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It's fine, part of it is my fault for disappearing on gaia, I can't multitask sometimes and thank you, you're the best. You're like that best friend who lives so far away. xD  And yeah he was at least a legit relationship. I did learn some things and eventually gain a bit wisdom from it.  Your hype about it is making me excited. I used to not feel anything for that person but now I even get nervous around him. 

Autumn break for me instead of spring break or at least Easter. New Zealand down under the bottom of the world xD. Next week is the start of new class subject for me and I get 2 graphic design tutors for it. I'm excited because one of them is my favourite. And then I think after 2 weeks, I get the break. So before then I might try playing some games on ps4. Any recommendations first? Last of us?

I need to download steam again since I formatted my laptop recently. It's a clean slate again. I only had 1 game on it so far. Voyage: Journey to the moon. I think I tried other mmos on there but never lasted much. Zomg was probably one game that I stuck years with, sometimes it's not the game but the people you play with and the ones you get to know. ;D

You bet, kind of. I have encountered those types, like they know everything. In a way being know-it-all isn't that bad, I know a good one but some people just have this condescending know-it-all vibe. Once I've got classmates who'd just low key call me immature because I watch anime and play games. It doesn't really bother me though, I don't get bothered by being labeled a weirdo anyway. And it's not surprising how they don't even interact with me but I do the same anyway, glad I don't really use fb much. xD Honestly it's a nice change of pace, and I must say everyday is almost enjoyable but I admit sometimes it can get literally tiring. Because for some reason doing art can be tiring, like when you have to consistently draw something everyday. I never really thought I'd end up doing art and trying newer things other than drawing or painting. Playing with clay is fun. :xp:

I honestly almost choked on my milo when I read that, I can relate in a way that I think the same of my ex. xD I remember when my ex had his new girl post a pic of them on instagram and my friend said he's good looking if he tried to groom himself up and I laughed so much I ended up spitting my drink and we're at a cafe. :lol:

Ikr it's just awesome how some people are so creative in their works. I love that kind too, I think it will be an installation/interactive art. These days I love visiting art galleries. I work in one and I love it because it changes almost every week or 2. Too bad I can't visit every art galleries there are in the country. >.< There are even some that I wanted to buy but I'm just a student and I will get broke if I did. I should save for it. xD Maybe a graphic design studio might be clean because they mostly do their work on screen but I guess you are right even the classroom that I'm in started out clean and now it's not.
I love people who appreciate art, in a way it says a lot about someone's personality. ;D like good ones.

It is subjective but my tutors doesn't mind, since not actually doing formal ones. It's just basically your thoughts about the painting, you can critique it as well if ever you find a flaw. D I have learned art history too that's how I knew older painters, honestly those ones are really good which help me these days of not being ignorant with whose who and who painted which.

Oh yes I agree, I love furnitures too. One tutor I had made me like furniture design, he had built a chair that I love but is probably too expensive for me to buy and other things. Simple designs are the best, but I think of that for almost everything. I prefer seeing simple lines and designs more but can still catch your eye.
Minimalistic art would be something that has more negative space than actual content. It depends on the art but not every minimalist ar

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Of course he is out, honestly I think I have moved on really effectively well. And I feel like my life has been so much better now. eek
Omg, I hope so but probably not, I'm not gonna expect, I think his presence makes me low key happy too. xD

Oh yeah I could try playing that during the holiday, if I can. I also have other games in mind to play and most of them aren't finished yet. I think so far I have only finished final fantasy. Once you're into gaming it is just hard to stop and newer games keep on appearing and it makes you want to play older games too. I remember I even downloaded steam so I can play an old game that I used to play. These days I haven't been updated with games, usually I get new emails from my local game provider but now I'm a bit busy to check them out. ;D I'll keep in mind all the games that you mentioned. I need my gamer life back.

I haven't been taking pictures of her, I had once on snapchat but that's it. I usually use snapchat during the weekends. I'm still pretty much on instagram but haven't checked it out for days because I've been busy and I still use fb occasionally but I dislike it in a way it's full of useless ads and full of people selling things. I haven't used tumblr so much, I deleted it on my phone and I keep forgetting to update it.
Just add me on snapchat then xD It's an easier platform for photos. ella0ella I think i have the same for instagram just in case you decide to comeback to it. Let me see photos of Sia and Kuro too xD
I still use skype and ym messenger apps on my phone for some friends that still use it.

