• Jordan. Freya calls me "Jordamn" for some reason, idk.

• 17 (May 5th, 1997.) - African American/Puerto Rican

• 5'10½.

• Game Fanatic, Hip-Hop Guru, Literate RolePlayer, A Flirt, Waffle-Colored Negro.

• I live in Dubai, play basketball, collect sneakers, and I'm a chill person. I revel in literature, it's something that I love to read, create, assist with/in, etc. I also love photography.

• I'm an honest yet brash individual; not that it's from some sort of ego, but because it's who I am as a person. If you're my "friend", then I expect you to treat me as an equal individual and not as a lapdog to back you up in your stupid debacles.

• Check my journal daily for stuff.

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• Ask for Skype/Kik

Jordan Avila