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My profile seems to have died because of site updates since I've been gone.
I'm too lazy to fix it...
Maybe it will happen someday, but that today is not that day !

Male, Asian, INFP
You can call me Jun !

I'm going to major in EECS and work in Silicon Valley I guess.
I would also like to publish a novel series sometime in my lifetime.

I'm pretty immature, but it's okay because I type with proper grammar.

I'm a fan of anime, manga, light novels, visual novels, and Asian pop music.
I enjoy MMORPGs and MOBAs from time to time.

I used to be ambitious, but life has beaten most of that out of me.
I'll admit, I still search for the magic. If you're magical come find me.
I'll love you forever. Seriously, bring the magic here.

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Above all, I would like to live an interesting life.

Please help me with my goal.

Oh, and feel free to ask me any personal questions, and leave me a comment or something, I enjoy those.

That's all for now I guess.

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JUMPing girl 16 Report | 12/18/2014 1:07 pm
JUMPing girl 16
I've been super inactive recently, but I'm good.

I got accepted to Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts a few weeks ago, so I visited the campus last Thursday and I love it there.
I'll be going there starting next year.
Memories of Happiness Report | 12/16/2014 10:10 pm
Memories of Happiness
So close yet so far

Haha well good luck on your finals!

Memories of Happiness Report | 12/16/2014 8:02 pm
Memories of Happiness
So close yet so far

Better than at would go from 60s to 30s in just a couple of hours, I never knew what to wear because the weather was all over the place x.x

JUMPing girl 16 Report | 12/16/2014 12:14 pm
JUMPing girl 16
hi, how have you been?
Memories of Happiness Report | 12/16/2014 3:22 am
Memories of Happiness
So close yet so far

I've been pretty good, glad to be back home where I can eat as much korean food as I want emotion_kirakira
What about you?

Memories of Happiness Report | 12/16/2014 1:29 am
Memories of Happiness
So close yet so far

Yup it's Mina emotion_yatta

Matt Allens Report | 04/17/2014 1:02 pm
Matt Allens
JUMPing girl 16 Report | 04/17/2014 1:01 pm
JUMPing girl 16
good afternoon
Matt Allens Report | 04/16/2014 8:17 am
Matt Allens
Matt Allens Report | 04/13/2014 7:18 pm
Matt Allens
Well, on here when i'm not with my girlfriend,
or hanging with anyone important,
I just roam the forums, chill around in towns and such.
I normally play video games, (specifically fighting) with friends from off gaia.

If there's nothing to do on the site however, I just go
on twitter and find others to talk with about Persona nonsense or anything else.