midst of the battle, with such spine chilling fear, just who did Kamiko just cut free? Looking down on the ropes she noticed a Magick rune seal was attached to it, to prevent a humanoid's magick. It was obvious these Bandits were killing off necromancers. There the undead bandits quickly strike down their foes, the screaming of the Bandits and the roars of the undead terrified Kamiko, staring up at the human necromancer she looked back down at Kamiko.

"What is wrong? Never seen a Mage?" the woman asked, as she smirked "Thanks for letting me go Hunter girl, for that I'll let you live." the woman said, but with the teachings of Necromancers known to be the most taboo of all people Kamiko grip firmly onto her blade and charged at the woman shouting at the top of her lungs. "No!" Kamala warned but it was too late, Kamiko had tried to strike the woman but an undead bandit got in her way protecting the Mage "You pathetic fool.--" before the Mage could do anything to Kamiko, bolts were shot at her arms and Kamala charged in slicing down the undead that stood before her. "You do not touch my Sister!" Kamala shouted, the Mage grunted in pain and quickly made a run for it "You'll regret this Hunters." She said before disappearing into the darkness. "Are you okay?!" Kamala said checking Kamiko for any injuries. "I-I'm fine." Kamiko said looking down at her blade "S-Sorry.. that Necromancing Mage would've let us go if I didn't attack." Kamiko apologized feeling like she had done wrong. Feeling her head being patted Kamala smiled at her "Its fine, they're a plague to us all. One way or another that Mage b***h would've been on the Hunter's Wanted list and one of our people would of killed her." Kamala reassured Kamiko. As they grabbed the Bandit's belongings that they were after and headed back home to reap the rewards of finishing the Quest.

A few months had past and Kamiko had became an efficient Hunter, it was a nice peaceful life with the exception of doing jobs but jobs usually pay well enough to last a few weeks. It was a slow day and barely any jobs were being put up in the bulletin board. Kamiko and Kamala were playing chess to speed up the time during the day while Kamilia waddled around happily playing with wooden toys given to her, but suddenly their Defense bell rung throughout the fortress. There guardsmen shouted out "Its a horde of Undead Soldiers!" Kamala and Kamiko quickly ran outside leaving Kamilia under the care of the tavern girls once more. To uphold their duty to protect the Hunter's guild. There they saw an army of Undead soldiers slaying the town outside their fortress. "To arms! Close the gates, do not let those scumbags in!" The Guildmaster instructed. With that they locked the gates "Elites in front line! The rest remember to watch each other's backs! Archers head into position!" A Hunter commander instructed, the Hunter's Guild is only a bunch of trained mercenaries and aren't large in numbers like an Army. "I'll send word to the Wicklow Army for aid." The Guildmaster said as he quickly stormed off.

There they stood ready for the undead to breach their walls but instead of trying to smash down their gate, the undead dug their claws into the cracks of the cobblestone walls and begun climbing up. "They're climbing the walls!'' A Hunter shouted out, cannons weren't quick enough to shoot down the army nor were the hunters they were all over the walls and soon engulfed the fortress. Everyone fighting and slicing down the undead left and right. Kamiko and Kamala back to back as they slice and shot down every undead close to them "Kamilia!" Kamiko said just remembering the tavern. "Quick, we got to check up on them!'' Kamala said, breaking out of the battle and quickly running to the tavern. It was then they saw the creatures throwing lit up torches all over the homes and shops burning the whole place up. Like Kamiko's old village, she was reminded of the Bandit Raid, with tears flowing down her cheeks, Kamala smacked her over the head "Now's not the time!" Kamala scolded, snapping Kamiko out of it as they continued running through the streets of the Hunter's Guild there the tavern stood. With a sigh of relief seeing there were still Hunters protecting the tavern, although quickly taken out by a blast of energy taking out the Hunters. ''I told you, you'd regret ever harming me.'' The mage said ever so cocky. Kamiko was about to charge in and realized in her hands was Kamilia crying "Sshhh little one. I'll raise you as my own, so maybe one day when I grow old I can use you as my vessel." The mage said smiling "L-Let her go this instant!" Kamala said aiming her crossbow at the mage. Laughing "You really think I would let her go under your command? Foolish." With a wave of her staff the dead Hunters raised up and quickly charged at them, Kamiko saw them and was hesitant to slice them. Feeling sympathy to them for they were her comrades, before she was struck down they both were shot with crossbows and Kamala aimed for the mage however she had already disappeared. "Kamilia!" Kamala cried, lost for words Kamiko fell on her knees, she felt that she had just lost another family member. Despair engulfed her heart and she felt useless. Even after all this training, after all this fighting and sparring. She was still unable to stop from losing her family member. She couldn't help but to cry as she gritted her teeth "I swear, I will find that b***h." Kamiko uttered.

