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What the plot-hole is going on here?

If you want to know anything about me all you have to do is ask.

In no way, shape, or form am I attracted to males. I won't necessarily reject friendship, but a relationship isn't going to happen. I just don't swing that way.

Yes, I am a virgin.

No, I don't want you creepers messaging me about it.

It has come to my attention that people actually liked this link, so I'm going to put it on my profile. It describes, in ways I could never put words to, my beliefs on homosexuality and the bible. tl;dr: it is not a sin.

If it sounds outlandish, I'm probably just RPing. I do that a lot. You can find my OC's profile elsewhere on my profile. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

I'm done making pixels for now. It just isn't as fun anymore.

Since switching jobs my tinnitus has almost completely disappeared. It's marvelous what not standing directly next to a person nicknamed "The Banshee" can do for your hearing.

I've recently gone through what I like to call a personality overhaul. I've been learning to recognize toxic thoughts and behaviors and have been working on ridding myself of them. So far it's been working. I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time I was sad. Up until now I was the most toxic person in my life. I got really low, too. I even had my own death planned out.

I may seem intimidating, but I'm not going to bite your head off unless you really piss me off, which takes more than what the average internet troll can muster.

If I tell you I love you I mean it. It would seriously take a lot of effort on your part to get me to lose that feeling.

If I start talking about the possibility of a relationship it's okay to reject me; I'm not made of glass.

I do not subscribe to any political party. My views are more libertarian (small 'l'). I'm not a fan of the government being allowed to handle most things; they usually screw it up. Not to say that it would be that much better in the hands of private individuals, but at least they can be held accountable.

I believe that communism works, but it has to be voluntary and the leader has to be subject to the same rules as the citizens. (There's a story somewhere about a guy that did this, but I forget where it was. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif)

Assume I have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to sports.

I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.

I live in Wisconsin.

I believe that America is a fascist country that elects politicians who are really little more than hand puppets for lobbyists. I don't have to prove this, because the lobbyists are actually quite forward about their control of elected officials. All you have to do is ask them.

I am extremely introverted and very easily discouraged.

My pokemanz types are Dragon/Grass.

If I had to say what my alignment is I would say True Neutral and I disagree with how the player's handbook describes their views of good and evil people. To me there is no difference other than method between good and evil and I am just as equally disparaged to have neighbors of either alignment. The good neighbor will attack you and your property both physically and verbally just as much as the evil the only difference being that at least the evil neighbor doesn't have any delusions that what he/she is doing is bothersome, tiring, trying, and sometimes outright despicable. I would much rather have neighbors that keep to themselves. The same applies to the government.

I really like fairies. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Please don't randomly add me to your friend list. At least talk to me, first.

Do you have any 5's?

Don't forget to bring the love.

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Sis Depster tried to do something naughty to me. gonk
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I'm Hungr....*sees your tail and plays with it* 4laugh
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I don't know maybe. (You should make a Magical Girl outfit)
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But now you're a Magical Girl I think Wixi would love that. emotion_dowant
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Now go do magical things sis. 4laugh
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*zaps you with his magic and turns you into a magical girl* 3nodding
CasCakes v2 Report | 11/11/2015 7:20 am
CasCakes v2
I don't know you were from Wisconisn, that's cool! Me too!
Sorry for being a creep lmao
Snovi Report | 11/09/2015 8:17 am
we're gonn cut your d**k off larry, you're killing your father larry!
Snovi Report | 11/09/2015 8:09 am
have you ever heard of vietnam? you're entering world of pain son.
Aprilmayi Report | 11/03/2015 9:34 pm
hey hey emotion_dowant


Don't forget to bring the love!


Book of Love ~ Peter Gabriel


Jovalla Jallovasdotter:


Jovalla is a female Risi (troll) who left her forest home, though not willingly, to move closer to the city and she wants to eventually become a mage.

The problem is that the local magic schools won't let her practice, because trolls tend to have difficulty controlling mana. Several unfortunate accidents lead to this decision. She moved ahead with her plan to learn magic by disguising herself as an elf and only lets the people she really trusts know that she's actually a troll.

She will often take on jobs as a healer with adventurer groups and assist them on their missions. When she's not adventuring she plies her trade as a maid.


Jovalla has blue eyes and long, medium brown hair. She stands 6'3" (190.5cm) tall. Her ears are lined with soft hair along the edges. Her tail has a tuft of similarly soft hair at the end. She hides her tail by either wrapping it around her waist, under her skirt, or pushing it up the back of her shirt. Normally a troll's ear and tail fur are very coarse, their skin is somewhat dry or mottled, and they tend to have a very pungent odor but with the care she gives to her appearance and with regular bathing she can actually blend in with society without anyone being the wiser. Some people view her as obsessively clean.


There's no sugar-coating it: Jovalla is a pushover. She's always willing to please, but tends to be a bit hesitant when it comes to things she deems as inappropriate. This is especially so when it comes to showing off her body, because that would make it difficult to keep up her disguise. She despises arguing over things and feels that it's a waste of effort to be stubborn. She's also a bit of a pacifist, but doesn't hesitate to defend a friend when the situation calls.

If you count yourself among Jovalla's close inner circle of friends you will soon come to realize that she has no sense of personal space and no shame in being nude around people she's comfortable being around. Troll society has much more lax rules on that sort of thing.

Jovalla is still very young. In relative comparison to a human she would be in her late teens or early twenties, though she doesn't actually keep track of her age. She tends to be a bit naive and trusting to a fault, even well after she should have learned her lesson. It's not due to a lack of learning, but because she always wants to assume the best of people.


Jovalla's magic works in strange ways. Due to her nature as a troll her mana tends to surge randomly, and often the spells she casts will turn into something else entirely. This effect is called "wild magic." Jovalla has no control over it at this point, but is researching ways to predict surges. When I RP I actually roll dice and consort a table with the results every time she casts a spell.

Romance: Jovalla is, at heart, a romantic. She doesn't see herself "settling down" anytime soon, though she could think of a couple of people who she wouldn't mind settling down with. A certain dragon currently tops that list, though she could never hope to tame that amount of love.

Various Outfits:

At Work

At Play

On an Adventure!

Gettin' Sleepy emotion_smilies/icon_zzz.gif

OMg, you're not supposed to be in here!

BJD Project

This is the progress I've made so far on carving out the pieces for my first Ball Jointed Doll (BJD). At this point I still have to finish the hands before I can fully assemble it. I also plan on painting on her facial features, including eyes. I also need to finish sanding and put a sealant on to protect the wood.

The next step after the doll itself is finished is to create a wig, clothing, and accessories. I might also make the ears larger so I can put earrings on her.


I made the ears larger, put sealant on all the pieces and strung her together. emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

I've also painted her face on, but I don't have pics of that, yet. I'm waiting on my mother to finish sewing an outfit. I'm letting her do it, because she got really excited when she found out I'm making these.

Finished! classified_smilies/icon_fffuuu.gif

Full frontal!

Closeup of apron/keys!

Back view of wings!

I would say it's pretty good for my first one. Eventually I'll get better at painting faces. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif