(Translation for English readers/speakers: Welcome! I'm Joan. It's a pleasure to meet you. I've been studying Japanese for 4 years. I know a little Japanese, but I'm not very good at it. )

Anyway, I'm an AMERICAN FEMALE (being Caucasian and living in the U.S.) who loves to study Japanese and Art related things. :3 I'm hoping that someday, I'll go to Hokkaido, Japan and teach Japanese kids English. :3 Or write/illustrate comic books to amuse myself and others. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

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Anywho, どうぞよろしくおねがいいたします~ (please be nice to me)


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Epic at Sex

Report | 08/15/2016 11:21 am

Epic at Sex


Report | 03/27/2016 9:30 pm


Thanks for purchasing!~ heart
The Golden Boleyn

Report | 03/08/2016 11:58 pm

The Golden Boleyn

Wait did you ever get that Ace of Rainbows?
-l_ Nyreen _l-

Report | 03/07/2016 11:44 pm

-l_ Nyreen _l-

Kayatsu Keauta

Report | 03/03/2016 8:02 pm

Kayatsu Keauta

I just purchased an item from your store, wanted to say thanks for having the best price . love the opening monologue for your store. 3nodding
I heart your avi. It's adorable.
Hvil Mary

Report | 11/01/2014 4:51 pm

Hvil Mary

Your avatar reminds me a great deal of Daria in Rune Factory 3!
Dark Star Troia

Report | 10/27/2014 1:59 pm

Dark Star Troia

No problem! I enjoy your artwork a lot! It's beautiful work...which is why I don't see how anyone can ignore it.

If I had the gold and if your shop was still open....I'd buy art from you. ^_^

Don't worry if ppl didn't see it...it's their loss...and besides...you know you are good because so many ppl have said they love your art before. ^^
Dark Star Troia

Report | 10/26/2014 8:48 pm

Dark Star Troia

Just wanted to tell you ...I love your Halloween picture! I love Sailor Moon! I think it's a cute and colorful picture. ^_^

I didn't post in the forums because I normally don't post in forums....but I do read them. Nice work!!! biggrin

I for one LOVE art! ^_^
Lysander the Librarian

Report | 10/21/2014 4:24 pm

Lysander the Librarian

Hello Joan,

i wan`t to thank you for the Wyvern Potion. It is not easy to find "Wyvern" in Gaia.
If you are wondering why i´m searching "Wyvern", i`m writing Storys and a Wyvern has the leading part in there. smile
I wish you a very nice day and again thank you.
Frozen Chrysalis

Report | 10/15/2014 9:00 am

Frozen Chrysalis

D'aw its okie emotion_brofist

And I LOVE dat avi.

Anywho, that has gotta suck a**. I know whats its like squeezing everything you can out of each dollar. I hope it gets better emotion_hug

Much less stress. But I'm not shuffling school and work right now until January, so just saving money and floating about right now.


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