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About myself

Basic Information

I am a tomboy that hails from Malaysia. Born in 1995 under the star of Aquarius, I am solely online in here to make friends, watch the society inside Towns 2, play Kindred while sometimes read the forums and doodle on arts, or even cosplay as Natural Harmonia/ N from Pokemon Black/White series.

Things that I liked will be written in the Interests tab. I like monochromatic and black and blue colors, as they somehow symbolized who I am. I prefer to wear hoods or casual, loose clothes such as long slacks and long sleeved shirts. I am not a fan to tight, skimpy and revealing outfits and skirts and gowns, telenovelas or dramas on the tv and the books themselves, vulgar and 'murica' speeches nor religious talks. When I'm irritated I tend to leave instead of keep up talking. I am not a coward but it's a way so I won't hurt myself.

In here, I'm a 10.9CL zOMGer [which maybe isn't that important anymore], a grinder in Lake Kindred that I would spend hours trying to earn money for a Fafnir shard splice. I'm quite a gamer myself so I tend to make gaming puns a lot.

Complex Information

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The host and pretty much the main side. Mostly jolly but sometimes emotional and had a lot of mood swinging moments. Very social, humble, has a low self esteem, polite and frequently types emoticons when writing something to express up. Usually dresses in blue with a mix of colors. Compassionate, but very dense and slow witted. Usually when in a negative mood, was described as 'silent and deadly'. Has a tendency to leave without warning when this happened and won't bother talking to people. Hates revealing outfits and would rant over when was told to do something that was despised to do. Overly hated sexual matters unless earned enough trust and knows people well. Mostly roleplayed as a 'Life Deity' in most roleplays done.

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An older side, mostly surfaced when something bad showed up. Still maintained the polite and respectful manner, but can be very sarcastic, blunt, cold and very vulgar. Usually dressed in monochromatic outfit, and in a theme of a 'Death God', as opposed to Anisah. Easily sexual-driven, and pretty kinky and flirty. Despite that, is only loyal to the ones very close. Usually would stray off crowds, and likes to sit somewhere far and secluded. Sadomasochist, but not having any interest to actually do exact roleplay.

Hunt List

Art examples are in the link below.

Some of the Arts from Friends

Click the spoiler to have a look.

Made by :- ll Maeri Ryuagu ll

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Aima WOF

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Names in various applications

Steam : Natural Harmonia

Facebook : Adibah Anisah

Skype : gtnjkdat-1

Final Fantasy : Brave Exvius : Locke

Final Fantasy Mobius : Kagine

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ll Maeri Ryuagu ll Report | 01/26/2017 4:54 pm
ll Maeri Ryuagu ll
yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake Happy Birthday. yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 8:43 am
lmao ik this idiot, but in other countries thr called potato strips lol
whatchu think of my commando style big bad wolf? xd
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 8:26 am
so you mean making potato strips right? xd
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 2:31 am
lol, see thats where being a smart shopper, and making ur own food from scratch, i.e. buying alle the ingredients to make something for instance that you could buy in a box from scratch, like say to make hamburgers, simply buy like 1-2lbs of ground beef and then make patty's out've it, which in total cost is cheaper than buying a pack of frozen pre-made hamburger patty's lol
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 2:24 am
hahaha, well in my family, we usually have whats called sunday dinner, which is where we have a semi decent meal on sunday, partially because thats the day we usually all have off in common from whatever it is thats occupying our time any other day lol
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 1:47 am
hahaha, yeah new years is one of those holidays that my fam doesnt do big meals on tbh xd
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 1:38 am
lmao, ik the feels xd
im on house arrest which is why im not cellebrating it xd
tbh if iwasnt on house arrest id of prolly bn drinking with my boys like i did last year lmao
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 1:30 am
so wyd mate?
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 01/01/2017 12:29 am
ig so xd
II_rise_of_lord_dante_II Report | 12/31/2016 11:52 pm
nm rlly

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