Adult Life

It has been four years since they lost their home and their sister, reaching the age of nineteen and Kamala reaching into her twenty-fourth age by then their sister Kamilia would of been ten. Kamiko and Kamala were welcome to other Hunter Fortresses, but politely declined. Instead they did odd jobs the Hunters put request on in the public for any who want to help the Hunters for pay so on their journey they did those jobs and they set out to find Kamilia ever since that day. They have done many training and fought many battles, leaving behind their Hunter titles to become nomadic travelers, Kamiko a great swordsmen and Kamala a great marksmen, the duo made a great an unstoppable team. However they rarely got along and had grew apart over the time. Kamiko growing more silent as the days went by and Kamala growing more aggressive to others. They simply did their job to get Cyith coins and head out to find Kamilia asking for any word on a necromancer Mage. "Necromancer mage? Man who'd wanna learn such a power. Those should be left to the faeries I'd say.'' and old man said when Kamilia asked for any signs of the Necromancer woman "Well do you know any Necromancers, any of them?! Any news of undead rising or something?!" Kamala demanded, she was losing her temper and usually loses it easily.

One night at a camp, sky was pitch black, the stars and moon was the only light that illuminated the area. If it weren't for their fire place, it was a quiet night with the crackling of their camp fire's ember dancing into the winds. Kamiko looked down at the fire pit "Sis..." Kamiko uttered, nibbling on a piece of meat "Yeah?" Kamala asked huddling up in her fur blanket trying to get some shut eyes for tomorrow's search. "What if..." Kamiko continued to utter out, tossing sticks into the fire pit "Come on, spit it out." Kamala said, feeling a bit irritated "What if we never find Kamilia? I mean its been ten years and the only clue we have was a letter saying she's still alive." Kamiko said "If she's still alive then we'll find her." Kamala responded with an irritated look, feeling quite puffed up from the idea of giving up after all their hard work of four years. "Maybe we should just start a quiet life become farmers or something." Kamiko suggested, sitting up and shouting "No! We're going to find our sister! She's our blood and our kin!" Kamala was furious at the idea of just giving up like that. "So what?! Even if we found her she'd probably won't even remember us! Probably a** deep in that b***h of a Mage thinking that wench is her mother or some s**t!'' Kamiko shouted back it was obvious this search has gone on long enough and Kamiko didn't want any of it. "If you feel that way then give up our sister and get out of my face." Kamala said with that Kamiko got up and left "Fine, b***h." Kamiko said under her breath as she walked away "You'll be back, you can barely save Cyith coins if your life depended on it." Kamala insulted as Kamiko left the camp.

It was a few weeks after the separation of Kamiko and Kamala they both did odd jobs and never contacted each other. Until one fateful night Kamiko bumped into Kamala during a mission. Their bounty standing there with guards as he was trying to smuggle elven women into slavery. Hidden in the branches Kamiko held her blade tightly ready to strike down the men quick and fast but before Kamiko could react a bolt was shot through another tree hitting her target's head. Quickly Kamiko jumped down and sliced the guards down and freed the prisoners "T-Thank you so much!" the elven girls bowed "Quick run back home." Kamiko instructed, as Kamala hopped down from the tree and grabbed the target "Oi what do you think you're doing?!" Kamiko asked "I killed him I reap the reward." Kamala bluntly responded with an uncaring look at Kamiko, rage swelling inside Kamiko she pointed at the dead target "I was tracking him down for weeks and I did all the work! You hid behind there like a little snake and shot him down!" Kamiko informed Kamala, but it was to no use Kamala simply threw their target over her shoulders and looked at Kamiko "Well, you didn't do the actual job of assassinating the target, slow a**." Kamala insulted Kamiko as she continued to walk away, chasing after Kamala, Kamiko pulled on Kamala's shoulders forcing her to drop the dead target "Oi, you're not going anywhe--" before Kamiko could finish her sentence Kamala gave her a quick powerful punch in the lips, falling flat onto her face passing out from such a punch Kamiko had awoken hours later. Frustrated and she had lost her bounty, now patching her bloody lip it was time to finally leave, she had no business with Kamala and didn't want to stay doing bounty jobs any longer. Not to mention the Hunter's bulletin boards have been rather empty lately, most likely Kamala's doing. She had no choice but to leave the Capital of Wicklow hoping to find a smaller village.

