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well i'm down for eating licorice (thank goodness it's red & not black)... but even if i did wear makeup, prob not the best for my delicate skin sad

trust me i don't need eye shadow, i am the epitome of youth so my face doesn't need to be touched~! but someone has to buy it, so you must be the selfie catalyst

yeah i'm thankful tbh, i keep thinking i feel better but there's still minor things like sneezing and stuffiness and all that

we lost contact because i drowned in coffee then, and was reborn a coffee addict lover!

man kelly okay listen iced coffee isn't real coffee, and just for that you gotta drink straight black dark roast no sugar no cream

okay maybe some sugar

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oh ty

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if your mood would have been spoiled anyway, i think it's better you indulged yourself even if he was the reason

i mean if you're gonna feel bad regardless, better you do it looking good with a delicious snack right?

why selfie? because show off, or show out! also i didn't understand most of the terms you just used, but when are you getting what i understand to be a makeup set?

it benefits him of course, but i'm sure the girl didn't go in with the intention of being a rebound... but if they both help one another, perfect

i've been in communication w/ them through email actually, emails every few days or so updating me (usually on the lack of updates)

what i meant by my friday comment was i was hoping to get a confirmation today to start work again on monday, but since i didn't i'll have to wait for the next monday at least

yeah man i've loved coffee for like a decade, though i didn't really start drinking it religiously until maybe my uni program back in late 2014 or something

all i know is that it's seldom i don't have coffee at some point during the day... but trust me, i don't have a problem! ninja

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pampering yourself like that wasn't in spite of him, right?? you should def take selfies with the lipstick tho... and maybe the licorice?

to me the sad thing is no matter how his outlook changes, she will always be a rebound... maybe she's oblivious to that fact, hopefully

i actually felt pretty good today! minimal hot & cold flashes, but they were scattered and short

w/ my luck though, i'll start feeling up and then in a couple days... bam! those days' worth of pain in one

no word on the contract yet, sadly... i was genuinely expecting something today, so i am beginning to feel slightly worried

it's a weird situation tbh, they guaranteed an extension so i'm stuck in limbo waiting on a confirmation

kelly do you even know me, i drink at least one large cup of coffee a day! my life nectar

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no, don't be sorry! i if you're fine with talking about it here then it's all good, i'm just being cautious of others who feel like being nosy

i just bet he blames you for how he feels, meanwhile it was his own fault for feigning how okay he was after the breakup!

please don't go to the party though... no matter the outcome, if you go he wins (even if you do outdo his new grill, who i feel even worse for if it's just him using her)

yeah tbh kelly i couldn't ban you from my gaia comments, you pretty much *are* the comments at this point

the symptoms are always weird with me sad seems like i have minimal days for the most part, then my body likes to throw a curve ball and make me feel terrible for a day

drink coffee every day like me, maybe that'll do something!! prevents me from getting tired too early, and allows me to push myself if need be

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just wondering, that seems like a more 1-on-1 topic than most things... though i suppose these comments are pretty isolated tbh, but you never know! ninja

was it a mutual break up? i feel like he's hoping you'll accompany your friend so he can make a move, or worse... try to show off his new trophy girl to you

kelly i'm banning you from my gaia comments for that sorry bye

don't worry about my sleeping schedule! i can fix it in like a day or two as i almost always sleep the same amount, so simply shifting "when" around isn't too difficult for me

the pains are pretty minor, just joint pains and stiffness which seem to always happen when i get the flu sad

i assume it happens because i end up overexerting myself to remain functional, think of it like struggling to stay awake if that makes sense

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i feel pretty good other than weakness though, even the sharp pains are minimal enough where i feel like just loosening up in bed would do plenty

just you wait, the economy is gonna scoop up garage band darling like my poor cereus sad well i hope not anyway, but prices only seem to go up!!

did you two not break it off well? when you spoke of him before it sounded like you felt more comfortable leaving him in the past, but i just assumed normal break up stuff

idk if gaia comments are the best place to talk about that kinda stuff, but i'm here to listen if you need me to!

shut up socal

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i woke up feeling great beyond minimal flu symptoms, mood and all

last few hours or so though i feel so weak, getting random sharp pains too sad probably gonna sleep pretty soon cause of all that

on the plus side, saving will be easier now... cause i bought cereus w/ cash

it was released for a few hours in the cash shop for like 8 bucks worth of gc so i bought a small amount and was able to afford it on top of what i already had

much better than the 200bil and rising price imo, insane how little the price changed even w/ it being rereleased multiple times

how are things on the socal end?

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if you don't want em, send em back or sell em! it's frustrating having to scroll through them on top of the other 4 pages of kin i have

the loading only occurs during the initial game window & first battle you go into, after that if you stay on the page nothing else has to load

i could afford it, but i even have an unopened fantasy life from xmas still! i don't wanna really spend on it till i know i'll play it for sure, which will maybe be when the go or z hype begins

yeah pretty much, milking my free time before it's up!!

i've been feeling less and less congested each day, but still pretty weak/drained

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nah don't worry about saving for kin, the game provides enough at a good enough pace to do that... unless you mean saving for you, then w o w

for sure, no rush to use them! but please open the gifts asap, the game has gifted kin still appear in your game until new ownership is claimed

in regards to time as well, lake kindred is pretty ez to play for a little while and stop especially if you're just using it for rigs

i will get it eventually, i've been waiting for a proper new mystery dungeon for over 5 years! plus who doesn't wanna ******** up the program as totodile

i... did not sleep early... and got a bad sleep to boot... rip me