I see you...staring at my profile....
My name is gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif Jubixx gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif I guess you can
already see that. In almost
every game/site my name is that.

I'm typically shy irl and in here,
which is so bad...I don't even know
how to hold a simple conversation!
But please, don't let that condition
of mine hold you back from saying

I don't know if I'm an introvert
or a hikikomori.yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif

Well,I normally write messages in
bottles in the aquariums when I'm
bored. Reading chat logs is also a
thing for me whenever I've got nothing
to do.

Um, I love manga and anime,
but I'm not too addicted to it.

My favorite dessert? ICE CREAM.
Especially if it's cookies and cream.
I love 'em. Cookies goes second
and pudding is third.

Now that you know something about me,you could leave now.
I've got nothin' left to type,
so I guess that's all.

Feel free to leave a little comment
if you want to. Gifts and free gold
are also accepted.

Oh yeah...I forgot to add...I'm a girl.
It's definitely obvious, yes?emotion_smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif


Tips of earning gold

Well, first,play many games,for me the fastest way to earn money is to play zOMG. When you play zomg,ask for crew or make a crew. Then when ur done inviting,tell them to kill many fluffs,and ask them to change their lvl. to 1.7 or lower. You also need a herderer,the one who attracts the fluffs. Well you also need a place where you could kill fluffs. Tip: Don't spend ur gold on other stuff,just concentrate at what u are aiming to get. And remember: If you want something,you will do anything to get it,but if you don't want it,there is a REASON!!

Im planning to write how to earn gold faster without cheating.


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Thanks for buying smile

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Thank you smile
Your Supreme Goddess

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Your Supreme Goddess

ooo you didn't? eek each essence is worth ten gold. 5000 essence max in a day. there is an essence to gold button. whee
Your Supreme Goddess

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Your Supreme Goddess

Hey did you know Heralds of Chaos gives 50k per account? heart
Your Supreme Goddess

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Your Supreme Goddess

Oh thanbks and how have you been?

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thank you very much

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I am going to change the lay-out to make it look even cuter surprised emotion_bigheart
I VonSan I

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I VonSan I

whats your own purpose if you wanna know your own fate feel free
to comment me and i will reach to you later on
I am the great ultimate leader of squad 50
of the von clan and its a pleasure
to meet you young one....

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I meant every word smile

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lovely avatar


zOMG is gone...emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png