Kamiko had travel far and wide but eventually the low pay on bounties and lack of it really caught up, unable to manage her money properly she ended up living in the streets, starving and dehydrated. Kamiko's blade was worn out and beat up, she wondered the streets aimlessly, tired and starving. Falling onto her knees then laying onto the ground she couldn't help but to past out only to wake up with Valkorian Women hovering over her "You okay there?" A Wolf Beastmen woman asked, crouching down to Kamiko and offering her water. Quickly snatching up the sack of water and drinking it "T-Thank you." Kamiko thanked them plenty "If you want we've got shelter at an Outpost, you can come rest eat and we'll restock your supply. We don't normally do this to beggars but you look like you're on the verge of death.'' The woman said "I'm Warlord Null. Valkorian Commander, we're out on patrol and saw you laying there. A pretty woman like you shouldn't be laying out on the streets. It'll attract unwanted attention." with that Kamiko gladly accepted their offer, for a night's stay in the Valkorian Outpost. There she saw how intensely they trained. "Whoa, I can't believe you guys do this everyday.'' Kamiko said stuffing her face with feasts of Elkon meat and such. "You sure eat like a Valkorian Warrior." one of the women joked, laughing Kamiko continued stuffing her face with all sorts of delicious food. "How does one become a Valkorian Warrior?" Kamiko asked out of curiosity. They looked at her and smiled "Well you're either trained into it as a child or sought out by Warlords. Why? Do you think you've got what it takes?" Null asked as joke. Kamiko however, didn't see it as a joke and of course said "Yeah, I did train most of my life under the sword of Hunters." Kamiko said stuffing her face some more ''Oh? Do you wish to try me in sparing then?" Null asked. With those very words, Kamiko smiled at her "Of course." and so Kamiko and Null stood in the training grounds with wooden swords. The other Valkorian Warriors sat and watched in awe as they were about to see their Warlord fight a an Ex-Hunter, with a few minutes of circling each other, Kamiko sprung into action swinging her blade in an axing motion downwards, however with a swift sidestep Null kneed Kamiko into the stomach. "Ouch that's gotta hurt." a person in the crowd said, with the knee, smacking the wind out of Kamiko she gasped for air, however quickly stood her ground not to fall. All her years in hunting she had never met someone so quick and powerful, with her constant swings and kick combos Kamiko kept missing every strikes she threw. Null simply with her quick reflexes dodged and parried. Feeling defeated Kamiko stood back seeing Null charge in. Kamiko gritted her teeth and duck from the sword jab, with that unexpected duck Null gasped as she realized Kamiko had duck and instantly swung her sword up jabbing Null into the stomach. Falling back grunting in pain, Null rubbed her belly and the crowd cheered "Whoa the Hunter gets the killing blow!" Null smirked "Well, well, well. I underestimated you. However you do have plenty training to go." Null said. "If someone as good as you could teach me, I'd be glad to train." Kamiko smiled, with that Null smiled back and shook Kamiko's hand "Welcome to the Valkorian Warriors, trainee." and thus began Kamiko's journey into the Valkorian ranks.

It has been six years of training under Warlord Null Kamiko had reach the age of twenty-five her sisters Kamala would be thirty and younger sister fifteen, intense training in all parts of the body and finally becoming a fit and powerful Valkorian Warrior with that she was given a Madra Hound a loyal breed of dogs who would be with a Valkorian Warrior through thick and thin. "We've gone into many battles together Sisters and it has finally become the day I retire from my Valkorian Rank and become a Valkorian Veteran. I have fought many battles side-by-side with you all. Now that I lost the use of my legs, I would damn say I had a great life in battle." Null said smiling with tears flowing down her cheeks, staining her fur. It was a sad yet happy day, Null retiring at the age of fifty, she quite old and her last battle had her legs crushed so it was time for her to retire. "We commend you Sister!" Kamiko and the rest of the Valkorian Warriors in their outpost said, saluting and waving goodbye to Null as she was given a ride back to her home town. Kneeling down as their Council Adviser Logan awarded Kamiko the medallion of the Warlord rank. Every cheered for her glorious power and great training under Null. "They will sing songs of your battles Kamiko." Logan said, standing Kamiko bowed to her fellow sisters and saluted "We are Valkorian Warriors! Our Order keeps order in this world!" Kamiko shouted the Valkorian saying as they cheered and had a giant feast. It has been months after the title was given to Kamiko, now Kamiko with her companion Bobin the Madra Hound was stationed away from Wicklow moved to Sléibhte. In order to help investigate the mass disappearance of villages in Sléihbte it could become a world matter if Ó Thuaidh are using a secret weapon that can wipe out villages without a trace and Kamiko did not want to allow that. Due to the war going on between Sléihbte and Ó Thuaidh the Valkorian Warriors in Sléihbte are unable to leave.


