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Hello, Lovelies.

Hello there! My name is Jessica. I would say "It's nice to meet you," but seeing how you're stalking my profile and not technically interacting with me, I'll go ahead and save that for when you and I actually communicate. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
Anywho, I'm a 24-year-old gal with a B.A. in English, various and sundry interests, and a tendency to get really excited about one or two of those interests exclusively for short periods of time.
Right now, I'm working toward getting myself licensed to teach Special Needs Education. Woo! Unfortunately, the class work for this endeavor takes up much of my free time, so I can't really be online all that frequently.

Uh... that's about it, I guess. See you online!

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Artist of the Month:Paloma Faith
Author of the Month: Dorothy Sayers
Game of the Month: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Chao raising, anyone?)

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Aquilegia Report | 09/27/2012 11:46 am
[]Luxord[] Report | 07/04/2012 6:51 pm
IIIIIIIII think you're the best
[]Luxord[] Report | 07/04/2012 6:50 pm
cool avi
Weif Report | 01/03/2011 4:06 pm
Alchameer Report | 08/19/2010 1:28 pm
I am doing these Gaia achievement things, so I had to say that on someone's profile.
Alchameer Report | 08/19/2010 1:28 pm
cool avi
Resone Report | 01/23/2010 9:26 pm
yes mam ^_^ *salutes* XD but ok if you want it...... i shall do it ^_^
Resone Report | 01/23/2010 9:13 pm
but..but...... ok...thank you for your kindness.....however one day when i can i am paying you back.....ok?...
Resone Report | 01/22/2010 8:23 pm
but the biggest question is why?... i dont even know you and your soo nice to me....
Resone Report | 01/08/2010 1:16 pm
omg...... thank you for the lantern........ wow...... ^_^


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