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Hai! Welcome to my profile I dun really like profiles much but here i am!
I love to draw and hangout with friends most of the time
You can catch me in Rally or Virtual Hollywood to request some art
Or you can just PM me, i usually charge for art pieces but recently
I've just been picking random people to practice on so i can practice
and reopen my art shop
I get really bad hand cramps often when i'm drawing because i just use my finger and my phone so keep that in mind please
My profile is for art purposes only
Thank you for stopping by

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My favorite Chikens!

Smol Poetry, Just 4 fun

A grape for a heart, That's not so smart, I sit inside trapped in the dark, you peel away at purple skin to see the one you say that sinned, you eye at me then turn your back, cold words that spew out and hack and hack, at my grape like heart, trapping me in the unknown dark - Kin

Stocking Glue
pls help im so bored
bby togepi
Abu x3