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Report | 03/20/2008 2:58 pm

Gnarly Lingo

nice profiel
kiroku urishima14's avatar

Report | 09/28/2006 3:34 am

kiroku urishima14

where are u kakashi_rin_obito?
[Twilight Riku]'s avatar

Report | 09/21/2006 9:32 pm

[Twilight Riku]

cool profile
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Report | 07/23/2006 8:35 pm


Hey. I hear you're one of Angel's friends. I'm her bf Seyaka, and I just wanna get the chance to make your acquaintance. So pm me sometime if ya want.
gnarly n stoked's avatar

Report | 07/22/2006 6:20 pm

gnarly n stoked

Hello Kakashi...I think You Might Get Confused Once you look at my onewing_angel's profile But Uh I'll Explain Later If you Pm me Kay...Well I hope You A Happy Life with your Bf Demond92 Ok Tell Him I said Hi Ok Bye
1994 Black Rose's avatar

Report | 07/19/2006 3:24 pm

1994 Black Rose

I like your profile Kingdom Hearts is cool! ^_^
onewing_angel's avatar

Report | 07/13/2006 1:50 pm


hey Kakashi...Go look at my video...I love this episode And you'll like it too...I laughrd so hard I ended up not breathing for a couple of seconds...
IAndrea PaolaI's avatar

Report | 07/12/2006 10:21 am

IAndrea PaolaI

LOL it ok...I think I know Who you thought I was. Its Fine Just next time don't assume kay
kikio1376's avatar

Report | 07/11/2006 1:12 pm


wow what happend to the color and all the random thigs werid jk i was just yeah stoping by
panda_ love's avatar

Report | 07/11/2006 10:45 am

panda_ love

hai was lokin for you
onewing_angel's avatar

Report | 07/10/2006 1:51 pm


Cute Out fit Kakashi! biggrin
kiroku urishima14's avatar

Report | 07/10/2006 8:06 am

kiroku urishima14

u mean me right?
Kakashi_Rin_Obito's avatar

Report | 07/10/2006 7:02 am


sorry for who ever loved that other video with the breakfast club but i'm obsessed with kh and i cant help it ><!
((and plus this is my favorite song ever !!))
-and dont blame me for being obsessed....my friend did it to me... stare -
kiroku urishima14's avatar

Report | 07/10/2006 6:41 am

kiroku urishima14

yo i changed my multimedia for my profile hope u like it
~Chobits~kiut's avatar

Report | 07/09/2006 6:56 am


hi you want to bi may freind
IAndrea PaolaI's avatar

Report | 07/08/2006 7:06 pm

IAndrea PaolaI

UMMMM.... sweatdrop No!!! I'm no one you know... lol I am Sure of it...And I randomly found You....Wait You think you know me? Well thats just CRAZY biggrin
IAndrea PaolaI's avatar

Report | 07/07/2006 5:42 pm

IAndrea PaolaI

Looks around "Hey You look like a little pixxy from peter pan" lol "Just kidding Its obvious...Any ways I bet You have No Idea who I am Don't bother asking cuz I'm not telling"
Roxie Heart 2Demery's avatar

Report | 07/06/2006 11:50 am

Roxie Heart 2Demery

hey now for all time I'm starting to take request on fanfiction! so if u like
any anime that u would like to read a cool story about tell which one to write about and I'll
make it work!
I'm doin this for everyone who loves anime
Roxie Heart 2Demery's avatar

Report | 07/06/2006 11:33 am

Roxie Heart 2Demery

Yeah that picture rocks I wish I knew how to put some of my art on gaia
well talk 2 u l8ter
K-K-Kenzi's avatar

Report | 07/06/2006 10:15 am


it is so cool! (ur picture) i luv it!
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