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Hello! I'm Justin!
Welcome to my Profile!

Here is a few things you should know about me:

My name is Justin, and my Nickname is Herman.
I am 18 years old and am a Senior in High School.
I live close to Seattle, Washington.
I have 3 sisters, 0 brothers.
I like making friends, but I am very shy.
I am very trusting, until someone breaks it.
I am nice, even to those not nice to me.
I try to be myself always.
I love role-playing.
I love gaming.
I am not very good at real life speaking, but I'm working on it.
Don't ask to see me, I'm fat and not very appealing.

Well, I hope that helps you get to know me more. Send me a message if you want to learn more. Au revoir! ^^

Pankake Star: Love your accent c;


This is me!