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I am what I am.

"Take my love,
Take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand.

I don't care, I'm still free.
You can't take the Sky from me."

]There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

If a question is left unanswered for long enough, it becomes open for any who have an answer.

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Alarmingly Charming Report | 10/06/2012 1:25 am
Alarmingly Charming
cool avi
PrincessSophia Report | 09/02/2010 11:03 pm
cool avi
Kontoj Report | 05/01/2010 6:26 am
can you believe that some of the guys from your last company are already asking about you?
PrincessSophia Report | 10/05/2009 6:22 pm
Dear, you said you were gonna post some of your stories when you got back to base. Haha I just remembered! I want to read them!
ItsKaileikehiLoves Report | 10/02/2009 8:57 pm
Kaisey! Kaisey! Ilulchu. *face*
Kai_Arrein Report | 09/12/2009 5:21 pm
Over two weeks.
Alarmingly Charming Report | 09/11/2009 7:52 pm
Alarmingly Charming

That's kind of bitchy. He hasn't been on Gaia for two weeks.
PrincessSophia Report | 09/11/2009 8:03 am
You needs to change your gaia profile dear, we've been married for almost two weeks.
Rosalina Thorne Report | 07/25/2009 12:05 pm
Rosalina Thorne
Perfectly understandable on both counts.

Though a Gaia wedding is likely much less difficult to arrange than a real one! rofl
Rosalina Thorne Report | 07/09/2009 8:26 am
Rosalina Thorne
Ah, don't worry, I understand! Nobody needs to know your business, I guess.

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43 muscles to frown, 17 to smile... only 3 for proper trigger squeeze. :3


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Gaian works of a Creative mind

Random stuff mostly. Once a week maybe I'll post a short story (no longer 'usually untitled') that just pops into my head, written on the fly. Comments are encouraged. Share thoughts, questions, and maybe even write your own continuances.

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