Hi my name is Kai (but you can call me Cain)
agender but I guess you could call me a prettyboy??? and my pronouns are him/he and them/they. please don't refer to me as her/she because I am A GUY.
im aropan/panromantic

this crush: http://www.thiscrush.com/~yourasianpotato


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Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/26


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Twincest Hikaru Report | 04/06/2015 7:28 pm
Twincest Hikaru
Twincest Hikaru Report | 04/06/2015 6:49 pm
Twincest Hikaru
You waste no time getting to the point. emotion_awesome
ShikyoRiipaa Report | 04/04/2015 9:29 pm
heart Yup. I crossplay as Clear, but I need to finish the cosplay up. Koujaku is just.. <3
ShikyoRiipaa Report | 04/04/2015 9:20 pm
;~; You like DRAMAtical Murder? heart Good person <3
Sacred Miku Report | 04/01/2015 7:41 pm
Sacred Miku
you're welcome and thanks! whee
Sacred Miku Report | 04/01/2015 3:47 am
Sacred Miku
I love your avi! heart emotion_kirakira
Twincest Hikaru Report | 03/31/2015 9:12 pm
Twincest Hikaru
You should! All my old friends on here left gaia or straight up never talk to me anymore.
I don't, can't you PM it to me?
Twincest Hikaru Report | 03/31/2015 6:08 pm
Twincest Hikaru
If you still come on gaia, we could role-play. (;
Or at least we could text like we used to.
Twincest Hikaru Report | 03/31/2015 5:23 pm
Twincest Hikaru
College is way harder work wise, but it's way better socially, for me anyway. I'm glad high school is good for you though.
Do you still role-play? I'm trying to get back into it.
Twincest Hikaru Report | 03/31/2015 4:34 pm
Twincest Hikaru
That's good. I hated high school, especially freshman year cuz I was bullied hardcore.


smilies/icon_heart.gif I love it when you call me big poppa smilies/icon_heart.gif


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