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Eh. Bite me.

I suck at making these about me segments, I've tried a jillion times and they always seem too damn wordy no matter what I do or who I copy. So:

HI! I'm an cynical and paranoid perfectionist! I like several things, but I disapprove of stupidity and ugliness wherever I see it. So yes, I am impossible to deal with half the time, thanks for wondering! Also, if you have a problem with me for how I am: STUFF IT. I honestly don't care. XD

smilies/icon_heart.gif~ Have a nice day ~smilies/icon_heart.gif

Welcome to my head~ I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Komiko-kun Report | 03/28/2015 2:28 am
Welcome back my friend! >o>
And it is a stick that has in th end something where you can put your phone and you hold the stick and then press the button on the stick and it takes the selfie for you. o-o its so stoopid tbh xDDD
Elapsed Dreams Report | 03/26/2015 11:34 pm
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Komiko-kun Report | 03/23/2015 4:32 am
I am good! c:
I got a selfie stick LOL a lot of tourists have them and some dude was selling them so i was like ok why not xD
Komiko-kun Report | 03/22/2015 5:45 am
Hello hello c:
How are youuu? xD
Elapsed Dreams Report | 03/18/2015 3:14 am
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AngelBunnyFairy Report | 03/17/2015 3:46 pm
~*~ MariposaCat ~*~ is me silly 4laugh
Sayaka Spud Report | 03/15/2015 11:50 pm
No am still on maybe towns is trolling again oxo
shikahroo Report | 03/12/2015 3:12 pm
Yeah I was at 180 at foshotrhort time XD my skin was to tight on my bones
it was a bit uncomfortable
but once I came back home
I ate like I never seen food before XD
I should, I know
I miss our zomg hangout days
have you been playing ak
with the other potatoes
I bet dee is like 70 now
I don't know how she does it XD
I tend to wander if I get bored from leveling XD
Its a fun game with them. I wonder how everyone has been doing
I dont have to much for gaia as I use to.
I pretty much answer my pm and comments and have to go back.
Im sure everyone is use to me being gone XD
Im just glad I gave everyone their portrait potato
something to remember me by XD
<_< I love you guys very much

but yeah
oh a pencil
//runs off
Elapsed Dreams Report | 03/11/2015 10:46 pm
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shikahroo Report | 03/11/2015 9:39 am
I think 215 is good for my height I look gaunt 200 or below XD
alot has been going on
I may be moving to somewhere nicer (kauai)
My mom is a pastor and she has
like missionary work there
so I would like to go with her.
>_> I stopped playing because its no longer fun
plus all my friends got married crying
<_< they have no time for me XD

that is not the reason im leaving
im a mommas boy I can't
be to far from my mommy XD
hopefully kauai will be good to me




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