It's part of the uni campus but it's pretty much still independent on it's own, having its own name rather than using the school. Art school is indeed liberating, I like all my tutors. They are so open minded, when I had my first ever class one tutor said that there's no right or wrong in drawing and that is somehow liberating especially from feeling the pressure of being able to draw really good or in a certain way. And that certainly took away my stigma of being scared of not being as talented with drawing. It's weird how I get along with all of my classmates, no assholes so to speak. Unlike when I tried to take psychology, the people are just nicer in general.
Aw for your ex, although I'm confused how can anyone fail art school. Usually they don't even have exams. I got so stoked when I saw an actual studio for photography it is so neat, and even the painting studios, not so neat but it's nice. Next year I will be getting my own studio in campus. ;D I'm excited.
The research is just about things that could help you with your project. Mostly image based research. Like maybe researching for art movements whatever area you're interested in, or maybe an artist that inspired your work or someone you just basically want to emulate.
I write notes like about colour, proportion, balance and it's not an official research. ;D
I had no idea about research and analysis as well before. It's new to me, but the analysis sometimes is just when looking at other people's works like the ones in an art gallery or own work analysis. It's basically just talking about how it's either balanced/proportional/cluttered etc. I got like a bunch of terms that I have to recycle my favourite one has got to be minimalistic. ;D


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Haven't done it yet, but I think yeah it might be hard because you have to make specific things so planning might be crucial. Ikr, I've always love to draw sometimes but never really wanted to pursue art. It's a total life changing decision. xD I'm pretty much sure you are right. biggrin Earlier this year he messaged my friend about returning my book like he could have returned it last year but he just ignored me completely without even breaking up properly so I had to do it. =D

Ah I guess, it's the time and then you spend more time with him. ;D It's actually cute that you still meet up omg. Hashtag relationship goals. ;D
Even his mom and sister is kinda on it. I'm probably gonna be seeing the guy this weekend so I'll update lol. He doesn't really even talk to me though, but he does sometimes. That is why I had the impression that either I annoy him or he dislikes me because he is so sociable with other people except for me. I'm not even sure if he blushes or just his face is red lol. ;D Idk if I should ask the guy out, it might be weird and besides what if I get rejected. I'm busy anyway. Wouldn't have time for a guy. xD

Oh the Last of Us, I think I started that one but haven't finished yet. xD I'm totally at the beginning still. Yeah, I'm actually waiting for KH to come out.
Corgis are so cute, I love how their body is longer. It looked like a tiny husky. I agree, and dogs seemed emphatic, and I love that, they are honestly good companions. Mystery still loves to bite but I don't get scared of dogs anymore, I used to be until I had a dog. So far she is still in proportion and still slightly smaller. I can't wait for next month to see her growth progress and vet appointment. I'm actually excited.

Glad I wasn't the only one that gets confused with discord. I couldn't even figure out how to change my profile picture lol.
Good luck to your exams and take a good rest after that. Hope you get a good spring break. After endless school stuff, having a break is just pure bliss. Just the thought of it keeps you going.
Art school is fun, I don't have exams so that's really one of the things that I like, but I get assessments for the things that I've done, and then for research and then analysing/critiquing works.
Thanks it was a tough one, other than a final project for a subject, we had a research and then documentations for everything. What is tougher though is cleaning up my mess after.

