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Hey Im Jessica ^ ^ You can either love me or hate me. Hey maybe even both ^o^ lol. But Im a nice person, At least thats what I been told. I have a habit of being a flirt -.- So please, don't take me seriously if I start flirting with you. smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif unless I do it a lot, then I like you xD lol just kidding. ^_^ I currently have a fiance.... smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif he is a bit of a goof. But I still love him. Uhm, when I think of something else I will put it down ^o^ Any ideas on what I can put? Tell me and I will xD Thanks for stopping by on my profile. ^_~ do stop by again!
I look like this xD


don\'t click this link...

<a href="http://www.mindistortion.tv/iwantyoursoul/?i_am=Little_one" target="_top">don't click this link...</a>

Sweetest vid ever.

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ppl who donated
l-Shadow of Darkness-l
bananas rainbows
Chaos Kiyoshi smilies/icon_heart.gif My hero... gave me my demonic Anklets ^_~ smilies/icon_heart.gif

So I stole this little profile quiz from my friend... ... Sorry James but thanks anyways! ^ ^

Gender// Female
Nickname(s)// Jess, Jessie. Jessabell (You call me that and I will personly kill you), Little One, Reaper (like 5 yrs ago lol), Mandy (from grim adventures of billy and mandy), Riskette (rather new ^ ^), Misha, Prier (pronounced "Pre-A"), fear, death child, 666 child, and many more that I do not quite remember lol.
Hair Color// Red ._. ... ... naturally.
Hair Style// However the hell I feel like.
Eye Color// My eyes change colors though usually they are green.

What is your favorite
Color// Black ^ ^
Game// Hmmm, I would have to say.... Super mario... the ORIGIONAL lol.
Song// In yo face by Insane clown posse.
Music Video// :/ I dunno nor do I really care lol
Animal// Either the Siberian Tiger or Siberian Husky smilies/icon_heart.gif
Sport// Soccor!!!!
Country// Russia < < Sorry America....
Movie// lol Anything scary DUH! lol
Food// Pancakes ^ ^

Best// Gisel. I have known her since before kindergarden!
Funniest// Joka Smurf Give him a round of applause ^o^
Coolest// If it can't be me... Then I would have to say all of them cause I can't decide. lol
Sweetest// Tiffany
Kindest// hmmm... tiffany xD
Annoyingest// Lizze
Dullest// Jon on occasion xD
Stupidest// David lol in a good way.
Most Intelligent// David.
Athletic// David
(Wow... david got the last 3 in a row give him a round of applause too xD)

Boy(Girl)friend// Pbt. Not getting into that.
Are you in love right now// Yes
Do you have a crush// O.o I guess.
Do you have a stalker// ... ._. I really really hope not
Do you miss someone right now// yes... Erica, Jon, Tiffany, Joka Smurf, my parents, my little brother and sister, all the juggalos in AZ... plus many more :/

What do you do
At school// Well, since I do it at home... PARTY!!! lol.
At home// school< < party, sleep, eat, chill, read, play games, oh yeah and more school.
When you first wake // Yawn, strech and look over and say goodmorning to someone if I was sleeping next to them (stop thinking dirty)
Outside// Cause chaos what else would I do? O.o

What _____do you hate
Food// Tomatos
Color// yellow
Hair color// My own haircolor. But only cause its on me. :/ if that makes any sense.
Tv shows// All tv shows because Im not a tv person. < < It doesn't mean I won't sit there and watch it though.
Clothing style// Preppy bitches.
Movie// And war movies for example Pearl Harbor

Emotions Right Now
Are You Happy Right Now// No because I am In florida and I want to go back to Arizona
Sad// Yes... I miss my great friends and family.
Grumpy// Not really...
Annoyed// Yes. Because in fort myers there is only OLD PEOPLE
Angry// nuuuu~
Sick// a tiny bit
Bored// You have NO idea.

Have you ever
Made your own religion// nuuuuu~
Written backwards// huD
Written your own magazine// Nuuu~
Drawn art// Yes smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
Got angry with a game// Pbt. You have no idea
Played Lacrosse// Middle Schoo.. It was rather.... boring though...
Broken a bone// Yes. wait if you mean my OWN... .. yes again lol
Dyed your hair// Yes... I have dyed my hair alomst every color you can think of. But currently its back to its orgional hair color... red ._.
Put in contacts for no reason// well... It wasn't for no reason... I did it to scare the s**t out of my friend erica while she was sleeping =) It worked cause I put on face paint and woke her up with a knife in my hand and neon blue eyes... who wouldn't be creeped out?
Swam alone// Not for a while... I actually kinda miss it.

