Hey I'm Kaito, but you can call me Kai. I'm 19, Bi, and I'm a rabbit furry. I suffer from cronic depression, so my mood can swing from top of the world to rock bottom in a matter of seconds, but I'll still put on a happy face and try and help others out before me, I'm stubborn like that.

Anyways, I'm a huge gamer, though I'm hooked on Combat Arms and Skyrim in particular now, and probably for quite a while...I don't see them getting boring any time soon xD.

Anyways I'll leave it at that, if ya wanna know more then you'll have to ask me personaly, I'm very open and I almost never turn down a friend ^.^
My Fursona done by the amazing Willow Wolfblade

These pics were done by Akinyi, an amazing artist who you should really look up...plus she's a great gal ^.^

The real me

White man walks up to black man.
White man says, "Colored people don't belong here!"
Black man says,
"I was born BLACK."
"I grew up BLACK."
"When I get sick, I'm BLACK."
"When I'm cold, I'm BLACK."
"When I'm in the sun, I'm BLACK."
"When I die, I'm BLACK."
"You were born PINK."
"You grew up WHITE."
"When you're sick, you turn GREEN."
"When you're in the sun, you turn RED."
"When you're cold, you turn BLUE."
"When you die, you turn PURPLE."
"And you have the nerve to call me colored?"
The white man turned around, and walked away.


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My fursonas, Please draw them

These are all my fursona's feel free to draw them and send me the pics, I'll pay


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HAI! smile
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

Eh stuff has happened lol.

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Haha, yeah I like Diablo too. :3 I actually didn't think about Diablo until right after I already sent you my comment. XD But I like to be archer because I just love bows and arrows. (also my favorite weapon to use in Zelda lol) I would actually like to learn how to use a bow and arrows in real life some day, maybe own my own bow. -^v^- That would be awesome. Then afterwards I can learn how to ride a horse and shoot the arrows on horseback and be even more like Link. HAHA XD
Anyway, it would be awesome to get to know you moar so if you ever wanna PM me or hang in towns or play games together on Gaia, let me know! :3

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By the way, I don't think you look ugly at all. I think you would look very cute with a pair of bunny ears and fluffy tail! -^v^-
I'm also a gamer, I love games like Zelda, Dragon Age, Dead Space, stuff like that. X3 I also like computer games like Starcraft, LOTRO, stuff like that. XP
Also, I'm an artist and I also like to draw avi art for people so if you're interested, let me know! I'd love to draw a cute bunny furry like you. 3nodding
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

Pfft razz

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Why thank you! -^w^-
I'm sure you have epic taste in music as well if you also like Basshunter. X3
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

Haha I have a tank top and a jacket xD
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

Lol it's 40 here I live in tx :p
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

Lol I'm good got a lot of homework for finals and its freezing here
Kitto 3o

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Kitto 3o

^^ How are you?


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