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Birthday: 12/26/1987

Occupation: Face-painter

Dear Santa...


Just call me Jen, please!

Little things you should know about me

I'm constantly covered in glitter due to my job as a face-painter.

I'm addicted to love stories, especially the kind that make you crack a smile or giggle helplessly.

I'm prone to injuring myself. Like bumping into corners, scorching myself when I cook/bake, or accidentally stabbing myself with pens/pencils.

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Fractured_Unity Report | 10/04/2015 12:02 am
you're welcome. 3nodding
well, your avatars are always awesome, so I'm sure it'll be great.

certainly interesting, to say the least. xd
I used to make fun of him because I'm about 9 months older.

thank you xd
for some reason, I really enjoy making classy yet mischievous male avatars. either that, or terrible demonic ones. sweatdrop
Fractured_Unity Report | 10/03/2015 11:08 pm
btw, as a quick aside, I really liked that vampiress avi you had the other day.
and as another, you have the exact same birthday as someone I know irl. day, month, and year.
Fractured_Unity Report | 10/03/2015 10:51 pm
alright, thank you. will do. 3nodding
Fractured_Unity Report | 10/03/2015 9:53 pm
been better, but I'm alright. thank you for asking. 3nodding
Fractured_Unity Report | 09/30/2015 8:51 pm
thank you, that means a lot.
though I really don't like bothering people like that. sweatdrop

you're welcome, btw. c:
Fractured_Unity Report | 09/30/2015 3:31 pm
thank you very much for the gift!
Rae Starshine Report | 09/19/2015 10:24 am
Rae Starshine
I guess, thank you. crying emotion_bigheart
Rae Starshine Report | 09/19/2015 3:07 am
Rae Starshine
-crying because you're way too nice- crying heart
Rae Starshine Report | 09/16/2015 11:52 pm
Rae Starshine
Princess of Cakes Report | 09/16/2015 4:41 pm
Princess of Cakes
Thank you for the umbrella. ^_^ I can now dance in the rain. *We've only got 2 seasons here, dry and wet season* biggrin


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