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Ew. Me

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I've owned this username since 2000, it was given to me as "meiko" but i made it to Kameiko ©
you dare steal it and i will have no choice but to remove your account even without the company's permission

info that you should know:
* I will only talk if you talk to me first, so don't assume I don't like you cause I don't say hi once in a while.
* You try to scam me and you will only end up with a broken hardrive
( i'm dead serious about this.. )
* I don't join Guilds unless its sonic hangouts or FMA Related.
* I no longer Role Play, It's just not my thing anymore.
* I'm Done donating to people so don't ask either.

(눈‸눈; )

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Report | 01/19/2015 9:47 am


30b for princess mustachio? emotion_kirakira
Kuri-Mu Momo

Report | 12/10/2014 4:06 pm

Kuri-Mu Momo

It really is. I have like 10 different flavors of green tea. XD
I'll let the people who vote do that. However if i see him crossing the road i won't hesitate to swerve and hit him. Hehe.
I want to meet the aliens. I bet i could make a lot more friends in space than here. I have an issue. I cannot for the life of me make friends my own age. I get the same thing over and over again. 'Your too intimidating'
Its apparently crap here too. But anything thats not a sunny desert is considered such to me. LOL! I have to walk. If i stay cooped up i'll get lazy...and a fat a**. XD
Kuri-Mu Momo

Report | 12/10/2014 3:03 pm

Kuri-Mu Momo

I know, i'm so happy loose leaf has become popular over here. Now they have huge stores that specialize in quality teas.
Nah, this guy is a piece of work who should be castrated and lobotomized in order to save the world from his inferior genes. Lol.
I'm down with another planet. The animals and earth could do fantastic things without us. =P
1 Bath and i'm 100% better. All my body needed was warmth and the salts. I've been cleaning and walking my dog all morning. Just got home. =)
Kuri-Mu Momo

Report | 12/09/2014 5:23 pm

Kuri-Mu Momo

I should drink a lot more than i have been. Lol. Tea is fantastic.
Yeah the economy is wonky here too. Just minus governments. We have a Premier who's a drunk a*****e and likes to run over children. Lol.
I had a hot bath with salts, i feel a bit better. However my mood hasn't improved. I'll work on that next.
Your welcome! Oh i'm sure it will be =D!!
Kuri-Mu Momo

Report | 12/08/2014 3:49 pm

Kuri-Mu Momo

Attempting to at least hahaha. I've been out on my own since i was 16, its always going to be stressful. But it does eventually pay off.
Its my first cold this year! So i'm happy they are less and less frequent. Yeah, i just finished cleaning the house. Now i'm going to have a shower and make a hot tea.
Hurray! Thats awesome to hear. Oh wow! Thats always a lot of work and i'm sure it will be amazing when you can finally enjoy it.
Kuri-Mu Momo

Report | 12/08/2014 2:17 pm

Kuri-Mu Momo

Hahaha thanks, its been a long while since i've been here.

Things are alright, a little rough. Starting out in a new place, again. And i have a damned cold!

How have you been?
Lana Backwards

Report | 09/29/2014 6:00 pm

Lana Backwards

Thank you!
Ra Amun

Report | 09/27/2014 8:31 pm

Ra Amun

LOL well play some more! MOAR
Ra Amun

Report | 09/27/2014 9:33 am

Ra Amun

now go play the other LoZ games 8D
Ra Amun

Report | 09/27/2014 9:16 am

Ra Amun



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