"I have no talent. That's why I work hard."

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Josh | Jaeho | Jae | Hyunggie | Oppa
I'm just a friendly guy with too much time. I'm just your typical Pokemon loving, K-pop listening, artsy fartsy Asian. I like videogames and dancing like no one's watching. Sometimes I cosplay on here. Usually I'm in the CB or welcoming newbies. I'm a Blackjack. I love the Queen of Hearts. Chances are, I know the choreography to the song on my profile. Park Bom is my spirit animal. Hit me up sometime.

Frequent Cosplays:
Sasha Braus - Attack on Titan
Park Bom - 2NE1
Princess Kitana - Mortal Kombat
Mileena - Mortal Kombat
Oerba Dia Vanille - FFXIII
Vivian - Paper Mario: TTYD
Britney Spears
Shadow Queen - Paper Mario: TTYD
Yukiko Amagi - Persona 4

Profile, images, and cursor made by Heichou Levi


Hisutoria Renzu
Moo Moo Senpai
Heichou Levi
Totally Peter Parker
x Eren Jaeger x
Have Faith In Us Eren
Majokko Bunny-chan
Sing the Melody