Independent Orders


Valkorian Warriors

With Pokkan's newly found council formed in Wicklow and inspired by Wicklin culture their armor and style are base off Wicklin warriors. Many humanoids still unwilling to live with the faeries and hunt faeries, Pokkan and the council's founders agreed to form their own army named 'Valkorian Warriors' for they are not an army for one specific country, but protectors of all Valkoria, who will fight against their own country for the future of Valkoria. Gathering many unwanted orphan children and babies to raise and train within the Council well kept and well fed. Since many brush the Council's words aside not seeing them as those who have power. Even though imprisoning the Fealtoire King and destroying his power was not enough, therefor with females loyal to Pokkan's cause, trained under him as many men suffered and was unable to keep up with the training thus dropping out and the small army of five hundred women were trained from espionage, assassination, the way of the swords and many more martial arts. With the ability to withstand abnormal pain such as stabs and cuts to the body, with the focus of their Magick they can heal big wounds and gashes. Although not immortal the Valkorian Warriors were close and their first march across the world slaying those who opposed the Council's demand. Destroying giant armies compared to their own.

With many news of armies falling to the might of Pokkan's first hand trained women, many started to accept the faeries as an equal race. Wither they liked it or not, with the Valkorian March. The Valkorian Warriors became a symbol of the council's power, never had they lost a woman in battle and many have simply fallen due to old age within new ages. Becoming the epitome of fear yet order, seeing the women painted in Wicklow war paint marching down to anyone's land is a fearful sight for it is the sight of pure power. News about the Warriors brutal and unforgiving power within the battlegrounds; they feared no death and showed it through the lack of armor they wore, only wearing light leather army, their speed, strength and resistance was what kept them alive and many feared that they are immortal. As powerful as the army is they only listen to the Council and would gladly raise their sword against any who oppose them but would not interfere with matters that aren't world threatening.


The descendants of the original hunters who's soul purpose was to hunt and find any hiding faeries back in the days when kidnapping and enslaving faeries was legal. However time has changed and the Hunter's guild changed along with it, wanting to be a legal and moral bunch of lads and lasses. The people of the Hunter's Guild changed along with the laws, from having fortresses all over Valkoria where they would set up job requests on killing beasts or men who are threatening the peace of the citizens. Hunters have a well known within the community to be great protectors of the villages around their fortress, although they go unsung they still get paid by villagers and farmers putting up job requests on the Hunter's board.

When there are times Hunters are unable to do the task at hand or there are just too many requests given to them, they would post quests on their own bulletin board which allows public travelers and adventurers to take on this task and get quick payment by the people. Which helps the Hunters and the civilians. Hunters are the true hero of today, where Valkorian Warriors do not intervene with daily lives with the exception of killing a bandit or two if they happen to come across them. The hunters make it their job to do every job given to them by the people. Of course, Hunters are highly trained mercenaries a job application must involve taking down beasts or help escorting people. Hunters have standards and they are not for assassination hire or hunting down innocents.




Magick is a normal thing in the world of Valkoria, it is the life essence in the world of Valkoria and the seventh sense in a being's body with the other sense being; touch, smell, normal vision, taste, hearing, spiritual vision and Magick. Magick is in Valkoria's elemental charts; fire, earth, wind, water and Magick. Magick has a core that can be identified with Humanoid Magick and Faerie Magick. When Magick is being used or a mage is nearby people can usually sense the essence of Magick through smelling, however there are herbs that can mask the scent of Magick. Magick can be seen, felt and bend to a person's will, but it is dangerous to do so which is why it takes years of intense training of the mind to even dare attempt to use Magick.

There have been cases of unidentifiable Magick in people known as the 6th element however not taught in the educational system of Valkoria. A rare and unknown element there isn't form scent a person could smell to trace the Magick in people yet they are able to cast devastating powers without the need of spells or runes. Near impossible to study especially Pokkan and Bidelia's bones they found no traces of Magick ever used by them yet Legends and stories were told about how they would bring down the army with massive power. It was concluded that a God and Goddess reincarnation's Magick is unidentifiable and their Magick may be witnessed but will never be able to comprehend how it really works and how to touch the Magick in order to bend it like normal Magick.

It's unique power. It exist yet it is a supernatural form of Magick that no Valkorian scholars can explain. Sometimes there are ancient areas filled with the unknown Magick that cannot be touched, smelled and let alone be bent into a person's will. No matter how well trained a person is, yet there are the rare cases like Pokkan who was not a mage at all and Bidelia whom are able to touch this new element and bend it to their will.