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Yeah true, Also it's good to see something 3D and turn it into 2D. Changes the whole perspective. I have done that a lot this time by photocopying my pieces. The copy machine is doing a good job too. xD I've finished my assessments today. whee It's a relief, I can finally take a breather and maybe read a little bit. haven't read a book in a week, not even just a paragraph. ;D
I find painting easier when it comes to landscapes but I'm actually not good at controlling tiny brush strokes and I'm impatient in a way when I'm doing things.
OMG oil pastels, something I'm bad at using. I think colours is one of the points that I'm not used with. The ones I've been using for my assessments today is just white/black/red. xD
;D You would assume that living with a bf would be easy or that it won't take up much of your time. And guess what? Good thing I didn't decide to move in with my ex last year. He suggested it mildly but I didn't take up the cue. That saved me from heartbreak and moving out of his place. dramallama
I know one day maybe, and sometimes it is weird when you notice that someone out there kinda have a thing for you. There's this guy whose like, maybe I am reading it the wrong way but I used to think he hated me because he was so odd with how he treats me yet his friends had always sort of teased him whenever I'm close and my friend would point out how the guy keep staring at me, and I ended up confused because of my initial impression. Just makes you feel totally appreciated and even though I'm not head over heels for that guy he seemed nice and if he did ask me out I might just agree to it. xD
I'm delusional hahahaha.
Yeah I'll try Galgun for sure. Sometimes, I don't know what games to play so I get stuck with the usual that I know of. Like final fantasy/ call of duty etc. I played Life is Strange last year and it is awesome, I really loved it. And oh, because of my break up with ex bf I ended up painting and decided to do art because I wanted to learn more about it. ;D So sometimes I think that it's a wonderful stroke of luck I've been semi ghosted and got silently dump probably for a new girl. I really love visual arts and design now. ;D
Hopefully you get the dog that you deserve, they are adorable company. That might end up being cool, having 2 guinea pigs and then a dog in the future. Might take much more out of your time though if that happens.
Mystery is a cross breed of labrador and golden retriever. My vet doesn't know yet or that she can't really tell for now because the dog is still young. But my dog looked like both in way. xD
She used to fit on my lap and now she doesn't and she's still not 6 months old yet.
We had a good catch up too. ;D
Yeah I've been brought there as well but got no time to download the app for now, and actually it confuses me so I haven't been there much. It might be easier on the phone app.

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generic moose

i forget what u look like...last pic u sent was very tiny lol

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I find it easier than drawing or painting. xD Those ones I need to practise more. The only downside to 3D sculptures is that I need to learn woodwork or metalwork which is tougher and dangerous. But I love it. ;D A few days ago I cut some wood pieces and I made some that was supposed to be an old school tape.
Yeah I honestly I love working there but it gets boring sometimes because I think there's a stigma of visiting art galleries seemingly intimidating and most people think that you have to pay an entrance fee.
So they don't visit.
And speaking of you having a bf I want one too xD I had one last year but the guy sort of semi ghosted on me. dramallama had to ditched his a**. ;D
Although I don't think I have time for one, I got a dog, school and work is taking so much more of my time. I haven't played a single game in ps4 recently. I wanted to try Overwatch as well. I got a friend that recommended that highly.
OMG you got so much gaming consoles. xD I only stick to ps4, I've tried playing on xbox once and I didn't know how, it was embarrassing.
Yeah, most people I know got cats and only few got dogs and bunnies. So far I don't know anyone with guinea pigs. I think I may be surrounded by cat lovers, I don't really mind them they are cute. Even visual arts and design department got resident cats. And idk their names I think the students just named them by their own preferences.
I named my dog Mystery. ;D
Btw nice talking to you again.

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Yeah xD It's still a puppy so it bites a lot, yesterday I got fed up with it a bit and wasn't really feeling well. I felt like I could be slightly allergic to dog furs, hopefully not.
As of now, I'm thinking of furniture design, or 3D sculptures because I sort of found out my ideas work well with that, I also like graphic design too. But I was hoping to learn more about painting originally. I'm working at a community art gallery during the weekend. Only like receptiony work though, I still have no curating experience and stuff. One day maybe either my school or work would teach me.
Mostly games on ps3 and 4 before I got caught up with school. But I used to play on aeria games for a while and Neverwinter it's like a variation of Dungeons and Dragons.
LOL, omg my friend wanted me to play that but I couldn't get into it since I have to be on attack mode always. ;D Have you tried that mobile LOL too?
Ohhhh~ Nice. Bio chem seemed tough but it also seemed like fun.
I haven't seen a guinea pig in person yet, but from what I remember from internet videos they seemed cute and hyped. What did you name them?

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I think I may have gotten myself into some other games at that time or maybe it was korean drama. rolleyes or kpop. Actually I think I just stopped using my laptop since everything is on phones now.
It's by chance that I went into gaia and noticed that zomg came back. xD Been studying visual arts and design so I've been doing art. mrgreen I want to play on zomg but I got lots of projects to finish. dramallama after tomorrow I get 2 days off so I can play or sleep xD and then work on weekends. And I got a dog too so sweatdrop I have to spend hours on her. burning_eyes
HOW'S Life over there?
ll Nyx-jc ll

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ll Nyx-jc ll

Awww ty heart
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so when we gona tt farm