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You're probably too lazy to read the rest.

My name is Chelsea, but people give me a variety of nicknames. Throw one at me.
I look nasty-ful. Sorry to show you this horrific, vile, loathsome face I sadly own.
I arrived here, February 24, 1998. I'm 16; for those who're lazy.
I was born in Edmonton, Canada, but I have lived in Ontario for most years. Still am.
I am 5 foot, and 4 inches tall, with a weight I will not release to the public.
I strive to become a professional wildlife, or conflict photographer for my career.
I dream of traveling all over the world, and making a friend in each place I will visit.
I'm pretty quiet and shy, until I get comfy with you; I'll be an a*****e to show I care.
I have the bad habit of biting my bottom lip and playing with my hair.
I listen and like, all kinds of music except for kpop, jpop, etc, you feel???
My favourite colour is purple, I hate seafood, and my cat is my best friend forever.
On December 11, of 2013, was when Jason was a ******** thief and stole my heart.
I've changed a lot from how shitty I once was. I'm proud of who I am today..
So I probably won't give 2 flying ******** what you think about me.

Name: Chelsea.
Age: 16.
Location: Canada.

Credits to Erick/Praxada for media coding.