Valkoria Lore


The Birth of Valkoria

The world of Valkoria is a world filled with Magick, created by two Gods which whom is a God and a Goddess. Opposites from each other, but like magnets connected as one. The God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon, created Valkoria from nothing, bringing life into the skies, to the lands and to the sea. Once they were finished neutering their new world they gave birth to five children which were the Lesser Gods and Goddesses. One a Serpent Goddess of the sea, her opposite a Faerie Goddess of the land, another God of Darkness who took form of a giant Tiger and his opposite Goddess of Light who was a Dragon and finally the God who took form of a human who was the God of Death, the eldest and the only God who did not have an opposite brethren.

Life was was peaceful as the God and Goddess of the sun and moon created life on Valkoria with Faeries, wild creatures and then finally humanoids; which consists of Humans, Trolls, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves. The Sun and Moon Goddess and God left into the sky and slumbered. Leaving their children to look after the world they have given life to. With years of peace, the children of the Moon and Sun gave responsibilities to the Faeries for they were the eldest species and the first to take on similar responsibilities of the Gods and Goddesses as faeries whom have been given power, to help take care of the world and making it a world of peace and at its highest peak, the God of Death grew tired of the weak lives he was assign to care for and grew jealous of his brothers and sisters who had someone to connect to. He questioned his parents however gained no response as to why he was born without an opposite, with days passing by and days turning to months, months turning to years. He lost faith in his brothers and sisters and grew sick and tired of watching the mortals live.

With that he decided to betray his brothers and sisters going on a rampage and destroying half of Valkoria, hating the world and wanting to see what his brothers, sisters and parents created fall so he could make it his own. With the prayers and begging of the mortals the Gods and Goddess raised against their brother the God of Death and slayed him where he stood with all their might put together.

With the aftermath of the God of Death's rampage, he was nicknamed the Iron God. Who took matters into his own hands and ruined the world as they knew it. With so much energy taken away from the God and Goddesses they were tired and had to rest leaving the world in a chaotic state and in need of repair.

The Faerie Purge

Centuries past as faeries ruled the world, humanoids who were; Humans, Trolls, Beastmen, Elves and Dwarves grew out of tribalism and turned to civilization. Becoming colonies and building towns, cities and more. Heading towards the future, the humans grew jealous of the power the faeries had been given and their stubborn ways of staying in nature, rather conforming to civilization. With propaganda against the faeries and faeries minding their own business and keeping to themselves, the humans united all the humanoids. Which was easy at the time since they had no history against each other, to fight against the faeries. Telling lies of how the faeries abuse their powers and how they do not worship the Gods and Goddesses, with the humans uniting all of Valkoria's humanoids, which overwhelmed the faeries and brought upon the faerie massacre and hunt for faeries.

The Legend of Forcythia.

A few years afterwards the Faerie Purge is still going on and Forcythia an Elven woman born and raised in Wicklow, who was in the army hunting for faeries, she had grown up with stories of faeries being treacherous and horrid creatures. Her life was filled with propaganda, growing up in the army and becoming Valkoria's greatest known archer she took down many faeries who were on the run. With her life seeing the Faeries either slain or put into slavery she grew sympathetic towards them. Finally behind her superior's backs she bonded with the enslaved faeries, learning of their culture and seeing why they were given the powers and now seeing the outcome of the world slowly dying.

Forcythia gathered her fellow men and women who were all archers loyal to her cause and there a small army of highly trained Elven trained archers raided and took down many faerie slavers. With that she grew more supporters who gladly fought for the cause. With the battle in Wicklow Castle she took down an army twice as big as her own, the news of her victory spread like wildfire across Valkoria. Many feared a new coming age and many supported it, with that she marched her army which grew from hundreds, to thousands. Obliterating the Dwarven army and Wicklow's army and freeing the Faeries. So the humans of Fealtoire and Muireann the two biggest army of the time gathered all their resources and marched down to Wicklow from every direction.

Forcythia led her army to Wicklow's Blossom Valley where she and her army took a stand and bought time for the Faeries to escape into the realm which was foretold where the Gods and Goddesses had open for them to leave Valkoria and go into resting. A realm named as the Land of Fays. With the realm discovered and reopened by the faeries, Forcythia and her army stood overwhelmed by the mass army of Fealtoire and Muireann yet with every hundreds of warriors one archer manage to shoot down them all, with quick and precise aim. Such skills were unheard of, never before seen by these great Elves. Hours went by days and thousands upon thousands of men from Muireann and Fealtoire had fallen unable to get close enough to Forcythia's army.

