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Pvnch Report | 12/14/2016 10:24 pm
Yeah haha its super faded i just needa redye it
Awww! Really?
Shoulda said hi!
Pvnch Report | 12/14/2016 10:09 pm
Oh thanks! I hate my hair atm so thank you smile !
I'm Amber
Pvnch Report | 12/14/2016 10:04 pm
your hair and face are super nice!
mollaphaighing Report | 12/11/2016 10:06 pm
I don't know who's on this site. Could be people who know me or who know my family members or whatever. you never know.
mollaphaighing Report | 12/11/2016 9:45 pm
i'm pretty sure i posted a lot of stupid things on here and maybe personal things i don't want people who know the real me to know about me
mollaphaighing Report | 12/11/2016 9:29 pm
why do you link to your real identity in your feed? why would you want your gaia attached to the real you. i'm afraid i've put too much personal detail about myself on here sometimes and i never tell anyone my name or where i live aside from the country
Ninetys Fox Report | 07/09/2016 11:50 pm
Ninetys Fox
Why does your profile look so dead 🤔
MxmeltdownV2 Report | 06/02/2016 7:17 am
I don't either lol
Not much atm just running errands, super fun and exciting
Whats up with youu
MxmeltdownV2 Report | 06/01/2016 6:00 am
I totally dropped the ball on our pm lolol im sorry! sweatdrop
Auturnn Report | 04/29/2016 10:39 pm
No matter how much I sleep, I'm still tired. .-.