안녕하세요~ My name's Jae, but I'll reply to Kookie, Tiger, and JK.

I'm Asian, Korean drama addicted, and will forever be Papitus, VIP, and Cassiopeia.

Ye, I love K-pop, but...

I'm not that "friendly", since I get very annoyed by some "fans" that come say they "love" K-pop and want to be "friends", but they...

Have 50194 biases, are in 83627 fan clubs, like the idols for their appearances only, forget that idols are human, act like they know everything K-pop, disrespect older groups completely, flame an idol's girl / boyfriend, and/or constantly change their "biases" regularly.

If you're like the above, please go away. Shallow "K-pop fans" tend to annoy me after awhile.

I'm a mother-father gentleman. Kay?

What else...

I joined Gaia in 2007 February 17.

I'm addicted to buying art of my couple... and absolutely adore quality freebies. <3 Uhm... don't steal any art or my OC. That's rude. Ask, if you'd like to know an artist.

I love MMORPGs and am currently playing FFXIV and Eden Eternal. Private Message for my IGN.

If you beg me for donations, I'll ignore or report you. Oh and I hate random friend requests.

One more thing, I like my PM inbox to be clean, so comments are preferred.


Memorable Donors

[2013 December 20] F-CK H8 COEXIST gave me Michael's Wings: Alchemized. That was my ultimate wishlist item. She's amazingly insane. <3

[2012 June 14] Luciferiael traded 38m for Devil Tail (64m). [2012 December 11] She gifted Ashen Marionette, which was taken after a mistake ban.

[2012 August 02/03] Dol Baegi donated Pale Marionette, Pink Marionette, and bombed my wishlist many times before. She's always spoiled me.

[2014 January 02] iiMyungSoo gifted his Lobo the Gray Wolf, since I had regretted selling mine earlier.

[2014 May 18] Little Gom Anon gifted Thistle and Tudor Rose along with many other gifts from past to present.

[2014 March 28] Tracla generously gave me an opportunity to win Allu the Brown Wolf. By luck, it happened. Then, on the 30th, she donated [Animal] Tiger Fur and Stellar Wish on the 07 April. The Legend of Castle Town and Cernunno's Blessing were also gifts at a later time.

[2014 May 10] Dear OT allowed me the chance to win multiple items, such as Cerynitian's Blessing, Bloody Marionette, and Crimson Marionette.

[2014 May 05] Bedtime Panda surprised me with Sheepy March, knowing my birth year's sign and how I liked sheeps too.

[2014 May 13] Momo Okami unexpectedly bought me Kama's Suggestion with her GaiaCash.

[2011 April 29] Gnarfy donated an unbelievable 25m, which changed me and taught me to "pay it forward".

[2011 October 26] rurica donated Nitemare Scarf to use towards my Devil Tail quest.

[2011 July 30] Mizandi gifted Steel-Plated Ninja Band as an early birthday present.

[2014 May 31] Lil Red Panties traded Gacha Master and Madame's Wonderous Wigs as contest prizes.

[2014 May 29] screamtastic held a giveaway and, by miracle, I won 5b.

[2014 June 16] XxXBloodlust_VampXxX dropped a surprise of Michael's Bloody Wings.

[2014 September 07] Coke and Friends donated 20b from his giveaway.

[2014 September 28] tinkerboricua gifted Madame's Breathtaking Wigs.

[2015 March 19] Anonymous Benefactor (Bibimbap) "fed" my Pokemon addiction with Dark Synchronous Moonlight.



The 2 WIPs below, unfortunately, are canceled commissions