But with a headstrong charging army endlessly Forcythia's supply of bows had been depleted and finally Forcythia was overwhelmed by warriors, her comrades being sliced down from left to right, their armor better and more well trained in swords than her own comrades. Their army fell by the overwhelming numbers of Fealtoire and Muireann's army, with Forcythia being beheaded and the war finally over after endless days. Forcythia and her Elven brothers and sisters may have fallen but their victory in saving the faeries was all they asked for, the faeries closing the realm. Forcythia's limbs and body was scattered across the land as a sign of disrespect for all who followed her and the Elves who fought along side her was slain and killed. Bringing the Elven race to a near extinct race of humanoids calling them the betrayers of humanoids and purging them in revenge of Forcythia's actions. Yet her story still rings strong even for today, stories and tavern songs told of her legend how she was a martyr and kept the forces of the two strongest army at bay. Only to be defeated by the lack of supplies.

The Legend of Pokkan and Bidelia

A story of a young nomadic traveler who's past was a mystery and powers were even more of a mystery. His clothing suggested he was from Muireann and it has been hundreds of years after Forcythia. With a new age of despair famine ran wild as wildlife and crops were dying in abundance, only those of a wealthy family could live, however the effects of faeries being gone into hiding was shown. Pokkan set out on a journey to find the Faeries once more travelling from Muireann to Wicklow, in his adventures he met new friends and that was where he found Bidelia a young Elven girl whom he fell in love with and with her ways of speaking the faerie tongue something unheard of in the world today they traveled across the land finding hidden faeries asking for directions to the hidden realm and how to open them and gaining their trust. With that they found many more companions to support his cause in bringing back the Faeries. Using only words as peace, his ways with speaking helped him along his journey and Bidelia's ways of convincing faeries, gaining a group of close friends stuck by them through thick and thin. Pokkan and Bidelia was a shrouded in mystery. Where did they come from, why does Pokkan have such strength without magick and why would Bidelia an elven girl be able to speak the tongue of faeries.

With news spreading of Pokkan and Bidelia's journey the Tyrant King of Fealtoire was displeased claiming his ancestors fought to get rid of the Faeries and Pokkan and Bidelia would be undoing what many died for, but with a growing support of Pokkan and Bidelia, the King sent many to stop them but only led to them failing, many come back telling stories of Pokkan's inhuman strength and Bidelias immense powers. With such tales of Pokkan and Bidelia the King was frightened and titled them the Heretics of Valkoria. Raising armies against Pokkan and Bidelia's cause. Knowing where Pokkan and Bidelia were heading to they stood in Blossom Valley where legends of the Realm opening were held. With a party of five including Pokkan and Bidelia they stood against the army taking down the army with such power, the King had written stories of how Pokkan's arms would glow in symbols of unknown runes and his eyes would glow blue. He said with that power Pokkan took down hundreds with a swipe of his fists and there he heard the Iron God's voice as Pokkan roars into the sky and spoke about how even the Elven girl Bidelia would cause the land to turn against them, with vines entangling his army and trees coming to life, a power of a Goddess that was known as the Goddess of the Land. Yet when the King of Fealtoire's army was taken down Pokkan spared the King and there he and his wife opened the realm and found the faeries and there Bidelia spoke to them and became the ambassador of humanoids and faeries. With this the age of faeries returned and the King of Fealtoire was put into prison but became a well known writer in his time of prison. With the Faeries returned the world has finally begun to restore itself and with the tyrant King who has fallen to Pokkan's might and Bidelia's power, Pokkan and Bidelia was voted into Leadership of Valkoria however they did not want such a life of glory nor did his friends, so they formed a Council which looked after the world. A whole new order whom were the protectors of Valkoria and used Wicklow as the Fairy's new homeland for it is the country that connects the Realm of Fay and their own realm.

Centuries after scholars found Pokkan's and Bidelia's burial grounds where statues of them were built, a grave of him and his wife were examined their bones were discovered many did research on what they were and found many runes naturally carved in their bones some how, which they could only translate one sentence on their bones which read "Children of Sun and Moon."

