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Attack on Titan - Take it like a man

About me

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scream I DON'T DONATE!!!! scream

I don't accept random friend requests. PERIOD!

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Wings of freedom...

Well, I love anime, Egypt, drawing, and dancing. I spend a lot of my time watching anime or playing my Nintendo DS. Yes I am an Otaku. No, I don't care what you think. I am who I am, and I'm not changing to fit in. So, HA.

I am pretty easy to get along with, but I do have a bit of a nasty temper. I love Pokemon, and have all the DS games, and most of the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance Games. I have also recently gotten addicted, or to be more specific, OBSESSED with Fire Emblem Awakening. CHROM AND HENRY ARE MINE -HIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS-. I also tend to jump into fandoms headfirst and without looking back.

Yes. I am a fangirl. DON'T JUDGE ME!

I Cosplay as Belarus and Liechtenstein from Axis Powers Hetalia on occasion.

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If you want to really get to know me, good for you. I'm all for making new friends, but all it takes is ONE TIME for you to mess up and BOOM! You're gone. I hate being this way, but once my trust is broken, or if you automatically rub me the wrong way, no more friendship for you!

Despite all of my temper issues, I am very nice, and I won't bite. Much. So don't be afraid to talk to me.

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Wings of freedom...

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A Rojo Peach Report | 10/02/2016 12:58 pm
A Rojo Peach
I Asche I Report | 08/10/2016 1:33 pm
I Asche I
heart heart
I Asche I Report | 08/05/2016 1:37 pm
I Asche I
I hear ya there. sweatdrop
I had to request an actual weekend (I'm taking 3 days instead of two!!), a month in advance...
Or else I'd be working 6 days a week with 1 day off, for a month and a half.

And I'm sorry.
If you ever need to talk, or want to just vent, I'm always here.
I've had my share of depression so I get it.

I Asche I Report | 07/31/2016 11:57 pm
I Asche I
I've been really busy too, it hasn't been much of a summer. lmao

And I'm sorry :c
Are you gonna be okay?

I Asche I Report | 07/25/2016 1:32 pm
I Asche I
I've missed you too!! ;o;

Are things okay? I assumed you've just been busy with life ~
iiUndeux Report | 07/25/2016 8:39 am
illll show you ch-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarbok-ooh!!!
iiUndeux Report | 07/25/2016 8:02 am
biggrin that means Ill get to see yours!
iiUndeux Report | 07/24/2016 5:15 pm
me biggrin
I Asche I Report | 06/23/2016 9:18 pm
I Asche I
Hey there, I hope you're doing well ~

iiUndeux Report | 06/13/2016 9:04 pm
-appears through a veil of black mist-
-pokes butt-

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