kyu. pronounced as the letter Q. k-y-u.
asian. 18. 5'1. 42kg. 0114. capricorn. intp.
i don't smoke, drink or indulge in drugs.
the best irl n gaia pren ever is jimin since '08!!
guilty pleasures involve: makeup, fashion,
games, intellectual conversing, kpop, anime,
watching lipstick reviews& studio ghibli films.
oh. &most importantly, i am fond of him.

(ノ `Д´)ノ ♡ feel free to befriend me. i don't bite.
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kyu ♡ andy
090315 - infinitever

to the most idiotic fool ever.
please keep on being there for me, as
i'm there for you. let our efforts pay off,
i only see me being with you and i
wish you'd see that as well. these days
we've been spending less time together,
it makes me a bit upset because i just
really want to spend all my time with
you, doing things with you. but it
honestly doesn't make me love you
any less. i still find myself captivated
and thoughts focused on you, even
when i'm away for a bit. the thoughts
of having you and knowing you'll be
there, keeps me going and wanting
the day to end so i can just spend all
my free time with you in the end.
i know i'm not good at relationships or
being romantic like most people- since i
have like zero experience on this part--
but i just want to push myself to try hard
for you. you deserve love &someone
who understands, and i'll always want to
be the only person who gives you all the
love you need and listen to everything,
with full understanding. just give me time
and patience, that's all we need, baby.
i'll catch up with you and in time, you'll
realize this was all worth it. just slowly
give yourself to me. i'll treat you right.
you're honestly the best thing
that's happened to me.

slapped bc i sound like the man in the
relationship HAHAhaHa smilies/icon_rofl.gif
anyway, i mean every single word i said.
and with that being said--
i love you, ever so much, andy.

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