The Present Valkoria

Its been exactly four hundred years after Pokkan and Bidelia's legend. The famine has ended a few years after Pokkan and Bidelia. Valkoria has risen from the ashes of war for equality, only to fall into another war for land. The land of Valkoria still has a long way to go in order to heal and be lively like it use to be, but with the way the Humanoids run Valkoria chopping down trees and going into war such a dream of Valkoria returning to its tribal roots where they live with the land is only but a dream. However with that said humanoids and Faeries have grown to be able to live with each other as long as each mind their own business, some faeries even live among civilization. Categorized as Homestead Faeries who enjoy living among civilization, the Council of a different generation still watches over Valkoria but allows Kings and Queens to rule their country and do not interfere with affairs unless its a world matter that requires all countries to reunite. The Council has a new generation of Valkorian Warriors from five hundred warriors grown to thousands of warriors stationed throughout all over Valkoria, outposts and castles belonging to the Valkorian Army to keep order and help the world when it falls into chaos. The Valkorian Army helps bring morale to those who live in a town of war or small villages whom fear bandits and raiders, Valkorian Warriors tend not to intervine with politics of Valkoria, however would march down to the doorsteps those who dare go against the Council and bring the world out of balance and occasionally help small people who cannot defend themselves against bandits and raiders by doing small patrols for training.



When the Faeries were first brought upon the world of Valkoria, the Goddess gave life to six Guardian-Faeries who shall protect the land, guide the Faerie people, and keep the world alive. Because of the importance these Guardian-Faeries gave to everyone, there was a kingdom built upon worship of the Gods, and especially the Guardian-Faeries. With each of the six, living in their own shrine spread throughout the world, the entire world was under one kingdom. With the Guardian-Faeries, there was true peace and balance for everyone.

Unfortunately, all was not meant to be for when the Iron God attacked and defeating him made the other Gods and Goddesses tired; it forced the Guardian-Faeries into a deep sleep. There was no for sure idea when the Guardians would wake up, till one did. One Guardian-Faerie had awakened to see the horror of what her precious world had been left in, the ruin of their home, their kingdom; Croí Naofa.

The smallest of the Guardian-Faeries whom had awaken also the daughter of the Iron God, was none other than Isibeal, Guardian of the Tombstone Trail, and the Faerie of Death. Her job was to guide souls and spirits of the dying to death and to be reborn. With Isibeal finally awake, she was able to carry out her duties while waiting for her fellow Guardians to awaken from their slumbers. Of course as she watched from the top of her shrine within the mountains of Tombstone Trail, she could only see the horror that these people were putting their precious world through: the pointless wars, the suffering, and the hatred. As time went on, one by one, Guardians started to awaken.

Even with the chaos of the world, the Guardian-Faerie had found love with a human man. It was unorthodox for her love as she was a Godly Faerie-being who had a job to serve Valkoria and the Gods and Goddess. But her small beating heart could not resist the charms of the human who wooed her with each passing day he paid tribute to her at her shrine. Alas, the love she shared for this human man was not meant to be. With the next coming war, he was enlisted as a solider and was slain on the battlefield. Isibeal was mourning for the loss of her beloved, but had hopes they could still be together in his death or even in his next life. The other Guardians did not allow this, as Isibeal was ignoring her duties for this human and took his spirit away from her, never to know if he still remains a spirit or if he was ever reborn again.

Throughout history, there have been stories about the small Guardian-Faerie. Stories of her appearing on battlefields, crying for the lost souls she had to carry away. Stories of her saving other groups of Faeries from death by spiriting away the small armies that marched to destroy Faerie-kind. While all of these stories are true, there is one other task Isibeal had done that stood out from the rest. In efforts to help the world heal, she thought the world needed guidance, to fall under the same type of united Kingdom that Croí Naofa once was. She took one soul and embedded it with fragments of the sleeping Moon Goddess, giving it to one Faerie who would willingly take the responsibility bestowed upon them. That Faerie was none other than the first Faerie Queen- Luna.

With every effort she had being a failure and unable to bare watching this anymore; every event throughout history and these wars destroying what little bit of life that is left in the world. Isibeal, the Guardian-Faerie decided it was time that they purged the world in hopes to start anew and maybe the golden age of peace could start again. With the last Guardian finally woken up, Isibeal gathered them all and gained their approval to carry out the plan on the purge in hopes their precious home, their loving world, is all but lost in saving.



Dominated by Homestead Faeries and Faeries of the Wilds a place of peace and the biggest fortress owned by the Council. A place heavily influenced by the wild and nature, enjoying the life of freedom. Even though there's plenty of towns and cities they are all themed after the woodlands and many homes are cobblestones filled with vines or hollowed out tree homes. As much as they are peaceful and the main suppliers of vegetables and fruits they also have the biggest and army in all of Valkoria filled with beastmens and known for their amazing archery and Magick skills in their army. Wicklow has been living in peace for the most part and has yet to involve themselves with anything going on in the world outside of Wicklow with the exception of trading.


