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Ok lets see... I was born in Cali, Colombia, but I'm currently living in Seattle now. I'm 18, normaly relaxed and carefree, but also crazy at the same time. I do what I do not for attention, but because I feel like it. Havn't been here in forever... um yeah....

I'm play bass for a band called Jar Of rain, Use to be called JAR, but for copywrite reasons we had to change it.
Link below of some of our music D:

The freaking music player app won't work if you're trying to listen to them out of order =__= just skip to the end of one track to skip on the music player

Other than that here's our

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jarofrain

Website: www.jarofrain.com

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JAR4899#p/u


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June 9th Report | 10/25/2011 10:25 pm
June 9th
It's the Firebreather item
midnight2morninglight Report | 09/20/2011 10:40 am
Awesome ^_^
midnight2morninglight Report | 09/20/2011 9:43 am
Comment of what ever number it ends up being! XD
Axiranai Report | 09/17/2011 3:32 pm
No prob ^_^ You know I mean it!
Axiranai Report | 09/17/2011 3:21 pm
YESSSSS ^_^ You just made my day
estardust Report | 08/30/2011 4:52 am
wtf that sounds soo complicated and lol its taking you quite a while to tune! lol hope u get it in tune soon so u can actually start playing.. rofl
and omg your band is awesome! hows it going in the band?? do you guys perform a lot..?
estardust Report | 08/27/2011 1:39 am
a.. SITAR!?!?!??! wtf this other friend just posted on my prof saying she wants to play it too. i forgot what one looks like, let me check... ok. whoa. that is too awesome for words. should i start wanting to play it too? how many strings does that thing have? why? why a sitar..?????
estardust Report | 08/22/2011 11:54 pm
being able to play the violin and the bass would be so awesome. I've never heard about the Jimmy Page thing, but being experimental is great i guess lol and lol nice to know you asked his permission first, a lot of strings people get pissed when their instruments get touched and poked. (btw yes, it's cellist! )
frankly id like to learn every instrument out there. eek i really want to get good at the piano, but i also want to try guitar, bass guitar, violin, and maybe the sax and the bassoon- lol but thats a bit much i suppose. and nice analogy there, i would definitely prefer a steak-y band than a beef jerky band.. rofl
estardust Report | 08/21/2011 7:15 pm
i think ill post here since idk if im supposed to continue my thread or not o__o
anyway coool you mean bass guitar not contrabass right? haha i wonder how that sounds like, a bow on a bass..
.. oh wait what? you play contrabass? huh no you dont, but ive never heard of a bass guitar you play with a bow eek what in the world are you talking about??
well yeah i have a friend that plays bass and she always looks so awesome playing it cool i wanted to learn guitar too, but i thought bass would be easier as a cellist.
pikke Report | 07/25/2011 10:13 am
No problem at all (:
I'm pretty sure some of my friends might like it as well!
And I also just "liked" you on facebook (x


Have a link to someLinks :3

Every band has to do it at some point, whether they like or not, bands have to work and promote



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