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Life...or whatever you want to call it

Hey...just was bored so I decided to actually write something here.


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Trackia Report | 11/02/2009 2:48 am
Yeah, it sucks without her around to help me kick the boys ***es. Those dudes even seem to want us to chase them until they die or get caught...weird...water-weird...

No worries, I'll have them choke it up before they move too. I know where they live > biggrin
That'd sound to much better if I were a stranger to them -^-

Yep. They have purdy games and artwork ;P I envy them most for their hair and skin *o*

A nekovamp? I never saw one, but the image in my head thinks them cutey-fuzzies //>w<// I wan' a see!! Oh, please kind and loving (evil) overlordess of the Netherworld! Unless it has pink, then I no see costume v.v
I'm a Witch every year too, because I'm last minute. Except for last year when I was forced to be a princess TToTT

Ehh...November starts a new school quarter for me, so I have to finish any late work I've got and bring myself up to date. Plus, it's getting cold here...and dry so I need to buy some gloves and a scarf. As for real plans, I'm gonna write out a story board for Apple Banana manga =.= *Merry Christmas*

Cool! What is that? NaNoWriMo is a real water-weird. Is it in a future generation when robots are first invented and some dude is paid to live with a robot to observe its functions and personality, and to make sure it's not dangerous? Then later on the robot and the dude grow so attached to each other that when they are going to be seperated by the company that made the robot that they start a cult of terrorists to bring down the labs and win justice and love in exchange for freedom? lol, randomness got the better of me there >.>
But writing a book in one month will be a toughie, and harder than getting an egg out of a bottle. How long is it, like how many chapters? If there aren't that many chapters you could finish quick enough, or you can seperate the book to span for 2 months. I find it easiest to think of the characters, the plot and all that during school when they're chit-chattering instead of teaching. I just write little notes aside from class notes, but then again, my school is easier than yours (in middle school)
Trackia Report | 10/28/2009 1:42 am
Yaya!! Me= Epic Fail // It took me forever to reply!!! *runs off and cries*

You captured Cupid?!?! Awesomos!! Hey, could you ship him to me? One of my friends is moving in Feburary TTnTT She won't make it in time to the chocolate, candy, and cake sugar rush~~~ We need him to shoot down the plane *shiny shiny*

Being broke sucks. All I use it on is food (snacks, mainly) and other people keep on borrowing my money, so I'm almost always broke D:<

Yeah, Hangul is Korean. I'm in the cellphone city of Seoul, so I live in an Army cage called "base" so if you go "off-base" to take tours you get a "home-run." That is so corny >.<;

Have you picked out your halloween costume? This year I'm going to be a witch (again) or a dude...I'm not gonna dress fancy or anything because I'm going to the party for food razz My avi's just gonna be an assassin this year, last year she was a witch owo
Zemalf Report | 10/18/2009 3:20 pm
Just saying Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and being one of the first ones to break the endless cycle of talking to the same person on your wall! Woo!
Trackia Report | 10/17/2009 6:25 pm
For a Cute shot, you'll have to track down Cupid and threaten him until he gives you a red vial that makes you resistant to all of his arrows. lol That wuzn't funny '>.<'

I lost my binder full of school stuff on the second day of school X.x Then I had to make another one and finally found my binder in the second week. Maybe something like that?

What do you mean "Yay for school pictures?"? You go like this,"WHOOPEE!! I LOVE PICZ!! CHOCOLATE!!!" all cuz you get to skip out of half of boring World Geography X3 But if ponies are one then I guess I had piggies ouo

I got the $25 now. I went to the hospital my mom works at and told her co-workers it would go to bowling, to shirts, and the leftovers to the elementary school. They all gave me $5 each *o* That's like, $75!! Sorry, that's a lot of money to me (if not to you too). The sign thing would work, but there are about 150 other people that are doing what I'm doing too. If we all go walking around with signs then it would look like a protest *u* But around here aren't a lot of places to walk around with a sign that'll actually get people to give you money. Unless you write it in Hangul and go off base =.=

Why do we divide up what we're talking about like this?
Trackia Report | 10/10/2009 2:58 am
Haha! I've got my immuzation for Cute this month, so I'm good wink

What is a pre-fall frenzy anyways? I mean, what do you do that makes you go off?

C's mean "Common." They're supposed to be the letter grades most people get, but most people now get A's and B's. I guess that means the government should start upgrading the school system to our level v.v

I'm sorry to say but, it took so long for you to reply I forgot all about our conversation >.<'' Anyways, I just got school pictures out of the way with pony tails or pig tails, I'm not sure the difference unless it's the size...Oh, and, my team (GO 7 WHITE!!) started a fundraiser for us to go to the bowling alley. The minimum requirements are that we get 5 people and $25 donated on our forms. Those who don't get at least that much have to stay behind, which worries me. I'm not good at bringing up conversations and I don't know that many people willing to donate. Plus, I can't beat the money out of the guys with my super fast, super awesome, run-or-I'll-kick-your-shins-till-they-bruise trick either...suggestions?
Trackia Report | 09/12/2009 3:43 am
One day cuteness will rule the world! BWUAHAHAHAHAH!!!1!! *ahem*

I don't think I've ever experienced a "pre-fall frenzy." It's so dang hot in Seoul that I'm so completly slow!
And no worries, I didn't reply that quickly either...

Like on the first 3 days of school I felt so happy and relieved that I have something to do, but now I'm really nonchalant and I probably got 2 C's already...:S
Trackia Report | 08/31/2009 3:09 pm
hehe...sorry for the SUPER late reply sweatdrop Well, aside from the mountain I'm visited the Tokyo Tower. I like the souveneirs there ;P Plus, you can go around the corner of the hotel to find all these super kawaii stuff!! Stickers, piggy banks, binders, even the towels are cute! They really like to pretty up their wares...haha, sorry for not saying much. School starts in like 15 minutes DX ciao
Trackia Report | 07/26/2009 3:58 pm
yayz! Yep, the first. Or at least the first to admit it. People don't just say random personal stuff at first sight like I do. For example:

I'm in Tokyo! It took 2 hours by plane, 4 hours on the bus, and in the end I don't get to eat japanese food for dinner (9:00 PM) D:<
Trackia Report | 07/16/2009 5:35 am
All the things I draw end up having food related names...Trackia (track-ee-uh) is one of my biggest achievments EVER! That is, before I found out that a trackia (trake-ee-uh) was something in your body O.O''

Tattoo designs?! They must look so pwetty on paper! Unfortuneately they almost always turn out dull once you've got 'em -.-' But this one you're getting sounds awesome! Send me a pic? wease? *googly eyes, lol* I never knew you were bi, you're the first I've seen on the net. But I've seen lotsa girlxgirl ppl (<-forgot the word xS) They weally nice owo
Trackia Report | 07/10/2009 10:44 pm
Well, other than Japan I'm making rp doodles with my friend. It boosts my imagination power and for once in three minutes I'm not bored! Only thing is that I can't name my characters after food *sob*

OMG A TATTOO!?! AWESOME!!! Hard to believe a mother would let you do that though. What're you gonna get? A heart? "LOVE"? "MOM"? (simpsons, lol XD) You're lucky, as long as you don't get it from those guys that don't shave or anything o.o''


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