Sléibhte translates to 'Mountains' in the ancient tongues of old. Befitting for a country filled with more mountains than any other countries from Trolls to Orcs and underground faeries such as Goblins and Leprechauns. A country with heavy cultures of blacksmiths who pride themselves in how they make their weapons, being in the mountains many like mining or crafting weapons and armor. Sléibhte is a country known for their great crafting skills with great, powerful yet light weapons and durable and flexible armors made from ores and metals only found in the Sléibhte's mountains. Their homes are usually tents and camps for culturally they are a nomadic culture of tribes Orcs and Trolls tend to go where the bountiful ores and metals are once depleting a mountain they leave to build another village. With such powerful armor and weaponry their army are mostly feared however even such a fearsome reputation Valkoria's army is still known to be the most fearsome and powerful army in all of Valkoria. They are also the main suppliers of weapons and armor especially to Muireann, for their equal love for great weapons and armor. Today in Sléibhte war is raging on against Ó Thuaidh over an Island between their country. Desiring the land for its rare resources niether of them letting up with Sléibhte's army being devastatingly strong on land and Ó Thuaidh's navy hitting their fortresses hard. War has been a stress on both countries. Low on food and having to live off the land most crops are being depleted quicker than they can grow since they are a nomadic culture they never stay too long in order to grow a stable farm.

Ó Thuaidh

The North lands endless snows and blizzards a place dominated by Dwarves and some homestead faeries such as Hobbits. The most futuristic place in all of Valkoria with Dwarves and Hobbits who dream of bringing Valkoria into the future, discovering the power of Magick Crystals and using its power to power up their cities and towns. Dwarves have discovered ways of building vehicles that run on Magick Crystal steam that doesn't need an animal to pull them. Their Capital is the only city that is powered by burning Magick Crystal steam which brings light to the city and there holds many great minds and inventors alike who seek to take Valkoria into a path of the future wanting to bring Valkoria into an age of steam. Even though many are stubborn in the way of change. With all their advance technology the Dwarven navy is known to be the best of all of Valkoria's. The only navy ships powered by steam and their cannons of a whole new Era's power. The Dwarves are known to be the main suppliers of many goods and trinkets. Being in war with Sléibhte the Dwarven navy has cut off trades for Sléibhte trying to starve them out not allowing Muireann to send food to them.


An Eastern land filled with Samurais and Ninjas trained in the ways of honor. Many are honor bound and would die for their Empress, a heavily agricultural and farm country and the main suppliers of rice and meat. A place dominated by humans and what's left of elves. After Muireann has been known as one of the traitorous countries that went against the Faeries who was caring for nature around them. Which is why Muireann and Fealtoire are known as the traitor country, but that was centuries ago and Muireann wants to get out of such a title with many welcoming different races and having a thriving marketplace. Many tourist come to Muireann for a different taste in life. Muireann's army is known for their great techniques in fighting. It is also known to be the birthplace of the Valkorian Army's martial arts. Homes elegantly build after their favorite Gods the Gods of Light and Darkness, inspiring status of Dragons and Tigers near their homes. With Muireann losing money by unable to trade with Sléibhte there has been heated arguments against Ó Thuaidh, however Muireann has not decided to go to war with them as of yet.


Fealtoire who is currently divided into two factions, the North and the South and in a what seems to be an unending civil war. A King who rules the north is a tyrant King who desires to exile the faeries from his land. Still seeing that Pokkan and Bidelia as heretic of Valkoria. The South ruled by a Queen who was a lowly peasant girl but fought her way up for her people a band of faeries who see Fealtoire as their rightful home and faerie sympathizers. While the war still rages on and many do not like to visit Fealtoire, Fealtoire is still known to be a culture of beauty, with most homes standing tall made of bricks and nobles living in castles. Fealtoire's clothing designs and construction designs are filled with elegance and many are known to be great artistic minds. Being the main supplier of silk. Many noblemen enjoy living in Fealtoire. The North are noblemen fighting not only to gain more land but to banish what they see are filthy dirt loving faeries and the South are mainly middle-class, poor humanoids or faeries who fight for their morale standing. Both Fealtoire's army North and South are known to be chivalrious knights who are trained in the skills of the sword and are known to be walking tin army.


Although the culture in our world does not exist in Valkoria they have accents in our known world they all speak in the English tongue since it is a universal language in the world of Valkoria. Yet have they still own language based off the countries they are accented in, Wicklow many can extinguish Wicklow's accent with heavy or light Irish accents and slang. Sléibhte having a multiple tribal accents into one such as African accents, Ó Thuaidh has a heavy strong accent of Scottish and enjoy their alcohol, Muireann with a light or heavy Asian accent ranging from Vietnamese, Chinese to Japanese and Fealtoire speaks mainly in Old English words.