Things that come to mind when you read...
Intelligentence// Books
Stupidity// Trash cans on fire. (don't ask)
Depress// My mom.
Blood// Needles *shudders*
Blue// SKY!!!!
Gray// Carpet???? O.o
Sword// SWA ^ ^
Golf// The golf course right next door. :/
Soccer// Foot Ball < <
Yellow// Sunflowers
Socks// Stinky xD
Ribbon// PARTY!!!

Random Questions
Play Sports, if so, what ones// Not for a while
Have a lot of friends// Hell yeah, its hard to keep track of them all.
Write good// I have been told so but I honestly don't think so.
Eat a lot// Hardly :/
Like the day Friday// TGIF I love fridays... ... ... But I miss what I used to do fridays smilies/icon_crying.gif
Like the month December// Christmas duuuuh

Do you(or are you)
(DY)Give good advice// I try... wheter it is good or not.... ... .. I dunno.
(DY)Talk crap// Nuuuuu~
(DY)Play a lot of games// Sometimes =)
(DY)Wear hats// I used too. I still have a lot of them too =)
(DY)Like to be outside// Night Time usually... The night sky is just so pretty... As long as its not cloudy.
(AY) Always mad// Nuuuu~
(AY) Always happy// Not always
(AY) A good friend// I think so... sometimes.

This or that (Last questions)
Night or day// Night time ^ ^
Snow or Rain// Snow
Stars or the Moon// Stars
Ocean or Pool// Ocean definately
Boat or Plane// Neither... I don't like either of them.
Books or Magazines// Books smilies/icon_biggrin.gif I like books.
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards or Pokemon Cards// OMG lol yugioh.
Blonde or Black Hair// hmm. Black... thoughs are pretty cute too.. hmmm Ill get back to you on that
Green or Blue Eyes// Either ^ ^
Pants or Shorts// Pants for me thank you very much
Pop or Rock// Rock
Punk or Emo// Punk
Tatoos or Piercings// Tattos... sexy Piercings... Can be sexy as long as there isn't too many.
Necklace or Ring// Both ^ ^ I wear them all/
Clouds or No Clouds// a little bit of both.
Art or Literature// Both.
Jeans or Baggy Pants// meh... Both ^ ^
Singing or Dancing// ... ... ... ._. singing... .. ..
March or May// I ******** hate march.... so in other words MAY
Halloween or Christmas// Halloween
Coke or Pepsi// :/ neither
Hug or Kiss// ... ... ... depends on who from.

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xXBelovedxReaperXx Report | 09/23/2012 3:52 pm
Yes smile Want to talk in PM? I kinda get annoyed with the box answer we have to do every time we comment each other.
Richard of Windor Report | 09/23/2012 1:00 pm
Richard of Windor
It's all right. You have a nice day yourself. smile
Richard of Windor Report | 09/23/2012 12:49 pm
Richard of Windor
How much were you thinking?
xXBelovedxReaperXx Report | 09/23/2012 10:00 am
Awwww.... March is my birthday
soph-babe90 Report | 09/21/2012 1:18 pm
yeah i know i hate haters they piss me off idk why they cant leave us alone, but could you do me a fever to let your juggalo homies now about it so they wont get on the site
xXBelovedxReaperXx Report | 09/21/2012 11:20 am
Why is that? sad
soph-babe90 Report | 09/21/2012 3:41 am
Now it seems that the haters of 'Juggalo Holocaust' r trying to use an old group of ours that they hacked and took over to try and cause trouble. If any of u remember the old group 'Juggalo World' that had been created and run by Tony Yul? That's the group. They changed they symbol for that room into a rainbow flag. They r using it to play their lil game of 'this is what we think being a Juggalo is'. Pass this on so we can keep anyone who thinks it's a Juggalo group away from it.
dat DrSatan Report | 09/19/2012 1:00 pm
dat DrSatan
pshh, lol.
dat DrSatan Report | 09/19/2012 3:04 am
dat DrSatan
I'm either friends, or at least decent with all my ex's except her.
although most of them were psycho at one point.
dat DrSatan Report | 09/19/2012 2:59 am
dat DrSatan
I haven't seen my daughter since July 20th though.
My ex is psycho, or something.


Quest: 15/50 random gifts(thx)
I am also questing to get back my gimpi 8th gen, not to mention my coco ._. I need to quit giving people things in order to get it all back ._. 111k out of roughly estimating 1mil.


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