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I'm kaisune, i'm 25, male, from texas.

ima start with ima total nerd, i love video games, animation (especially anime), internet and computers, and collecting as much knowledge as i can about watever pops up. I love animals, especially cats and foxes ^^ I'm kinda shy, but once i'm comfortable with you, or the group i'm around, i'm rather outgoing and fun to be around, and i'm one of the most loyal, dedicated friends you'll ever meet. alot of people say that, i know, but get to know me, and you'll see, i'll tell you wat i think, not wat you wanna hear, even if its going to upset you. when the whole world has turned away, or doesn't care, i'll still be here to listen and help any way i can, and i prefer complete openness and honesty, because while telling the truth may piss each other off at times, lying is MUCH more hurtful. I love music, especially my j-pop, j-rock, k-pop, classic rock, metal, classical (some) and electronic music (trance, techno, dubstep)) i like txting people, even though i hate to txt xD but its the best way to talk to more than one person at once when you aren't there to hang out with them. i also have a VERY dirty mind and i'm not ashamed to use it smilies/icon_biggrin.gif anything else you wanna know about me personally, just ask smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

I'm currently working on trying to go to school for being an arborist

and last but not least, i DO smoke weed on a regular basis, if you dont like this i don't know wat to tell you except i am who i am (: i respect those who don't and wont expose them to it though, as long as they dont give me any static about wat i do.
with that said, thats pretty much anything you need to know about me unless you know me and i'm comfortable talking to you smilies/icon_razz.gif

My gaia family smilies/icon_razz.gif
da0p - sister
if you wanna be part of the gaia family just hit me up, if i like you enough you're welcome to it smilies/icon_razz.gif

name: kaisune
race:elf/dragon, elf/vampire, or kitsune/dragon. based on rp and mood
(which ever im in the mood for)
abilities:fox form(kitsune) dragon form. complete control of fire and lightning/electricity, ebonfire (shadow flames) and immune to mind attacks
weaknesses:ice, holy magic. (though if attacked with ice he can retaliate with fire even if frozen)
description: wears a collared button up T-shirt that he doesn't button. for pants, he wears ragged, beaten up black or blue jeans. his hair is gold or silver, shoulder length to halfway down his back, and is usually messy. he has gold or brown eyes and is average human height. (i have two sets of features, so that i can make multiple characters with him. it depends on my mood what he looks like)

other: his sister's soul is trapped in his body. kaisune and his family were attacked by werewolves, and he was the only survivor. He was found by an exiled member of that pack, who helped him recover.. his sister, a half elf/half kitsune, was studying as a priestess, and is a master of divine arts. in other words, her abilities are the opposite of his in every way. among her abilities, is some psychic powers, including the ability to erase memories. when kaisune was tormented by his sister's soul being in his body, for she forced it on him as a way of survival (he saw her death replayed over and over because they shared memories till she erased his), she erased his memory of her, so she's just, "the girl I share this body with" to him. in order to keep a suitable cover, she pretends to be his slave. here is Emi's profile.

name: Emi
abilities:control ice and air, fox form, priestess abilities, psychic powers, and immunity to mind attacks(this is where kaisune gets his from), and aurafire (holy flames, blue, white, and silver colored)
weaknesses: fire, extremely strong shadow attacks, low stamina - she tires out easily due to her easy life she led in the temple, and is unable to kill anyone who doesn't force her too.(if she can let the person live and everything work out, she has to.)
description: she has silver hair with ice blue highlights, that flows down her back halfway. Her eyes shift between a soft gold, and a soft light blue at will. she has a petite build, and looks like she would break if you poke her too hard. this covers up an incredible inner strength, but she tires out quickly. she wears either white, toga like robes, with a white silk shawl on her arms, that wraps around to her back, or, she wears a white t-shirt with an open white sweater if it's cold, and tan jeans. she always wears her temple style sandals.
other:shy, quiet and soft spoken, except to kaisune, and when she is in fight mode, protecting her friends, or kaisune's friends.
extra:I may change her appearance from time to time to suit my mood...but this what she is 99% of the time

mikala: will add when i feel like it


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