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Who's this a*****e?

Good evening! If you’re looking at this, I suppose you must have somehow come by the knowledge that I exist. That in itself is pretty unusual, so congratulations- or condolences, as the case may be.

I’m presuming that you’re here because you want to know something about me. Keep reading, and you’ll find out more than you can handle.

To dispense with the most basic things: I’m in my twenties, I live in a frozen northern portion of the states, and my sex and gender are both male.

For the perennially curious, this is what I look like:
[x] [x]
And this is what I started out looking like:
[x] [x]
So, as you can see, it’s all been downhill from the start.

Moving on, it’s important to note that I’m [Crazy]. I don’t mean that I’m eccentric, or given to amusing displays of mood. I mean that I’m an agoraphobic manic-depressive. It makes me somewhat difficult to know at times. Most days I’m as ordinary as anyone else- which is to say, not very. I don’t like pity, but I don’t mind sympathy; whether from those similarly afflicted or simply the kind.

As to my personality, I’m usually patient as a rock, cuddly as a puppy, kind as summer, and gentle as a breeze, except when I’m not any of those things.

To the extent the word means anything anymore, I’m a huge [Nerd]. If you name it, and it’s nerdy, I probably like it. I’ll include a full list of fandoms, for the fandom people, at the end of the description.

I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life, devouring books about dragons and spaceships and other means of escape. If you want to talk about books, I’m a good person for that. If you’re wondering about my favorites, they are, in no particular order: The Once and Future King, The Name of The Wind, and Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. They all have distinctive voices, and they all have something to say about telling stories. I think that’s important, for a book.

I love movies. All sorts of movies, foreign and domestic, action-packed or slow, scary or comforting. I like seeing movies in the theater, but I still have quite a few blu-rays on my shelves.

If we’re comparing favorites again: I adore anything by Edgar Wright, wuxia movies, especially Red Cliff, Ghost in The Shell, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Incredibles, and The Host- the Korean monster movie, not the crap sci-fi romance.

Not all my hobbies involve consuming media.

I’m also a pretty decent [Cook] and a pretty good [Gardener]. I cook what I grow, and I raise chickens for eggs. I’m hoping to get a goat for milk and cheese soon. I like to cook because I like to eat, so if you’re fond of food we’ll get along fine.

I’m extremely [Kinky]. I’ve been involved with BDSM for almost a decade now, in one respect or another. If you’re curious about kink, in any form- and it comes in quite a few different forms- I try to be an ambassador for BDSM, so feel free to put your questions to me. If you’re curious about my kinks specifically, you’ll have to inquire personally- it’s a personal question, after all.

If you want to know more, just ask; I like conversation and I’m always hungry for friends.

I’ve lived on both coasts of this country, walked through a tarantula migration, and built a house. I don’t think I’m interesting, but some disagree. If you’re one, I hope I’ll hear from you.

Full Frontal Fandoms

This is a full listing of things I'm into, which you may, or may not, also like. If you do like them, let's talk about it!

Harry Potter | The Kingkiller Chronicle | Vlad Taltos | The Belgariad | Takeshi Kovacs | The Sprawl Trilogy | Leviathan Wakes | The Vorkosigan Saga | Agatha Christie | P.G. Wodehouse

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World | Hot Fuzz | Red Cliff | Alien | Detective Dee | Paprika | Pixar | Studio Ghibli | Star Trek | Pacific Rim | Marvel Cinematic Universe

Star Trek: TNG | Almost Human | Sleepy Hollow | Supernatural | Adventure Time | Regular Show | Steven Universe | DC Animated Universe | Mythbusters | Sherlock | Elementary

Skyrim | Saints Row 2 | Starbound | Tomb Raider | Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Fallout 3 | Fallout: New Vegas | Mass Effect | Pokemon | Final Fantasy | Animal Crossing | Persona

Achewood | Broodhollow | Dinosaur Comics | Girl Genius | Gunnerkrigg Court | Lackadaisy Cats | MSPA | Paranatural | Unsounded